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William Head (d. ca. 1710, (Richmond Co., VA)?)                    
  William Head (b. ca. 1660; d. ca. 1711, (Richmond Co., VA)?; m. Elizabeth -----)              
    Alford Head (b. ca. 1689; d. ca. 1780, (Culpeper Co., VA)?; m. Mary -----)                
      Hadley Head (d. 1822-1824, (Henry [Oldham] Co., KY)?; m. Mildred -----)              
        John Head (b. 1770-1780, VA?; d. (Oldham Co., KY)?; m. Matilda Oglesby)              
          William Hadley Head (b. 1822, KY; d. 1890, (Oldham Co., KY)?; m. Margaret Nay)            
            John Walker Head (b. 1851, KY; d. 1897, Oldham Co., KY; m. Alma Ophelia Parker)          
              John Martin Head (b. 1892, Oldham Co., KY; m. Willa Belle Stanley) (SMGF 8)            
    Anthony Head (b. ca. 1690; m. Sarah -----)                    
      George Head (b. (Spotsylvania [Orange] Co., VA)?; d. ca. 1780, (Surry Co. NC)?; m. Elizabeth Dearing)          
        William Head (b. ca. 1740, (Orange Co., VA)?; d. 1836-1840, (Surry Co., NC)?; m1. ?; m2. Sarah Curry)        
          Joseph Head (b. 1794-1800, (Surry Co., NC)?; d. after 1840; m. Polly Dial)              
            Josiah Calvin Head (b. 1826, (Surry Co.)?, NC; d. 1903, Hendricks Co., IN; m. Sarah E. Taylor)          
              Howard Jackson Head (b. 1869, Lawrence Co., IN; d. 1941, Morgan Co., IN; m. Adelaide Secrest) (FTDNA 140860)    
          Benjamin Head (b. 1790-1800, (Surry Co.)?, NC; d. 1860, TN; m. Fanny Speer)            
            Nathaniel Head (b. 1821, Jackson Co., TN; d. 1909, Logan Co., KY; m. Margaret Reiser)          
              Peter Harvey Head (b. 1854, TN; d. 1930, Logan Co., KY; m. Rosetta Penrod)            
                Joseph Harvey Head (b. 1881, Logan Co., KY; m. Minnie Roth Knight (SMGF 5)          
            Levi Head (b. 1825, TN; d. 1889, Bourbon Co., KS; m. Elvina Malinda Upton)            
              James Thomas Head (b. 1856, MO; d. 1938, Washington Co., AR; m. Mary C. -----)          
                John William Head (b. 1877, KS; d. 1937, Washington Co., AR; m. Matilda -----) (Ancestry.com 6)        
            John W. Head (b. ca. 1826, Moss, Jackson [Clay] Co., TN; m. Mary Carter)            
              George B. Head (b. ca. 1865, Jackson Co., TN; m. Ada Letha Robbins) (FTDNA 109598 & SMGF 4)        
        Robert Head (b. 1757, Orange Co., VA; d. 1838,  (Robertson Co., TN)?; m. Martha Elder)            
          George Thomas Head (b. 1794, SC; d. 1868, (Robertson Co., TN)?; m. Elizabeth Winters)          
            Robert Head (b. 1823, (Robertson Co., TN)?; d. 1885, Webster Co., KY; m. Martha J. Mitchell)          
              John Wiley Head (b. 1854, Robertson Co., TN; d. 1895, Webster Co., KY; m. Anna Laura Procter)        
                Volney Burean Head (b. 1891, KY; d. 1950, Webster Co., KY; m. Flora Lane) (SMGF 6)          
      Anthony Head (b. ca. 1730, (Spotsylvania [Orange] Co., VA)?; d. before 1783, (Washington Co., VA)?; m. Mary Garvin)      
        William Head (d. ca. 1824, (Howard Co., MO)?; m. Susannah Livingston)              
          Anthony Head (b. 1788, Washington Co., VA; d. 1843, Hancock Co., IL; m. Catherine Maggard)          
            William Henry Head (b. 1824, Randolph Co., MO; d. 1891, Franklin Co., ID; m. Mary Jane McClellan)        
              Henry Alvaro Head (b. 1858, Summit Co., UT Territory; d. 1938, Jerome Co., ID; m. Anna Lena Spongberg)      
                Serge Spongberg Head (b. 1894, Franklin Co., ID; d. 1964, Union Co., OR; m. Grace Leona Montague) (SMGF 2)    
    William Head (d. after 1747, (Prince William Co., VA)?)                  
