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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Matthes Hobbs, b 1620  (ANYONE KNOW WHO IS PARENTS ARE OR ANYTHING ABOVE HIM??) - Jeanie Hobbs Dailey [jeanie851 AT]
    • John Abraham Hobbs, b 1645 Cambridgeshire England d 1685 England. M Ann Barrye
      • Nathaniel Hobbs b 1675 Cambridge England, D 5 Apr 1727, Cambridge England. M Mary Orredge.
        • Nathaniel Barrye Hobbs b Mar 1696 Dorchester England, D Mar 16 1748 Dorchester England. M Mary Randel.
          • Vincent Hobbs Sr, b 1720 Dorchester England, D May 28 1808 Dryden VA. M Mary Shelby.
            • Abner Hobbs b 1746 Calvert MD d 1830 Pike MO. M Margaret Peggie Ridger.
              • James J Hobbs b Jul 19 1800 Virginia, d Jan 30 1889 Polk MO. M Sarah “Sally” Davis/Cynthia J
                • James Isaac Hobbs b 1821 Cape Girardeau Co MO, d Lawrence Co AR. M Mary Ann Jones.
                  • Jacob Hobbs b Apr 12 1850 Prairie Carroll AR, d aft 1880 m Sarah B Brumley.
                    • Charley Wilburn Hobbs b Apr 21 1873 Arkansas, d Jul 7 1946 Malvern AR. M Sallie Hutchinson.
                      • Jay H Hobbs b Jan 12 1906 Texas or Kiowa Co OK, d Sept 8 1937 Hobart OK. M Ava May Elizabeth Tanner.
  • Vinson (Vincent) Hobbs b c1720 Dorset Co., England d c1808 Wash Co, VA, m Mary Shelby - 88356 [jobbs AT] Lowell Jean Hobbs [lhobbs AT] 
    • Absalom Hobbs b 1752 Lee Co., VA d 1840 Lee Co., VA m2 Susan Helvy m2 Mary Olinger - Eleanor Rayl [erayl36 AT]
      • Levi T. Hobbs b 1809 Lee Co., VA d Apr 1863 Tipton Co., IN m Cynthia Boles
        • Clinton Howard Hobbs b 20 Dec 1843 Madison Twp., Hamilton Co., IN d 1 Oct 1917 Tipton Co., IN m Losada Jane Leavell 170678
    • Ezekiel Hobbs b 1762, MD d 1835 m Elizabeth Lillie
      • Greenberry Hobbs b 1807 Wash Co, VA d 1897 m Sarah Sally Sutton
        • Ray Hobbs b 1853 Woodson Co, KS d 1923 m Clarissa Brown
          • John Hezzy Hobbs b 1880 Greenwood Co, KS d 1961 m Josephine Ellen Lilley H-7 88356
      • Shelby Hobbs b c1813, Washington Co, VA m Lucinda Zion - RLHobbs [max_fan AT]; WilliamMHobbs [williammhobbs AT]
        • William France Hobbs b 1849, Lee Co, VA m Margaret Harper
          • John Jesse Hobbs b c1876 Lee Co, VA m Rosa Belle McElroy
            • Leonard Hobbs b 1909 Lee Co, VA m Lillian Blankenbeckler H-9 N12019
        • Zion Hobbs b 1 Mar 1855 Lee Co., VA - DoDo [dorcas999 AT]
          • Emory Cainor Hobbs b 24 Nov 1877 Lee Co., VA
            • Robert H. Hobbs b 5 Nov 1903 101823
      • Harrison Hobbs b c1820 d 1898 m Mariah Clemond - hobbs1966 [chocolat6910 AT]
        • A.B. Hobbs b 1862 d 1958 Scott Co., VA m Susan Barker
          • Estel Hobbs b 1913 d 2004 Scott Co., VA m Nona Marie Pierson
  • William Hobbs b. c1730 d 1789 Wake Co., NC - jackie mcinnis [mcinnisj AT]
    • John Hobbs b. c1768 Bute Co., NC d c1845 Crawford Co., GA
      • Bennett Hobbs b 1812 Warren Co., GA  d aft. 1870 Taylor Co., GA
        • Pascal Franklin Hobbs b. 1841 Crawford Co., GA  d. 1919 Gadsden Co., FL
          • James Abner Bennett Hobbs b. 1865 Schley Co., GA  d. 1928 Oklaloosa Co., FL
            • Christopher Colombus Hobbs b. 1891 Covington Co., AL  d. 1933 Tallahassee, FL 107799
  • James b 1732 d 1801 m Mary - [richard_hobbs AT]
    • Jesse d 1812 Iredell Co., NC m Sarah Rogerson
      • Hezekiah b 1794 Franklin Co., NC m Matilda Mayhew
        • Hezekiah Jr. b 1830 Iredell Co., NC m Louisa Cashion
          • William Franklin b 1852 d 1933 Weakley Co., TN m Mary Jane Rogers
            • John Warren Hobbs b 1881 Carroll Co., TN d 1953 m Anna Rilla Heath
              • Milton Heath b 1910 d 1990 m Elva Ruth Dacus 161596
  • William Hobbs, b c1755 d c1806 SC  - 88356- [jobbs AT] John Hobbs
