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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
  • Thomas b. Abt 1697, Canterbury, Kent, England; d. 17 Feb 1804, Deal, Kent, England; m: Margaret Priest - William Harris Hayward [Hayward19 AT]
    • Thomas b. 22 Apr 1768 Deal, Kent, England; d. 7 Dec 1848, Deal, Kent, England; m: Kezia Gammon
      • John Gammon b. 7 Jun 1801, Deal, Kent, England; d. 14 Sept 1882, Rotherhithe, Surrey, England m: Mary Clement
        • Gammon b, 7 Jan 1828, Deal, Kent England; d. 27 Feb 1883, San Francisco, CA, m: Sarah Ann Cripps
          • Charles Edward b. 30 November 1864, Salt Lake City, UT, d. 12 Jul 1933, American Fork, UT m: Martha Annice Hepworth
            • Fred Hepworth b 27 November 1906, Bountiful, UT d. 3 Feb 1995 Solomons, MD  m: Mary Katherine Harris
              • William Harris b. 16 November 1931 Idaho Falls, ID  m: 1. Edith Mary Leader  m: 2. Diane Stampe 301538
  • Thomas, d 17 Feb 1804, Deal Kent England, m Margaret Priest - Dennis Hayward [megabolt AT]
    • Thomas, b 22 Apr 1768, Deal Kent England, m Kezia Gammon
      • John Gammon, 7 Jun 1801, Deal Kent England, m Mary Clement
        • John Marbrook, 30 Jun 1834, Bermondsey Surrey England, m Amelia Moulds
          • Henry Frederick, 24 Feb 1858, Gundurimba Lismore NSW Australia, m Hannah Dwyer
            • Frederick John, 26 Jan 1889, Redfern Sydney NSW Australia, m Georgina Upton H-5 48449
  • George Hayward b 1739 England m Ann Derley - George H. Hayward [ghayward AT]
    • George Hayward b 1767 New Brunswick, Canada m Mary Smith 
      • William Hayward b 1810 New Brunswick, Canada m Frances Nevers
        • William Hayward b 1844 New Brunswick, Canada m Amelia Brown
          • Clarence Hayward b 1869 New Brunswick, Canada m Lillian Green
            • William Hayward b 1905 New Brunswick, Canada m Dora Hatfield 133412
  • Thomas Haworth, b. 27 May 1803, Bolton, Lancashire, England, m. Ann Allen - Moeh [mandmhowarth AT]
    • John H. Haworth, b. 27 Nov 1827, Bolton, Lancashire, England, m. Anna M. Sisson
      • Thomas F. Howarth, b. 24 Aug 1863, Groton, New London, CT, m. Lillian Maria Kittredge
        • Everett F. Howarth, b. 11 Jan 1896, San Francisco, CA, m. Hilda Morse
          • Arthur Morse Howarth, b. 12 May 1925, Newton, MA, m. Meliss Myra Challoner H-7
  • John Hayward b 1806 Biddendon, Kent, England d 1857 Heardcorn, Kent, England m Eliza - Harold Henry Hayward III [lenoirkali AT]
    • Charles b 1833 Kent, England
    • Thomas Henry Hayward b 28 Apr 1837 Headcorn, Kent, England m1 Mary Jane Kelly m2 Eliza A. Johnston
      • Elmer Kelly Hayward b 7 Apr 1868 Sue City, MO d 16 Mar 1966 Culver City, CA m Maude Della Woods
        • Harold Henry Hayward Sr. b 24 Aug 1904 Waleetka, OK d 2 May 1995 Roswell, NM m Dolly Evelyn Harris 201971
  • Robert Hayward b. c1815  England - Jim  Hayward [jdhayward AT]
    • John Hayward, b. June 13, 1843 Oxfordshire, England, m. Elizabeth Lewis
      • George Washington Hayward, b. June 17, 1867 Plymouth, PA, m. Almira Harrison
        • Ralph Robert Hayward, b. Dec 4 1902 Kingston, PA,  m. Frances Anna Durbin
  • Harrison E. Hayward, b. 1821 VT, m. Caroline Snow - JBJohnson [djlmudpuppy AT]
    • Harry E. Hayward, b. 1853 VT, m. Mary (Heffernon) Ryan
      • Mary Josephine Hayward, b. 1874 Evansville, WI, m. Walter Green
        • Margaret Hayward Green, b. 1906, m. Robert Edward Halstead
  • David Hayward, b 1835 England, m Elizabeth - Joe Hayward [joehayward2000 AT]
    • Philip
    • Elizabeth
    • Mary
    • David.  H-6 62824


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