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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.

Lassiter / Laster

Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree

  • George Leister 1560-after 1607 England m Dorothia Johnson - David Lassiter [colonialroots AT]
    • Thomas Leister 1586-1636 England-Jamestown, VA, m Ann
      • Robert Leister 1635-? Jamestown, VA m Prudence
        • Thomas Lasiter 1670-1746 Nansemond Co., VA- Edgecombe Co. NC  m Jane
          • William Lasiter 1696-1767 Nansemond Co., VA- Edgecombe Co. NC 
            • William Lasater 1725-1784 Gates Co. NC - Chatham Co. NC  m Kesiah Tucker
              •  William Lasater 1756-1845 Edgecombe Co. NC -Chatham Co. NC m Rebecca Gunter
                • William Lasater 1794- before 11/1825 Chatham Co. NC- Chatham Co. NC  m Nancy
                  • William B. Lasater 1818- after 8/1894 Chatham Co. NC- Chatham Co. NC m Martha Jane Mitchell
                    • James G. Lasater 1856-1914 Chatham Co. NC- Chatham Co. NC m Minnie F. Hinesley
                      • Rupert A. Lasater 1890-1937 Chatham Co. NC- Durham Co. NC m Kara Holder
                        • James A. Lassater 1914-1996 Chatham Co. NC- Smith Co. TX m Jean Clark 231934
  • Thomas Lassiter b c1587 England, arrived Jamestown, VA 1620 - Marion L. Laster [mllaster AT]
    • Robert Lassiter b c1635 Nansemond Co., VA m Prudance
      • Thomas Lassiter b 2 Jun 1670 Nansemond Co., VA m Jane
        • James Lassiter Sr. b c1698 Nansemond Co., VA m Mary
          • James Lassiter Jr. b c1730 d 1813 Northampton Co., NC
            • James Lassiter III b c1765 d aft 1830 TN m Lydia
              • James Lassiter IV b c1800 TN m Sarah
                • Elias Laster b 5 May 1831 Decatur Co., TN d 10 Sep 1899 Obion Co., TN
                  • Virgil Henry Laster b 20 Jul 1878 Obion Co., TN d 1 Aug 1966  Obion Co., TN m Docia Pauline Forrester
                    • Marion P. Laster b 9 Nov 1909 Obion Co., TN d 27 Aug 1959 Macon, GA m Nina Faye Lynn 146461
  • James Lassiter b c1800 TN m Sarah - Marion L. Laster [mllaster AT]
    • Elias Laster b 1831 Decatur Co., TN m Mary War Nan Johnson
      • Virgil Henry Laster b 1878 Obion Co., TN m Docia Pauline Forrester
        • Marion Preston Laster b 1909 Obion Co., TN m Nina Faye Lynn 146461
  • John L. Laseter (Lassiter) b 6 May 1822 Clarke Co., GA m Mary Savage - Charles Lassiter [class AT]
    • James Moore Lassiter b 11 Jul 1852 d 15 Dec 1926 m Sarah Jane Dick
      • Elwood Gray Lassiter Sr. b 21 Aug 1879 Newton Co., GA m Georgia Falls Salter
        • Elwood Gray Lassiter Jr. b 2 Apr 1915 Newton Co., GA m Ruth Butler 188678
  • James Hill Lassetter b 14 Jun 1868 d 29 Feb 1952 Carroll Co., GA m Amanda E. Hallman - cbrittain [cbrit AT] 
    • Gladys Irene Lassetter b 13 Jan 1907 Carrol Co., GA d 24 May 2000 m Ralph Lee Brittain 125423


Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Jacob Lassiter b c1732, settled NC, m. Sarah - elzanone [elzanone AT]
    • Stephen Lassiter, b 1761 m Nancy Uzzell
      • Thomas Uzzell Lassiter, b 1802 moved to Nashville, name changed to "Laster" m Harriet Dillahunty
        • Thomas Uzzell Laster, b c1842, m Elizabeth Cockerill, lived Newport KY; bur Cincinnati OH
          • Sydney Joseph Laster, m. Estella Loretta Williams, lived New Orleans & West Baton Rouge Parish LA
            • Edward C. Laster,  m. Eugenia Faust TX & LA


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