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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Cary Latham, b 1613 England, m Elizabeth Masters - Daniel Latham [lathad AT]
    • Joseph Latham, b 2 Oct 1642 Boston MA., m Mary
      • Joseph Latham, b c1688 New London CT, m Patience Seabury
        • David Latham, b 18 Sep 1724 Groton CT, m Elizabeth
          • John Latham b c1760 m Lydia Manwaring
            • Seabury Latham, b 3 Sep 1783 Lyme CT, m Naomi Beckwith
              • Charles B. Latham, b 17 Apr 1832 Niantic CT, m Sarah J. Strong
                • Wesley Nathaniel Latham, b 17 Apr 1854 Niantic CT, m Mary Emma Tryon
                  • Walter Edward Latham, b 1 Dec 1881 Putnam CT, m Mabel May Selleck L-1
  • William Latham b 1725 d 1771 Wigan Parish, England m Elizabeth Woodworth - Leslie Barker Thomas [aeriehollow AT]
    • Peter Latham b 1772 d 1850 Wigan, England m Hannah Wallwork
      • John Latham (Dr.) b 1801 d 1879 Wigan, England m1 Margaret M. Marsden m2 Mary Anne Whaley
        • John Cuthbert Latham b 1860 Wigan, England d 1944 Dane Co., WI m Theresa Hasler
          • Garnett F. Latham b 1888 WI f 1960 IN m Helena Florence Sterrett 67031
  • Samuel Latham, b. May 1759, Northumberland Co., VA. d.c1836 Hickman Co., TN - Charlie Latham [celtech1 AT]
    • William Latham,  b. c1786, Laurens Co., SC. d. Aft. 1839 
      • Carter C Latham, b. 1822, IL.  m. Rhoda Britt
        • Benjamin N Latham, b. Dec 1846 Henderson, TN, m. Martha Moore
          • James E Latham, b. Oct 1884 Hunt Co., TX, m. Ida May Almond L-2 57974
  • Cornelius Latham b May 1765 Prince William Co., VA d 11 Apr 1828 Bibb Co., AL - Cane4u2 [Cane4u2 AT]
    • Cornelius "Neal" Latham b c1795 Randolph Co., NC d c1874 Bibb Co., AL m Elizabeth
      • Raleigh Latham b c1815 Randolph Co., NC d 10 Aug 1894 Chilton Co., AL m Mary Ann Smitherman
        • Leonidas Latham b Jan 1850 Bibb Co., AL d 16 Feb 1920 Jefferson Co., AL m Lurana C. Huckabee
          • Alva E. Latham b 19 Jun 1881 Chilton Co., AL d 11 Jan 1954 Chilton Co., AL m Mary B. Baker
  • William Latham, b Ireland, m Catharine - Cuevas Latham Adamson [adamsoncuevas AT] 
    • Hugh Latham, b 1813, m Eliza Strider
      • Richard Marley Latham, b 1840, m Rose Cook
        • Hugh Joseph Latham, b 1868, m Maud Kelly
          • Francis Joseph Latham, b 1900, m Alice Harlow
  • Elisha Malachai Latham Sr. b c1780-95 NY m Marilla Hill - Roger Latham [rogerlatham AT]
    • Elisha Malachai Latham Jr. b 28 Dec 1818 Utica, NY d 15 Jan 1894 m Nancy K. Turner
      • William Sewell Latham b 3 Nov 1858 Sandy Lake, PA d 11 Mar 1939 m Rebekah McMullen
        • Ernest M. "Red" Latham b 28 Dec 1884 Sandy Lake, PA d 1 May 1975 m Goldie Merlyn Farrah 107650


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