      Benjamin Head (b. ca. 1730, (Spotsylvania [Culpeper] Co., VA)?; d. 1802-1803, Orange [Greene] Co., VA; m. Martha Sharman)      
        William Head (b. 1761, (Orange Co., VA)?; d. 1821, (Elbert Co., GA)?; m. Margaret Kirtley)          
          Thomas Head (b. 1787, (Orange [Greene] Co.), VA; d. 1836, (Morgan Co., GA)?; m. Rebecca Hadaway)        
            William Henry Head (b. 1827, GA; d. 1865, Newberry Co., SC; m. Nancy Jane Wright)          
              Henry Franklin Head (b. 1862, (Schley Co.)?, GA; d. 1931, Bibb Co., AL; m. Mary Elizabeth Selman)        
                Henry Willis Head (b. 1891, Bibb Co., AL; d. 1944, Wichita Co., TX; m. Mary D. -----) (FTDNA 171148)      
        George Marshall Head (b. 1768, (Orange Co.)?, VA; d. after 1840, (Todd Co., KY)?; m. Mildred Rucker)        
          Wilton Head (b. 1802-1803, (Orange Co.)?, VA; d. 1882, (Albemarle Co., VA)?; m. Fanny Huckstep)        
            Quintus Valentine Head (b. 1841, Albemarle Co., VA; d. 1923, (Albemarle Co., VA)?; m. Mary Florence Feaganes)      
              William Walter Head (b. 1877, (Albermarle Co.)?, VA; d. 1952, (Charlottesville, VA)?; m. Georgia Alberta Moss) (FTDNA 211860)  
  Richard Head (b. ca. 1667; d. ca. 1745, (Bertie District, NC)?)                  
    William Head (b. ca. 1733; d. ca. 1808, (Putnam Co., GA)?; m. Mary Williams?)              
      Richard Head (b. 1755, (Halifax Co., NC); d. ca 1846, (Barbour Co., AL)?; m. Mary -----)            
        Edmond Head (b. 1786-1787, GA; d. 1865, (Coffee Co., AL)?; m. Sarah Smith)              
          Barnabas Smith Head (b. 1830, (Pike Co.)?, GA; d. 1888, (Coffee Co., AL)?; m. Lena Ann Coston)          
            Thomas Edmond Head (b. 1862, Coffee Co., AL; d. 1939, Montgomery Co., AL; m. Elizabeth Catherine Amos)      
              William Edmond Head (b. 1887, Coffee Co., AL; d. 1966, Montgomery Co., AL; m. Frances Orlena Folmar) (Ancestry.com 3)    
        Richard Head (b. 1798-1800, GA; d. 1877, (Union Co., AR)?; m. Ellender Jackson)            
          Richard Columbus Head (b. 1830-1831, (Pike Co.)?, AL; d. 1904, (Nevada Co., AR)?; m. Mary Frances Cravey)      
            William Emerson Head (b. 1858, Montgomery Co. AL; d. 1927, Hempstead Co., AR; m. Sarah Elizabeth Parrish)      
              Richard Absolom Head (b. 1883, Hot Springs Co., AR; d. 1962, Saline Co., AR; m. Cora Bell Harman) (SMGF 1)      
    Isaac Head (b. ca. 1733)                                
      James Head (b. ca. 1770; d. after 1830, Hall Co., GA; m. Lucy Avery?)                
