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Thank you for your interest in the KAFFENBERGER DNA Project. This Project is for those descendants who are researching their KAFFENBERGER ancesrty. There are many variations of the KAFFENBERGER surname that have occurred over time, plus potentially others:
   Kafenberger  Kaffenbarger  Kapfenberger  Kappenberger  Kaufenberg  Koffenberger    Koffenburger  Koffijberg  Coffenbarger  Coffenberg  Coffenberger  Coffenberry    Coffenbery  Coffenburger  Coffenbury  Coffinbargar  Coffinbarger  Coffinberger    Coffinberry  Coffinbery  Coffinbury  Hoffenberger  Lewis*  etc

Surname (Y-chromosome) DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists. These tests help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father's father, etc) in a quick and easy way. It saves time, prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can be obtained in no other way. To join our DNA project, you must be male, have the KAFFENBERGER surname or one of the many variant spellings (with one exception discussed below*), and you cannot be an adoptee (unless your birth family was KAFFENBERGER or one of the variant spellings; basically, you must be a part of the KAFFENBERGER male blood line in order for DNA testing to be of any benefit to this project).  If you personally do not qualify according to these requirements, you can still participate if you have a living male relative who does fit these requirements who is willing to join our DNA project.  You can see all of our current DNA results at or at the KAFFENBERGER Yahoo Group.  The results for ID FFAZB are only partial results; his total 67 marker results will be available in June.

If you are going to test your DNA using the company Family Tree DNA, use this Family Tree DNA link and we recommend testing with their new 67 (Y-DNA) markers test.  If you decide to test with another company, we recommend using their 43 (Y-DNA) markers test.  Testing at less markers yields lower odds of finding genetic connections.  For further details on testing companies, visit the KAFFENBERGER Yahoo Group.

This type of Genealogical DNA testing is safe, pain-free, completely confidential and has no legal or medical value.  You can learn more about Genealogical DNA testing at the independent website "International Society of Genetic Genealogy" at, selecting the "FOR NEWBIES" button on the left side of the page (this is very informative).  Even Oprah Winfrey had her DNA tested, to explore her African roots.  (Keep in mind, the Genealogical DNA test performed in this KAFFENBERGER group involves the Y-chromosome, hence only males can be tested.)

*Now, about the exception mentioned above, there are some individuals who carry the surname of LEWIS who are actually KAFFENBERGER descendants due to an ancestor who dropped the COFFINBERRY surname, using his middle name LEWIS as his surname.  These descendants are also encouraged to join this project.

If you would like to join other KAFFENBERGER researchers, please visit our KAFFENBERGER Yahoo Group.  Here's a little bit about the KAFFENBERGER Yahoo Group.  Our group website contains some useful tools for helping you further your genealogical research, including a lineage for each member, the current DNA test results for each member, access or reference to some great discoveries of family history books (in Germany as well as in the USA), a growing list of ship passenger lists as well as German emigration records, plus information and maps on the origins of the KAFFENBERGER clan in Germany.   Since it is always nice to attach a face to a name, we have photos of our members, including their recent ancestors.  However, the most useful resource and advantage of joining our group is access to the other members; not only will our experience and research help you connect your family to the earliest know KAFFENBERGER ancestors, as well as with other living descendants, it's always more enjoyable to share the journey with a great group of people who share the same passion.  And to top it off, our membership is international, including Germany, The Netherlands and the USA; we are hoping to find members in other countries as well, such as Austria, Russia and Brazil.  Perhaps one day we can organize a trip to Germany.

Our project goals:

  • Verify lineages down from Cloß (Closs, Niclaus) KAFFENBERGER born about 1619 in Nonrod, Hessen (Germany), married Elisabetha Beilstein Apr 28, 1644 in Gross Bieberau, Hessen, died Apr 22, 1694 in Nonrod, Hessen,
  • Verify lineages down from Johann Leonhard KAFFENBERGER born around 1620-1624 in Ober Gersprenz, Hessen (Germany), married Anna,
  • Find ancestors prior to Cloß (Closs, Niclaus) KAFFENBERGER and Johann Leonhard KAFFENBERGER,
  • Check for proof of relation between the Closs KAFFENBERGER and the Johann Leonhard KAFFENBERGER lineages as well as with other lineages of the KAFFENBERGER surname (and it's variant spellings) throughout the world,
  • Prove or disprove relationship among the variant surname spellings, as well as find other variant spellings,
  • Determine if there was one common male ancestor, or if the KAFFENBERGER surname originated in multiple places in Germany or elsewhere, and
  • Determine the biogeographic origins of the KAFFENBERGER surname.

We are very excited to meet new relatives and discover new branches of the KAFFENBERGER tree.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me email.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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