    •    William Hobbs b Feb 17 1787 SC, d Sept 17 1837 Tal Co., AL, m Frances McWilliams
      •  Lewis Harrison Hobbs b 1813 Logan Co., KY d 1874 Van Zandt Co., TX m Wincy Sides
        • Francis Marion Hobbs b 1838 Tal Co., AL d 1922 Ellis Co, TX m Sue L Hickey
          •  William Harrison Hobbs b1871 Van Zandt Co., TX d1917 Ellis Co., TX m Nettie M Nolen
            • Levi Marion Hobbs b 1902 Ellis Co., TX d 1964 Tarrant Co., TX m Nelda Paschal  H-8 93098            
  • William Hobbs b c1760? d c1829 Laurens Dist SC m Elizabeth c1780 - John Hobbs [jandjhobbs AT]
    •  John Hobbs b 1783 Laurens Dist SC d 1849 Itawamba Ms m Isabella Madden
      • Harrison Hobbs b 1830 Laurens Dist SC d c1887 Delta Co., TX m Martha Ellison
        • Thomas J Hobbs b 1863 Itawamba Ms d 1908 Van Zandt Co., TX m Mary Ellison
          •  Albert D Hobbs b 1885 Delta Co TX d 1922 Van Zandt Co., TX m Novie S Herron
            • Ernie C Hobbs b 1911 Delta Co., TX d 1976 Llano Co., TX m Gladys Nunlee  H-6 81363
  • Simeon Hobbs m Hester Hill in NC - cehobbs [chobbs2 AT]
    • Gabriel Hobbs b 1816 m Mary Lewis, NC
      • Hardy Hobbs b 28 Oct 1844 Early City, GA d 23 Jan 1926 m Anna Cobb
        • Marion Hobbs b 5 Oct 1891 Houston City, AL d 7 Mar 1966 m Mattie Tate
          • Estus Hobbs b 23 Aug 1912 Houston City, AL d 16 Feb 1963 m Laverne Miller H-16 116711
  • Alexander Hobbs b 1803-5 VA m Elizabeth - P. Hobbs Lambert [reevesph AT]
    • Josiah Hobbs b 1845 TN m Nancy
    • Ananias Hobbs b 1847 TN m Martha Randolph
      • William Joe
      • Wash
      • Ollie
      • Samuel Stephen Hobbs b 1873 TN m Mary Frances
        • Amos
        • Ed Lee Hobbs b 1898 TX m Era Jane McClure 200492
  • Joel Claiborne Hobbs b 1804 TN d 1862 Humphrey's Co., TN m Rosannah White - AC Hobbs [miriamhobbs AT]
  • Henry Hobbs, b. 1817, NC, USA m. Nancy Honeycutt -Michele Cantley [mcantley AT]
    • William Henry Hobbs, b. Dec 12, 1847, LA, USA   d. Feb 23, 1893 m. Sarah  Mathilda Smith
      • Willie Maude Hobbs, b. Apr 13, 1888, Arcadia, Bienville, LA, USA   d. Nov 27, 1968, Ruston, Lincoln, LA, USA m. Ibrie Beatty 16653, 424668
  • William Washington Hobbs b 1831 Hickman Co., TN d 1912 Humphrey's Co., TN m1 Ann Harris m2 Victoria Fowlkes
    • Coleman Claiborne Hobbs b 1861 Humphrey's Co., TN d 1951 Humphrey's Co., TN m Susan Elizabeth Turner
      • Maurice Bate Hobbs b 1905 Humphrey's Co., TN d 1993 Atlanta, GA m Dorothy Maria Schraut H-21 144200
  • Nathaniel Hobbs born about 1820 in North Carolina. d. after 1870 in Lee County, Arkansas, USA. m. Jane Hutchins- Libby Hobbs [libby AT]
    • Clem Hobbs b. in Aug 1860 in Arkansas. d. on 03 Jan 1918 in Lee County, Arkansas m. Alzenia Otivia Whitney.
      • Harry Kennell Hobbs b. on 18 Oct 1887 in Lee County, Arkansas, USA  d. on 10 Jan 1947 in Moro, Lee County, Arkansas m. Ora Lee Kirk. 332542
  • Simeon Hobbs b 1822 m Mahulda Hubbard - jlhobbs [jlhobbs AT]
    • Isaac Hobbs b 1850 m Aggie Smith
      • Jesse Hobbs b 1875 m Ibbie Ellen Smith
        • Leonard Hobbs b 1910 m Mary Griffith H-15 112227

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Maurice Hobbs b c1615 England d 4 Jan 1705 NH m Sarah Eastow - Russell Hobbs [Hobbsrm AT]
  • Simon b c1750 Nansemond Co., VA d 1800 Onslow Co., NC m Mary Lewis - JoanMillar40 [jpm123 AT]
    • Simon b 25 Sep 1772 Onslow Co., NC d 1864 Clay Co., GA m Hester Hill
      • Gabriel b 15 May 1816 Sampson Co., NC d 27 May 1899 Holmes Co., FL m Mary A.
        • Cynthia A. b 1842 Randolph Co., GA d 9 Aug 1932 Holmes Co., FL m T. O. Phillips
  • Robert L. Hobbs b 1754 d 1845 m Mary Marion Caldwell - Lois Ward [loisward1 AT]
    • Isham Hobbs b 1792 d 1854 m Martha Patsy Lankford
      • Meron Melinda Hobbs b 1826 AL d 1889 TX m William Samuel Moore

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