        Richard Head (b. ca. 1790, SC; d. after 1880, (Haralson Co., GA)?; m. Susannah B. -----)            
          Christopher Head (b. 1823, GA; d. 1864, Hamilton Co., TN; m. Harriet E. Shope)            
            Nicholas Andrew J. Head (b. 1854, GA; d. after 1918, CO; m. Josephine Sauer)            
              George Dewey Head (b. 1898, Leavenworth Co., KS; d. 1936, Osage Co., KS; m. Nellie Mabel Stewart) (Ancestry.com 7)    
        Benjamin S Head (b. ca. 1792, SC; m. Catherine Morgan)                
          Ezekiel King Head (b. 1833, Floyd Co., GA; d. 1917, Blount Co., AL; m. Sarah Tumlin)            
            Albert Reeves Head (b. 1866, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. 1949; m. Willie Jane Grigsby)            
              Albert Lee Head (b. 1899, Blount Co., AL; d. 1965, Jefferson Co., AL; m. Jewel Olie Darden) (SMGF 3)        
      John Head (b. 1770-1780; d. 1840-1850, (Hall Co., GA)?; m. Casander -----)              
        William Head (b. 1809-1810, (Pendleton Dist.)?, SC; d. 1889, (Hall Co., GA)?; m. Sarah Thompson)          
          John J. Head (b. 1829-1830, (Hall Co.)?, GA; m. Nancy Cagle)                
            Andrew Head (b. 1857, (Hall Co.)?, GA; m. Louisa M. Stow)                
              Tollie Head (b. 1895, (Hall Co.)?, GA) (FTDNA 325919)                
  James Head (b. ca. 1669; d. ca. 1748, (Spotsylvania Co., VA)?; m. Betty -----)                
    Henry Head (d. 1765-1772, (Spotsylvania Co., VA); m. Frances Spence)                
      Alexander Spence Head (b. ca. 1721; ca. 1797, (Wake Co., NC)?; m. Sarah -----)              
        James Head (m. Sarah -----)                          
          Alex Spence Head (b. ca. 1780, (Spotsylvania Co.)?, VA; d. ca. 1838, (Bedford Co., TN)?; m. Patience Delk)        
            Craving R. Head (b. ca. 1821, (Bedford Co.)?, TN; m. Sidney Jane Weiss)            
              Henry Wise Head (b. 1846, Bedford Co., TN; d. 1912, Bedford Co., TN; m. Buena Vista Gambill)        
                Joseph Elijah Head (b. 1882, Bedford Co., TN; d. 1931; m. Betty Alice Reynolds) (SMGF 10)        
[Note: This outline of descendants of William Head is very tentative, pending further Y-DNA results and additional research into historical records.]  
Wiley J. Head (b. 1810-1820, KY; d. 1840-1844, (Calloway Co., KY)?; m. Christian Harrell)              
  John J. Head (b. 1840, Calloway Co., KY; d. 1896, (Henry Co., TN)?; m. Sarah Elizabeth Boggs)            
    Theodore Ethelred Head (b. 1882, (Henry Co.)?, TN; m. Mary Cynthia Bowman) (FTDNA N19998)            
[Note: FTDNA N19998 is a 12/12 match with the modal haplotype of the William Head cluster (above). Where does he fit?]      
Christopher Head (b. ca. 1666, Great Wishford, Wiltshire, England; d. 1744, Great Wishford, Wiltshire, England; m. Martha -----)      
  John Head (b. 1692, Great Wishford, Wiltshire, England; d. 1739, Broughton, Hampshire, England; m. Sarah Beacham        
    Thomas Head (b. 1718, Broughton, Hampshire, England; d. 1798, Millbrook, Hampshire, England, m. Mary Cook)        
      Thomas Head (b. 1739, Eling, Hampshire, England; d. 1813, Millbrook, Hampshire, England; m. Sarah Whitehorn)        
        John Head (b. 1771, Romsey, Hampshire, England; d. 1855, Plumstead, Kent, England; m. Sophia Smith)        
          Stephen Head (b. 1817, Plumstead, Kent, England; d. 1881, Plumstead, Kent, England; m. Margaret Wilkie)        
            Stephen John Head (b. 1853, Plumstead, Kent, England; d. 1918, Plumstead, Kent, England; m. Susannah Avery)      
              Stephen William Head (b. 1889, Plumstead, Kent, England; d. 1942, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. Annie Margaret McNeil) (Ancestry.com 8)
[Note: Ancestry.com 8 is a remarkably close match with the modal haplotype of the William Head cluster (above). How are they related?]    
