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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 

Jamison / Jimmerson / Jameson / Jemison

  • Alexander Jamison b c1624 Glasgow, Lanark Co., Scotland - Lillie Ann Flora [bla3pkj8fs5 AT]
    • James J. Jamison b c1650 Glasgow, Scotland d 1720 PA
      • John Jamison b 1680 Galway, Ireland d 1764/65 Albermarle Co., VA m R. Opdyke
        • Thomas Jamison b 7 Nov 1732 PA d 6 Apr 1830 Jefferson Co., IN m Jane Dickey
          • John Jamison b 1758 GA d 11 Sep 1842 Franklin Co., VA m Elizabeth McWilliams
            • John Jamison Jr. b 3 Sep 1783 Franklin Co., VA d 5 Oct 1864 VA m Catherine Boone
              • Samuel Jamison b 3 Mar 1810 VA d 22 Apr 1881 Franklin Co., VA m Sarah Webster
                • Sarah Jane Jamison b 15 Apr 1846 VA d 5 Jun 1902 Franklin Co., VA m Jonathan Flora
  • James Jameson b c1663 Scotland m Janet - Charles Jamison [chuck AT]
    • John Jameson b 1693 Ireland m Janet Keen
      • Samuel Jameson b 1723 Little Britain, PA m Catherine Cowden
        • James Jameson b 3 Jul 1751 Lancaster, PA m Elizabeth Ewing
          • Samuel Jameson b 20 Apr 1775 Lancaster, PA m Sallie Rowland
            • James Jameson b c1790 Mt. Sterling, KY m Mary McKinney
              • Samuel Rowland  Jamison b 9 Mar 1828 IN m Delia Signor
                • Archibald Wilson Jamison b 7 Jan 1852 Henderson, IL m Emily Alkire
                  • Gilbert Jesse Jamison b 16 Dec 1878 New Market, IA m Rosa Fern Doty 179767
  • Thomas Jameson b 1732 d 1830 IN - Jamie Beverly Waldrop [pwal5 AT]
    • John Jameson b 1758 GA, VA, or KY
      • John Jamison Jr. b 1783 VA d 1864 m Caty Boone
        • Samuel Jamison b 1810 Franklin Co., VA d 1881 m1 Webster m2 Brubaker
          • George Washington Jamison b 1858 Franklin Co., VA d 1947
  • Mary Jemison b 6 Oct  1743 m Deleware Chief Sheninjee - CathyJ1952 [cat AT]
    • Thomas Jemison b Apr 1762 OH m Sally Allan
      • John Jemison b c1793 NY m Emma
        • David Benjamin Jamison b 1828 NY m Effie Cooper
          • Joel Jason Jimerson b Oct 1874 NY m Della Blanch Snyder
            • Beatrice R. Jimerson b 27 Oct 1908 NY m Elliott Jacob Jimerson
  • David Jimmerson, b 1784 NY - npj [npj AT]
    • Joseph Ezekiel Jimmerson, b 1828 Oneida Co. NY
      • Joseph Jimmerson, b 1858 Redwing, MN
        • Ned Datus Jimmerson, b 1887 Alta, IA, m Ruth Elizabeth Nelson J-3


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