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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Thomas Kilgore b c1710 Possibly MD d Oct 1783 Cecil Co., MD m Rebecca Lassley - azsunshine [gail.kilgore AT]
    • Thomas Kilgore b c1749 Cecil Co., MD d 3 Jul 1834 York Co., PA m Hannah Ankrim
      • Joshua Kilgore b 3 Feb 1794 York Co., PA d 25 Feb 1885 m Eleanor Boone
        • John Kilgore b 19 Jan 1821 York Co., PA d 23 Mar 1904 Biggsville, Henderson Co., IL
          • William Kilgore b 9 Sep 1846 York Co., PA d 14 May 1914 Butler Co., NE m Annaline G. A. Thomas
  • William Killgore Sr. b c1726 d 1790 Greene Co., GA m Sara - stahn [robert67lee AT]
    • William Jr. b 1759 d 1812 Putnam Co., GA m1 Ann Higginbotham m2 Celia M. Roney
      • Joseph T. b 1800 GA d 1860 Harris Co., TX m Theresa/Teressa Smith
        • John Hardin b 1835 d 1901 m Elisa Ann "Jane" Gilbert
          • Walter Robert Sr. b 1873 d 1935 m Nancy Tennessee Miller
            • Theodore Roosevelt b 1911 TX d 1983 CA m1 V. L. Linam m2 A. M. Dewey m3 V. A. G. Cooksey
  • William M  b 1769 - jallenkilgore
    • Robert Caperton  b 1809
      • John Whitfield  b 1835
        • Nathan Syrus  b 1870
          • John Alfred  b 1907
  • William Thomas Kilgore b 26 Aug 1847 KY d 1 Jul 1936 FL m2 MO Lucinda Johnson - Zarah210 [zarah_tenfeb-webjunk AT]
    • James H Kilgore b 27 May 1890 IL d 1 Apr 1968 CA
    • Ernest L Kilgore b 1892 IL
    • Samuel Emmett Kilgore b 1893 AR
    • William Thomas Kilgore Jr. b 4 Feb 1900 IL d 23 Oct 1970 FL m Evelyn Landrum
    • Willis Eugene Kilgore b 26 Jan 1903 IL d Nov 1967 FL m Henrietta Landrum
    • Barney Coy Kilgore b 10 Apr 1905 IL d 12 Apr 1976 FL
    • John Hardy Kilgore b 1906 IL
    • Laura E Kilgore b 1909 IL
    • Henry R Kilgore b 1912 IL
  • John Kilgore, b 1849 IRE, d 1911 MO - Mary I [Letter412 AT]
    • Oscar Sims Pinkney Kilgore, b 1865 AK, d 1943 MO, m Dora E Wright
      • William Lon Kilgore, b 1901 MO, d 1977 MO, m Fern Slayman 1923 K-1
  • Elias G Kilgore b c1850 SC d late 1880s GA - JKKMUSIK [JKKMUSIK AT]
    • James Sykes Kilgore b c1890 MS


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