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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • John Melton b c1750 Hanover Co., VA - [gcfrazier55 AT]
    • Nathaniel Melton b c1785 VA d c1865 Lawrence Co., IN m Elizabeth Hammond
      • Henry Harrison Melton b 1818 Pulaski Co., KY d 1901 Greene Co., IN m Prudence Dishman
        • Pinkney Nathaniel Melton b 1851 Martin Co., IN d 1910 Parke Co., IN m Isabelle Inman
          • Richard Melton b 1896 Parke Co., IN d 1974 Parke Co., IN m Anna Catherine Wood
  • Nathan (Nathaniel) Melton b c1755 prob NC d c1822 Kershaw Co., SC m Martha - Danny Melton [danny.melton AT]
    • William Melton b c1782 prob NC d c1835 Perry Co., AL m Mary
      • William Melton b 10 Mar 1814 Kershaw Co., SC d 14 Jun 1864 Hopkins Co., TX m Francis Scarborough
        • Thomas Melton b Nov 1847 Perry Co., AL d May 1912 Hopkins Co., TX  m Sarah E. Sullivan
          • George Walter Melton b 2 Feb 1872 Sulphur Springs, TX d 1 Jan 1938 Sulphur Springs, TX m Eva Saphia Williams
            • Rayburn Arlton Melton b 17 Aug 1905 Sulphur Springs, TX d 17 Jun 1995 Tomball, TX m Nova Ollie Clayton M-5 75821
  • Robert Melton [d.1759 Orange County, NC] - Morgan Jackson [morganajackson_1997 AT]
    • Ancel Melton [b. c1740 d. 1800-1810 Moore County, NC]
      • James Melton [20 Jan 1774 - 11 Aug 1840] m. Mary Cagle
        • Robert Melton [1803 - c1866] m. Christian Hare
          • James Melton [3 Oct 1831 - 28 Feb 1888] m. Mary Emmoline Davis
            • Eli Melton [22 Jan 1859 - 9 Apr 1930] m. Mary Jane Davis 285261
  • Isham Melton b 1764 VA m Sarah - Mary Kilgore [letter412 AT]
    • Myllon W Melton, b c1803, m Cyntha McKinsey c1825
      • Francis M G Melton, b c1835, m Cyntha J Compton
        • B Franklin Sherman Melton, b c1864, m Ella C Graham  M-1
  • Thomas (Henry) Melton b 1769 Moore, NC m Sarah Anne Gunning - Larry Inman [Lkirusty AT]
    • Jeptha Lee Melton b 1834 AL m1 Sabra m2 Annie Allday m3 Mary Hines
      • William Melton b 24 Aug 1858 Kaufman, TX m Mattie
        • William Jeptha Melton b 20 Mar 1901 Hilby, Hughes Co., OK m Lennie Cloe Owens 200386
  • Reuben Melton b c1782 VA d 1862 Christian Co., MO m Ailsey McAdams - marshcat [marshcat AT]
    • William H. Melton b c1815 IN d c1900 MO m Mary Bilyeu
      • Joseph H. Melton b 1847 IL d 1899 MO m Diannah McMillan
        • John Franklin Melton b 1872 MO d 1962 WA m Mary Melissa Case
          • William Edsel Melton b 1898 MO d 1957 WA M-12 120576
    • Martin Fisher Melton b c1818 IN m Margaret A. Bilyeu
      • Stephen Decatur Melton b 1859 MO d 1933 Stone Co., MO m Lucy A. Melton
        • William McKinley Melton b 1897 d 1961 m Dora Philpot M-13 120578
  • Nathaniel Melton; b. 1785 Bedford County, VA; d. 1865 Lawrence County, IN - Louise Melton-Breen [MeltonBreen AT]
    • Nehemiah Melton; b. 18 May 1813 Somerset, Pulaski County, KY y; d. Nov 1893 Valley Madison, NE
      • Luther Melton; b. 3 Aug 1849 Terre Haute, IN; d. 16 Aug 1916 Lamonta, Jefferson County, OR
        • Weaver Clarence Melton; b. 6 May 1893 Wallace, KS; d. 17 Nov 1958 Salem, OR
          • Richard Louis Melton; b. 19 March 1922 Redmond, OR; d. 22 May 2008 Dallas, OR   R-L48  361513
  • Cullen Melton b 1807 d aft 1860 Edgecombe Co., NC m Milbrey Gay - Ralph Melton [LRAYVICK AT]
    • Lewis Wells Melton b 1860 d 28 Aug 1941 Robersonville, NC m Fannie Estelle Proctor 85777
  • Nehemiah Melton b 18 May 1813 Pulaski Co., KY m Luarenna (Laura) Riddle - William Milton [wlm2 AT]
    • Minor Melton b 28 Aug 1839 Greene Co., IN d 6 Oct 1916 Fairview, OK
      • Henry Harrison Milton (Melton) b 9 Sep 1864 Bennington, Douglas, NE d 5 Mar 1905 Waterloo, NE
        • Floyd Nelson Milton b 1 Mar 1898 Waterloo, NE d 1 May 1952 Nampa, Canyon, ID 203842
  • Joseph G. Melton b 1827 d 1880 NC?, m Polly Ann Blankenship - Marha Poole [mpoole AT]
    •  Romeo Leonard Melton b 1-19-1872, NC m Eve Anna Jane Baber
      • Harold Sumner Melton m Jean Klutz Granite Quarry, NC
        • Harold Melton, Jr.  m Marian
          • Gary Melton

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