William Head (b. 1626, [Kent Co.], MD; d. 1698, Calvert Co., MD; m. Ann Kendall)              
  William Head (b. 1660, Calvert Co., MD; d. 1718, Prince George's Co., MD; m. Ann Bigger)            
    Bigger Head (b. 1698, Prince George's Co., MD; d. 1775, Frederick Co., MD; m. Martha Boteler)            
      Bigger Head (b. ca. 1750, Frederick Co., MD; d. 1816, Washington Co., KY; m. Susannah Wilson)          
        William Head (b. ca. 1774; d. 1841, Highland Co., OH; m. Mary McLaughlin)              
          William Madison Head (b. 1808, Highland Co., OH; d. 1893, Greene Co., IA; m. Margaret Ferneau)          
            Mahlon Head (b. 1835, Highland Co., OH; d. 1920, Greene Co., IA; m. Mary Lucinda Mullikin)          
              John Head (b. 1878, Greene Co., IA; d. 1905, Portland, OR; m. Gladys A. Wynkoop) (Ancestry.com 4)      
Sampson Head (b. 1807, Bedford Co., TN; Elizabeth Ann Blakely)                  
  Levi Marion Head (b. 1840, Blount Co., AL; m. Nancy Angelina Baine Newby)                
    Walton C. Head (b. 1878, Johnston Co., TX; m. Myrtle -----) (SMGF 9)                
Enoch Head (b. 1775, VA; d. 1843, Bedford Co., TN; m. Charlotte Hume)                
  James W. Head (b. 1812, (Rutherford Co.)?, TN; d. 1893, TN; m. Malinda M. Arnold)              
    James Bedford Head (b. 1853, (Bedford Co.)?, TN; d. 1909, Johnson Co., AR; m. Mary Ellen Morrison)          
      Taylor Campbell Head (b. 1887, TN; d. 1957, Johnson Co., AR; m. Hattie I. Hughes) (Ancestry.com 5)          
William Head (b. 1795, Chester, Cheshire, England; d. 1869, Heddington, Wiltshire, England; m. Mary Forth)          
  Charles Head (b. 1838, Heddington, Wiltshire, England; d. 1888, Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales; m. Emma Duck)          
    Henry Herbert Head (b. 1883, Dinas Powis, Glamorgan, Wales; d. 1970, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales; m. Elizabeth Hamblett) (FTDNA 96282)    
James Head (b. 1802, SC; d. 1874, (Dongola, Union Co., IL)?; m. Rebecca Moises Bass)              
  John Alexander Selkirk Head (b. 1845, Aberdeen, Monroe Co., MS; d. 1911 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO; m. Mary Woods)        
    William Pink Head (b. 1876, Dongola, Union Co., IL; d. 1939, Butler Co., MO; m. Viola Hillis) (FTDNA 370565)        
James Head (b. 1790-1800; d. after 1840, AL?)                      
  William Head (b. 1822-1824, TN; d. 1880-1900, (Marion Co., AL)?; m. Ellender Trice)              
    John Andrew Head (b. 1860, Marion Co., AL; d. 1938; m. Florence Bailey) (FTDNA 138247)            
William Head (m. Patsy King)                                
  Absalom Head (b. ca. 1795, (Wake Co.)?, NC; d. 1870-1880, (Marion Co., SC)?; m. Eveline James)            
    William Henry Harrison Head (b. 1831, Darlington Co., SC; d. 1894, Walker Co., TX; m. Flora Elizabeth Munn)        
      William Absolom Head (b. 1858, Marion Co., SC; d. 1924, Walker Co., TX; m. Margaret Elizabeth Wilder)          
        John William Head (b. 1888, Florence Co., SC; d. 1980, Grand Prairie, Dallas Co., TX; m. Alice Jackson) (FTDNA 186717)      
Philip Head (b. 1775, PA; d. 1832, Rutherford Co., NC; m. Mary Tanner)                
  John Head (b. ca. 1799, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 1859, Rutherford Co., NC; m. Elmira Mira Grant)            
    John Elbert Head (b. 1835, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 1917, Rutherford Co., NC; m. Susannah Keeter)          
      John Caberd Head (b. 1861, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 1922, Rutherford Co., NC; m. Maggie Etta Huntley) (FTDNA 295956)      
