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·         David, d. 1760 Frederick Co., VA - James Lloyd [jblloyd619 AT]

o    Henry, d. 1802 Huntingdon Co., PA, m. Judith Pemberton,

§  Henry Jr., bc 1761 Frederick Co., VA, m. Rachel Davis

§  Henry III, b. 1794 Huntingdon Co, PA, m. Jane Foshey,

§  Elizor, b. 1824 Cambria Co., PA, m. Adrianna Anderson,

§  Julius Anderson, b. 1849, Blair Co., PA, m. Harriett Goodrich,

§  Julius Goodrich, b. 1883, Dixon, IL, m. Jennie Compton,

§  Clifford Earl Lloyd, b. 1916, East Peoria, IL, m. Mabel Bondeson  L-3


§ Christopher Thomas, b 1913, London, m Vera Winifred Crane L-29






·          John, b abt 1704, London, England m Prudence Emry - Ken Lloyd [kenlloyd AT]

o     John E. b 1747, Frederick Co., Virginia, m Sarah Stuard/Stewart

§   William, b abt 1773, Frederick Co, VA? m Mary "Polly" Cowling

§  James Allen, b 1801, Georgia m. Charlotte Scott Parker

§  James Scott, b abt 1835, Alabama m. Sarah Alice Neal

§  William Scott, b 1867, Alabama m. Mary Elizabeth Braswell

§  James Niklos, b 1894, Texas m. Carrie Elizabeth Richardson

§  James Douglas, b 1914, Texas m. Oma Lorene Padgett L- 38










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