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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader (who wish to be listed).  We hope that eventually, all Michel family lines will be listed on this page.  We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family line and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
  • Francious Michel dit Laruine m c1660 Madeleine Germon, France - Michel1800 [deniseengles AT]
    • Jacques Michel dit St. Michel b c1665, France; m 1688 Catherine Commeau, Port Royal, Acadia.
      • Jacques Gabriel Michel b 1704 Port Royal, Acadia;  m Jeanne Anne Marie Breaux, d 1764 Mirebalais, St. Domingue
        • Pierre Michel b 1738 Port Royal, Acadia; m Marie Leger, d 1813 Convent, LA  
          • Francois Michel b 1768 St. James, LA; m 1788 St. James, LA, Marie Leblanc M-3 38183
  • Thomas Michel b 1701 VA Wife Elizabeth - Rosewolf [rose AT]
    • William Michell b 1743 VA Wife Clara England
      • John Mikels b 1768 m Sylvia Hudspeth
      • Thomas Michael b 1773 NC Wife Elizabeth Lyon
        • William H Micheal b 1799 NC Wife Elizabeth Winny Norman
          • William Henry Michaels b 1826 NC d 1896 Hamilton Co.IN Wife Elizabeth E Hutchins M-27 82942
  • Johannes Frederick Michael b c1721, Germany, m Elizabeth Fundnerin, d 1798, VA - Judith Mikles Gardner [oakacres AT]
    • Jacob (Michael) Mikels, Sr. b c1764, VA or PA, m Barbara Rust, d 1853,TN
      • Wesley Baker (Mikels/Michaels) Mikles, b 1813 VA, m Margaretta "Matilda" Gaddis, d c1870, AR
        • Jacob N. Mikles b 1851 AL, m Margarette Elizabeth Garner, d 1935, AR  
          • Ellis Lafayette "Fate" Mikles b 1893, AR, m Olive Evalean Dickson/Dixon, d 1977, AR
  • Jacob Michael, b. 1734-1754, Palatinate, Rhineland, Germany; spouse unknown - Susan Michael [vidget AT]
    • Andrew Michael, b. abt 1775, Hampshire County, VA (now West Virginia); spouse unknown
      • Isaac Michael, b. 13 May 1814, Berkeley County, VA (now Morgan County, WV); Susannah Buck
        • Edward or Edwin Michael, b. 18 September 1841, Morgan County, VA (now WV); Samantha Victoria Smith
          • Robert Hampton Michael, b. 10 May 1879, Hampshire County, WV; Rosa Lena Reid
            • Wilbur Edwin Michael, b. 24 November 1910, Sedalia, Pettis County, MO; Edith Lillian Creech 326255
  • John Michaels/Mickles/Micals, b.1768 Surry, NC, m Silvey Hedgespeth/Hudsputh - k.Mikels [kullh AT]
    • George Mickles/Mikels, b. 1794 KY, m1 Nancy Craven/Cravens m2 Elizabeth McVey
      • Thomas Mikles/Mikels, b. 1837 IN, m Martha Martin
        • George Mikels, b. 1861 In, m Catherine Crouch
          • Robert, b.1896In, m Avah Barnard M-14 65055
  • Barnabas (Barney) Michael, b c1769 NC, to TN and then Carroll Co., GA - Coy Michael [michael63 AT]
    • William Michael, b 1790 NC, to TN and then Carroll Co., GA
      • William Russell Michael, b 1830 TN
        • William Lumpkin Michael, b 1855 Carroll Co., GA
          • Claude Michael, b 1890 Chattanooga, TN M-10 61816
  • Robert Mitchell b c1784 PA m Sarah Katherine Mickle - Steven Mitchell [mitchell5357 AT]
    • William Mitchell b c1823 m Nancy Jane Asbury
      • William Riley Mitchell b 1 Jan 1859 m Martha Marget Patrick
        • Albert Blair Mitchell Sr. b 19 Apr 1887 m Dolly Pearl Johnson 52758
  • John Peter Michael, b c1803,Northumberland Co PA, d 1884 IL, m Eliz Engel - Steve Schack [sschack AT]
    • John Franklin Michael, b c1848 Brookville IL, d 1927 Ackley, IA, m Fanny Case
      • Frederick Franklin Michaels, b c1874 IL, d 1963 Waterloo IA, m Margaret Barger
        • Ferdinand Michaels, b1904 Marshalltown IA, d 1950 Mpls MN, m Helen Mangen
  • Elias Michael, Michaels, Micals, Mitchael b c1805 VA, KY or IL m Mary "Polly" Russell - Mary Gardner [Mary2gard AT]
    • Lewis Newton Michael, b 1854 Greene Co., IN, m Nancy Catherine Lawson  
      •  Emma Jane Michael b 1892 in Greene Co., IN
      • James Francis Michael, b 1887 Greene Co. IN, m Goldie Love M-19 74697
  • George Francis Michel b 1815 Germany d 1892 m Mary Ann Schultz - raylene [g2g180 AT]
    • Christian Michel b 1851 Butler Co., PA d 1933 m Elizabeth Will
      • Martin Robert Michel b 1876 Butler Co., PA d 1948 m Elizabeth Osche
  • Anton b 17 Feb 1835 d 3 Dec 1895 m Magdalena Schramm - mogal [pam AT]
    • Josef b 15 Sept 1864 d 24 Jul 1939 St. Louis, MO m Corenelia Ellen Dillon
  • Henry Michaud, b c1844, Canada, m Emilie, moved to U.S.A 1871 - Adrian Michaud [bay_of_drake AT]
    • Alphonse Michaud, b c1877, Caledonia Co VT, m Emma LeVasseur
      • Adrian L. Michaud, b c1907, MA or VT, m Carol Allard M-7 N15469
  • Frank Mayberry Michael b 9 Apr 1864 Indiana, PA d 30 Sep 1926 Cincinnati, OH m Imelda McNutt - Howard Michael [hbv AT] 192447
  • Charles Elias Michaelson?Mikkelson 16/4/1864, Abo/Turku Finland, m Mary Agnes Domanic -Rhonda Michaelson-Brien [rob_roni AT]
    • Charles Herman Michaelson b 15/5/1903 Melbourne.m.1907 Victoria Australia, Florence Alice Roy 360969
  • David, d 1907 Baghdad, Iraq, m Katherine - Nicholas David Michael [nickmichael AT]
    • Sidney or Solomon, b 24 Dec 1880, Baghdad, Iraq, m Moselle Marcus M-8 N17162
  • Vicente Miqueli (Michaeli) born in Italy - Miqueli [rmiqueli AT]

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