William Colin Grant (b. 1824, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 1891; m. Sarah Elizabeth Freeman)              
  Burrow Eaves Grant (b. 1848, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 1918; m. Martha Jane Elizabeth Sinclair)            
    William James Alexander Grant (b. 1880, Henderson Co., NC; d. 1955; m. Suzie Zuber) (FTDNA B27058)          
William Head (b. ca. 1788, Sussex Co., NJ) (FTDNA N20136)                  
Henry Head (b. ca. 1750; d. 1826, Hartwick, Otsego Co., NY; m. Margaret Murdock)              
  George M. Head (b. 1779, Plainfield, Windham Co., CT; d. 1851, Howard, Steuben Co., NY; m. Amy -----)          
    Daniel Head (b. 1812, NY; d. 1905, Grayling, Crawford Co., MI; m. Fanny Rathbun)              
      Henry Head (b. 1842, NY; d. 1908, Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA; m. Clarinda Davis)            
        Ray Head (b. 1866, NY; d. 1938, Evart, Osceola Co., MI; m. Elina Austin) (FTDNA B4765)            
Joseph Head (b. 1687, Renwick, Cumberland, England; d. 1729; m. Deborah Cowper)              
  Joseph Head (b. 1714, Renwick, Cumberland, England; d. 1807; m. Anne Thompson)              
    Joseph Head (b. 1758, Renwick, Cumberland, England; d. 1819; m. Hannah Hewitson)              
      William Head (b. 1809, Kirkoswald, Cumberland, England; d. 1887; m. Bridget Brown)            
        Thomas Head (b. 1859, Matterdale, Cumberland, England; d. 1935; m. Jane Nanson) (FTDNA 291165)        
John E. Head (b. 1787, SC; d. 1855, Franklin P., LA; m. Mary Merritt)                  
  Albert A. Harrison Head (b. 1811, GA; d. 1878, Burleson, Lee Co., TX; m. Elizabeth Herrington)            
    James Madison Head (b. 1841, Pontotoc Co., MS; d. 1916, Baird, Mills Co., TX; m. Nancy Jane Phelps)          
      James Madison Head (b. 1868, Washington Co., TX; d. 1953, Clovis, Curry Co., NM; m. Isadore Patterson)        
        Robert Grady Head (b. 1898, Mills Co., TX; d. 1969, Estancia, Torrance Co., NM; m. Gladys Izella Dodds) (FTDNA 155063)      
William Head (d. ca. 1710, (Richmond Co., VA)?)                    
  William Head (b. ca. 1660; d. ca. 1711, (Richmond Co., VA)?; m. Elizabeth -----)              
    Anthony Head (b. ca. 1690; m. Sarah -----)                    
      George Head (b. (Spotsylvania [Orange] Co., VA)?; d. ca. 1780, (Surry Co. NC)?; m. Elizabeth Dearing)          
        William Head (b. ca. 1740, (Orange Co., VA)?; d. 1836-1840, (Surry Co., NC)?; m1. ?; m2. Sarah Curry)        
          Joseph Head (b. 1794-1800, (Surry Co., NC)?; d. after 1840; m. Polly Dial)              
            Benjamin R. Head (b. 1830, NC; d. 1881, (Monroe Co., IA)?; m. Elizabeth F. Jones)            
              Charles Wilson Head (b. 1880, Monroe Co., IA; d. 1936, Monterey Co., CA; m. Mary Lula Galliher) (FTDNA 200669)    
[Note: FTDNA 200669 is supposed to  be descended from William Head through this lineage, but his haplogroup and haplotype do not match the rest of 
the William Head cluster (above). Was there a "non-paternal event" after the split from FTDNA 140860's ancestor Joseph Head, who married Polly Dial?
FTDNA 200669 matches 25/25 with FTDNA 160637 and FTDNA 160646 of the Phillips DNA Project, both of whom are descended from a William  
Phillips, born 1800 in Stokes Co., NC. Is William Phillips the biological father of Benjamin R. Head?]          
  Would those of you project members whose results are shown on the y-Results page please send your direct line paternal lineage to  
  Head DNA Project administrator Mark Arslan (marslan@nc.rr.com) for inclusion on this Patriarchs page? Only male ancestors    
  born prior to 1900 will be listed (for privacy reasons).