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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


  • James Hollis, b c1727 VA, m Susannah Anne Cunningham - Rosie Fuller [leroysmomma AT]
    • William Hollis, b c1765 Bedford VA, m Elizabeth K--(?)
      • Robert Hollis, b c1790 KY, m Mary Rice
        • Craven P Hollis, b 15 Aug 1819 Anderson KY, m "Mrs Hollis"  290815
  • John, b.7 Feb1730 Carisbrook, Isle of Wight (IOW) U.K, m. Elizabeth Bartlett - Mike Hollis [hollism AT]
    • John L., b.12 Oct 1755 Whippingham, IOW, m. Hannah Jerrett
      • Thomas, b. 17 Apr 1792 Whippingham, IOW, m. Mary Ann Jacobs
        • Samuel, b. 20 Sep 1849 Whippingham, IOW, m. Sara Anne Gulliver
          • Owen, b. 2 Jan 1879 Cowes, IOW, m. Catherine Stapleton
            • Samuel (Dic), b.15 Feb 1909 New York City, m. Mary Daly
  • John Hollis b. 1736 London,  m. ca. 1761 Mary, d. 1832 TN - REH [rehollis AT]
    • Jesse Hollis b. 1771 NC  m. 1798 Francis Brown NC, d. 1836 IN
      • Othniel Hollis b. 1808 NC  m. 1833 Micha Stewart IN, d. 1892 IN
        • Bartlett B. Hollis b. 1842 IN m. 1872 Sarah Polk IN, d. 1923 IN
          • Francis A. Hollis b. 1876 IN m. 1896 Mary Effie Martin IN, d. 1966 IN
            • Darwin A. Hollis b. 1900 IN  m. 1926 Monace Wilson IN, d. 1996 IN H-2 40133
    • tba - H-1 35808
  • William Hollis b c1788 NC d 4 Oct 1865 Harrison Co., TX m Rutha T. Robertson - sdbrayokc [sbrayokc AT]
    • John R. b 19 Feb 1833 Troup Co., GA d 13 Nov 1901 Wood Co., TX m Malissa Stringer
      • William Jefferson b 13 Oct 1858 Harrison Co., TX d 4 Aug 1942 Caddo Co., OK m Mary F. Penny
        • Thomas Jefferson b 1 Jan 1889 Van Zandt Co., TX d 24 Dec 1944 Dallas Co., TX m Ruby A. Hodges
  • Stephen Hollis b 1805 VT m Margaret Pitts - Tillie Van Sickle []
    • Lafayette Hollis b 1829 NY m1 Mary Smith m2 Catherine Brown
      • James Hollis b 1865 NY m Anna Katherine Neibling 210250
  • Samuel P. b c1824 GA m Louisa Amanda Johns - Ren Hollis [mjean7 AT]
    • William Travis b 7 Apr 1844 Campbell Co., GA m Missouri Ann Neely
      • Thomas Martin b 6 Feb 1874 m Laura Smith
        • James Lee b 30 May 1901 Weatherford, Parker, TX 148521

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