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Last updated June 3, 2013

The McADIE project would like to:

  • list as many Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader (researcher) as we can identify
  • locate descendants of each family and arrange their participation in the DNA project.

Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page.
Please read the Notes on Pedigrees below before submitting your pedigree.
You may also be interested in the McAdie Surname DNA Project Diary (Blog) and additional McAdie/MacAdie information at DNASurnames.

The following pedigrees show the earliest known ancestors for some of the McADIE lines, with their Line Leader (Researcher)
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Most pedigrees are abbreviated to only show direct male lines, and even then, those likely to have produced a potential participant.

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On this Page

Represented lines

Haplogroup I1:

Lineage 1a

The earliest origins of this, and several other lines as yet not proven to be connected, have been traced to Watten in Caithness, Scotland.

Participants of the other McADIE families, particularly those in the same area, would be most welcome to join this project to see how closely we may connect.

George MacAdie **, b. say 1730 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT m Margaret Cottar
└── Robert MacAdie, b. circa 1760 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Margaret Sinclair
      ├── Isabella Sinclair MacAdie, chr. 1800 Watten m Donald Manson, b. 1796 Coghill, Watten
      │     └── Sinclair Manson, b. 1828 Coghill, Watten, SCT m John Bain, chr. 1832 Halkirk, Caithness, SCT, m. 1854
      │           └── Isabella Bain, b. 1857 Wick, Caithness, SCT m Adam Davidson, b. 1851 Berwickshire, SCT
      │                 └── Agnes Manson Davidson, b. 1885 Otago, New Zealand m Archibald Henderson
      │                       └── Leslie Henderson, b. Otago, New Zealand m , b. Taranaki, New Zealand
      │                             └── Lorna Henderson - Researcher Web pages
      └── George MacAdie, b. circa 1803 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Elizabeth Rosie
           ├── Robert McAdie, b. 1827 Ackergill, Caithness, SCT m Ann Meason
           │     └── David Alexander McAdie, b. 1861 Ararat, VIC, AUS m Isabella Louisa Bonner
           │         └── Claude William McAdie, b. 1895 Ararat, VIC, AUS m Clara Marie Younge
           │             └── N McAdie,  (M-1)
           ├── William MacAdie, b. circa 1830 Caithness, SCT
           ├── James MacAdie, chr. 1832 Wick, Caithness, SCT
           └── David Sinclair Wemyss MacAdie, chr. 1833 Par. of Wick, Caithness, SCT m Margaret Bain
                ├── George McAdie, b. 1869 Wick, Caithness, SCT
                ├── John Bain MacAdie, b. 1871 Wick, Caithness, SCT m Barbara Swanson
                ├── David Sinclair MacAdie, b. circa 1874 Caithness, SCT
                └── Thomas MacAdie, b. circa 1879 Wick, Caithness, SCT m Hughina Mowat

Lineage 1b

William MacAdie **, b. say 1755 ?Wick, Caithness, SCT m Susanna Mullekin / Mullikin / Mullican
├── John McKadie, b. circa Jun 1781 Wick, Caithness, SCT
├── Robert McCadie, b. circa Dec 1785 Wick, Caithness, SCT
├── George McAddie, b. circa Oct 1793 Wick, Caithness, SCT m Margaret Levach
├── James McAdy, b. circa May 1796 Wick, Caithness, SCT
└── EA1754 (M-2)


Lines still requiring a representative

Another Watten Lineage:

Researcher and particpant wanted to test theory of relationship to Lineage 1 above, given the Ruther connections.

George McAdie**, b. say 1781 ?Watten, CAI, SCT m Janet Steven
├── James McAdie, b. circa 1808 Watten, CAI, SCT m Isabella Williamson Forsyth
│     ├── Donald Manson McAdie, b. 1844 Thurso, CAI, SCT
│     ├── George McAdie, b. 1848 ?Thurso, CAI, SCT
│     ├── Robert Forsyth McAdie, b. 1849 Watten, CAI, SCT
│     │     m1 Catherine Mary Green m. York Co, ONT, CAN
│     ├── William Forsyth McAdie, b. 1854 Thurso, CAI, SCT
│     └── David James McAdie, b. circa 1859 Thurso, CAI, SCT
├── David McAdie, chr. 1800 Ruther, Par. of Watten, Caithness, SCT
├── James McAdie, chr. 1806 Watten, CAI, SCT
└── Donald McAdie, b. circa 1811 Watten, CAI, SCT m Elizabeth Murray
      ├── George McAdie, b. circa 1846 Watten, CAI, SCT m Christina Laurie
      ├── James McAdie, b. circa 1850 Keiss, Par. of Wick, CAI, SCT
      ├── Donald McAdie, b. circa 1853 Wick, CAI, SCT m Elizabeth Mowat
      │     └── George John William MacAdie, b. 1890 Ackergill, CAI, SCT m Harriet Christina Langfield
      │         └── Thomas Bruce MacAdie, b. 1918 Sydney, NSW, AUS d. 1942 Papua New Guinea
      ├── William McAdie, b. 1855 Wick, CAI, SCT m Margaret Munro (three sons feature in The Sword of the North)
      │     ├── Robert McAdie, b. circa 1896 Ackergill, Par. of Wick, CAI, SCT m Jessie Donn Dunnett
      │     ├── William MacAdie, b. circa 1889 Watten, CAI, SCT
      │     ├── Donald McAdie, b. circa 1882 Durness, SUT, SCT
      │     ├── James M McAdie, b. circa 1891 Watten, CAI, SCT
      │     ├── John McAdie, b. circa 1892 Wick, CAI, SCT
      │     └── George McAdie, b. circa 1888 Wick, CAI, SCT
      └── John McAdie, b. 1857 Wick, CAI, SCT

And another Watten Lineage (Lynegar):

Researcher and particpant wanted to test theory of relationship to Lineage 1 above, particularly as both have Lynegar connections.

