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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Lusk / Lisk

  • Andrew Lisk b Lebanon, Windham Co., CT m Elizabeth Bradford - Sue Lisk Mendives [smendives AT]
    • William Lisk b Lebanon, Windham Co., CT m Lydia Hyde
      • Ebenezer Lisk b Lebanon, Windham Co., CT m Mary A. Brooks
        • William Lisk b Jan 1800 New York m Sarah Phinney
          • David A. Lisk b 26 Jul 1829 Clifton Springs, Ontario Co., NY m Marian Haight
            • Sidney Jackson Lisk b 9 Jul 1873 Ontario Co., NY m Mary Haubner
              • Sidney Joseph Lisk b 17 Feb 1900 Buffalo, Erie Co., NY m Sophia Grace Keller
  • Samuel Lusk b 1718 Augusta, PA d 1773 Rowan, NC m Elizabeth - Lesa Gayle Lusk Hale [lesa.hale AT]
    • William Lusk b 1756 Rowan, NC d 1812 TN m Sarah Roberts
      • Samuel Lusk b 1795 Rowan, NC d 28 Nov 1852 Rusk, Cherokee, TX m Margaret Polly Todd
        • Burton L. Lusk b 1818 TN d 1890 Rusk, Cherokee, TX m Tabitha Summers
          • Thomas Lee Lusk b 1834 TN d aft 1910 Maydelle, Cherokee, TX m Mary Ann Maness
            • Ebenezer "EB" Lusk b 7 Jun 1869 Rusk, Cherokee, TX d 5 Feb 1953 Velasco, Brazoria, TX m Nancy Viola "Lula" Hardy
              • Reubin "Tuck" Lusk b 23 Nov 1909 Providence, Anderson, TX d 2 Apr 1984 Tyler, Smith, TX m Cornelia Iola Rogers
  • Thomas Lusk, Sr. m. Isable Johnson 1737, Holliston, MA - omwilkins [omwilkins AT]
    • Thomas Lusk, Jr. b. c1739 d bef 22 Jun 1807 Ontario Co., NY m Elizabeth Goodrich, 23 Nov 1758
      • Sylvia Lusk, bap 6 Dec 1761New Britain, CT d 1784 Berkshire Co., MA  m Valentine Rathbun, Jr.
  • Samuel Lusk, Rowan County, NC, c1730 - 1760 - H. Gilbert Lusk [ HGLusk AT ]
    • Elisabeth Lusk, b March 30, 1739
    • William Lusk, b Nov 25, 1740
    • John Lusk, given Spanish Land Grant, Homochitto River, Adams or Wilkinson Co MS c 1778, b 1743, d c 1811 probably in Wilkinson Co MS
      •  John Lusk
      • Levi Lusk
      • George Lusk-1
      • Jacob Lusk
      • Charles Elias Lusk (Eli), b c 1785 d c 1828 m Margaret McNamee or McNamer
        • Hiram Lusk
        • John M. Lusk
        • Gabriel S. Lusk, b 1824 MS, d 1884 Hubbard, TX, m Jane Morrell in Yazoo Co MS 1846.
          • Virginia Lusk, b Jan 3, 1847 MS (may also have been called Margaret)
          • Eli L Lusk, b 1849 Yazoo Co MS d 1941 Gunter, TX m Fredonia Hicks 1869
            • Otho Lusk, b c 1871
            • Othella (Bud) Lusk, b c 1873
            • Joseph G. Lusk, b 1874
            • Eli Morrell Lusk, b 1878
            • James Haywood Lusk, b 1879 Hillsborough, TX d c 1958 Taylor Co TX m Mattie Grimes  L-1 42015
            • Fannie Pearl Lusk, April, 1881 m Mollie Fuqua 1883
            • Peter Neeley Lusk, b 1885
            • Henry Clay Lusk, b 1887
            • Mary J. Lusk, b 1890
            • Frank A. Lusk, b 1891
            • Georgia C. Lusk, b 1894
          • Sarah Frances Lusk, b Oct 2, 1852, AR
          • Laura E. Lusk, b June 24, 1856, AR
          • Alice Eugenia Lusk, b March 29, 1858, AR
          • Amanda Jane Lusk, b March 30, 1862, TX
          • Mollie Gabrielle Lusk, b Feb 3, 1865, TX
      • William A. Lusk
    • Mary Lusk, b March 7, 1745
    • Martha Lusk, b April 23, 1747
    • Samuel Lusk, b April 9, 1750
  • Samuel Lusk, Sr. d 1792, Wythe Co VA, m Susannah "Susan" Stephenson - Kevin West [kdwest AT]
    • David Lusk b c 1773, Montgomery Co VA (now Tazewell Co), m Chloe Bailey
      • Absolom (or Absalom) Lusk b c 1799, Wythe Co VA  (now Tazewell Co), m Delilah “Dilly” Bailey
        • Alfred E. Lusk b c 1830, Tazewell Co VA, m1 Henrietta E. "Hetta" Phillips
          • James Allen Lusk b 22 Jan 1856, Raleigh Co VA, m Luemma A. Turner 84067
  • Robert Lusk b 1805 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland d aft 1881 Scotland m Janet Nelson - davidharnold [davidharnold AT]
    • Andrew Lusk Sr. b 1833 Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland d 1897 Wylam, AL m Susan McGill
      • William McGill Lusk Sr. b 1859 Perceton, Ayrshire, Scotland d 1927 Wylam, AL m Janet Macdonald
        • Edwin Ruthvin Lusk b 1897 Wylam, AL d 1986 Birmingham, AL m Margaret Fairer
  • John Lusk b NC or SC c1806 d Honea Path, SC June 4,1891 - jtlrf4c [jtlrf4c AT]
    • James Franklin Lusk b 9 Oct 1845 Honea Path, SC m Fannie Maddox
      • Richard Marion Lusk b 17 Sept 1880, m Annie Laura Lollis/Lawless L-6 96935
  • James Lusk b c1812 NC m Catherine Glance - Lisa Lusk [lisa.lusk AT]
    • John Rufus Lusk b 30 Sep 1839 Buncombe, NC m Sarah Ann Robeson
      • Lafayette Alexander Lusk b 27 Nov 1872 Asheville, Buncombe, NC m Delphina Glance
        • Ernest Lee Lusk b 6 Jun 1906 Leicester, Buncombe, NC
  • James William Lusk, b. c1836 TN m Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Frazier - Jerry Lusk [JWLuskracer AT]
    • Louis Benjamin Lusk, b. 4 Apr 1856, d. 4 Apr 1939. m Frances A. "Fannie" Patton
      • Will Taylor Lusk, b. 7 Mar 1888, d. 10 Feb 1951 m Essie Louise McFarland
        • Marion Lewis Lusk, b. 8 Jan 1916  d. 18 May 1997 m Ada Eloise Warner b. 22 Jul 1917 d. 19 Sep 1991 L-10 105345

Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 




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