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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Thomas Marchant b c 20 Oct 1622 Hurstpierpoint, SSX, England - Don Marchant [march123 AT]
    • Thomas Marchant b c 8 Jan 1664/65 Ardingly, SSX, England m Ann Jarat (Jerrat)
      • Edward Marchant b 17 Mar 1696 Cuckfield, SSX, England m Sarah Symonds
        • John Marchant b 11 Dec 1728 Ardingly, SSX, England m Dorcas Alfrey
          • Henry Marchant b c23 Mar 1777 Shermanbury, SSX, England m Mary Knight
            • James Marchant b 20 Feb 1809 Leigh, KEN, England m Sarah Ann Barton
              • Henry John Marchant b 6 Sep 1844 Hadlow, Tonbridge, KEN, England m Esther Lavenia Weaver
                • Jesse Henry Marchant b 14 Jan 1872 Coaling, Tuscaloosa Co., AL m Cain Medders
                  • Fleet Wood Marchant b 20 Apr 1900 Bibb Co., AL m Marilla Lou Stewart 181294
  • John Marchant, b c1705, Stratford, CT - Liz Merchant Garrity [thomas.garrity AT]  M-1 75844
  • Thomas Merchant, b. 1727, Milford, CT m. Sarah Perry - Philip [dna AT]
    • Reuben Merchant I, b. 1765, Wallingford, CT
      • Reuben Merchant II, b. 1794, Waterbury, CT  m. Ellis Smith
        • Helen Ellis Merchant, b. 1841, Jefferson, NY  m. William Stephen Jones I 
  • George Washington Merchant b c 2 Aug 1809 VA or MD d 21 Sept 1884 Taylor Co., WV m Margaret Frier - okidoc [kjmopt AT]
    • William Henry Merchant b 24 Oct 1838 Allegany Co., MD d 22 Apr 1891 Astoria, Wright Co., MO m Sarah Ann Mabon
      • William James Merchant b 24 Mar 1874 Texas Co., MO d 17 Mar 1966 Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK m Mary Anna Scott M-2 115296


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