John McAdie b. say 1710 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Elspeth Sutherland alias Donaldson
├── Donald MacAdie, chr. 1737 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Janet McBeath
│     ├── John McAdie, b. 1769 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT m Isobel Robson
│     │     ├── Donald McAdie, chr. 1819 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Marjory Sinclair
│     │     │     ├── John McAdie, b. 1866 Halkirk, Caithness, SCT m Elisabeth Manson
│     │     │     │     └── Donald McAdie
│     │     │     └── Donald McAdie, b. circa 1872 Halkirk, Caithness, SCT
│     │     ├── David McAdie, b. 1822 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT m Elisabeth Robertson
│     │     │     ├── John McAdie, b. 1858 Heathcote, VIC, AUS
│     │     │     └── David McAdie, b. after 1856
│     │     ├── Elizabeth McAdie, b. circa 1824 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT (see below)
│     │     │     +Donald McAdie, b. 1818 Watten, Caithness, SCT, m. 1851 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT
│     │     └── John McAdie, chr. 1826 Nth Dunn, Watten, Caithness, SCT m Ellen Miller
│     ├── Alexander McAdie, b. circa 1774 Nth Dunn?, Par. of Watten, Caithness, SCT m Isobel Steven
│     │     ├── William McADie, b. circa 1825 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT m Margaret McAdie
│     │     │     └── Alexander MacAdie, b. 1863 Dunn, Watten, Caithness, SCT
│     │     ├── Donald McAdie, b. before 1829 Nth Dunn, Caithness, SCT
│     │     ├── Alexander McAdie, b. circa 1832 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Elizabeth McAdie
│     │     │     └── Ralph McAdie, b. circa 1873 Aberdeen, SCT
│     │     └── Ralph McAdie, b. 1824 Watten, Caithness, SCT (researched this line)
│     └── James McAdie, b. circa 1786 ?Toftingall, Watten, Caithness, SCT m Christan Barnition
│           ├── Donald McAdie, b. 1818 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Elizabeth McAdie (see above)
│           │     └── James McAdie, b 1857 Watten, Caithness, SCT (Minister, Quebec, visited Caithness in 1930s ?or possibly his sons did?)
│           ├── James McAdie, chr. 1834 Watten, Caithness, SCT
│           └── Alexander McAdie, b. circa 1838 Watten, Caithness, SCT
├── George McAdie, b. circa 1741 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT m Ann Tait
│     ├── John McAdie, b. circa 1779 Lynegar, Par. of Watten, Caithness, SCT
│     └── Peter McAdie, b. circa 1790 Houster, Par. of Wick?, Caithness, SCT m Isabella Kennedy
│          ├── John McAdie, b. 1818 Wick, Caithness, SCT m Jemima Sutherland
│          │     ├── Peter McAdie, b. circa 1866 Wick, Caithness, SCT
│          │     └── William S McAdie, b. circa 1868 Wick, Caithness, SCT
│          └── Peter McAdie, b. before 1826
└── David McAdie, b. before 1753 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT m Isabella Cooper
      ├── George McAdie, chr. 1776 Watten, Caithness, SCT
      ├── Donald McAdie, b. circa 1778 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT
      ├── William McAdie, b. circa 1780 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT
      ├── David McAdie, chr. 1782 Watten, Caithness, SCT
      ├── James McAdie, b. circa 1784 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT
      └── John McAdie, b. circa 1797 ?Watten, Caithness, SCT m Christina Swanson
            └── David McAdie, chr. 1822 Bower, Caithness, SCT

Researcher and particpant wanted.
George McAdie b. say 1833 Watten, Caithness, SCT = Catherine Manson (George's date assumes correct identification given he and Catherine were both at Kirk, Bower in the right timeframes)
└── George McAdie, b. 1856 Bower, Caithness, SCT m Isabella Paplay
      ├── Thomas Fergus MacAdie, b. 1881 OKI m. Amelia Mary Buchanan
      │     ├── Thomas Fergus Buchanan MacAdie, b. Wiliamstown, VIC (AUS) (see Dictionary of Australian Biography)
      │     └── Alexander MacAdie, b. Wiliamstown, VIC (AUS)
      └── Alexander McAdie, b. 1881 OKI m. Maysie Imelda Lane

Researcher and particpant wanted.
Donald McAdie b. say 1790 Watten, Caithness, SCT m. Janet Murray (at Toftingall, a joiner)
├── John McAdie, b. 1821 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Jane Swanson (a mason, Olrig, Calder, Thurso)
│     └── Alexander McAdie, b. 1862 Calder, Halkirk, CAI m. Christina Cleugh nee ? (lost 2 sons WWI)
├── James McAdie, b. 1828 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Ann McKenzie (to Eganstown, VIC)
└── George McAdie, b. 1830 Watten, Caithness, SCT m Jane Gunn

Last updated June 3, 2013

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