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Christan Hauser (b. early 1500s, Beringen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland)
Lorentz Hauser (b. 1554, Schaffhausen, Switzerland; d. 1592, Colmar, Alsace, Germany; m. Rosina Reismantel
Matthias Hauser (b. 1586, Colmar, Alsace, Germany; m. Maria Simler)
Matthias Hauser (b. 1624, Colmar, Alsace, Germany; d. 1677; m. Maria Mandres)
Hans George Hauser (b. 1657, Colmar, Alsace, Germany; d before 1722; m. Susanna Burckhardt)
Martin Hauser (b. 1696, Reichenweier, Alsace, Germany; d. 1761, Bethania, Rowan [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Maria Margaretha Schaefer)
Georg Hauser (b. 1730, near Conshohocken, [Montgomery] Co., PA; d. 1801, Bethania, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Anna Margaretha Elrod & Anna Barbara Diez)
Heinrich Hauser (b. 1754, Rowan [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1821, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Anna Maria Kapp)
George Hauser (b. 1795-1797, (Stokes [Forsyth] Co.)?, NC; d. 1864, Marshall Co., IA; m. Catherina Schor)
Thomas Nathaniel Hauser (b. 1822, NC; d. 1909, Union, Hardin Co., IA; m. Nancy|Elizabeth Boyles)
Nelson O. Hauser (b. 1856, Hardin Co., IA; d. 1928, Hardin Co., IA; m. Barbara Ellen Crider)
Lloyd L. Hauser (b. 1882, Whitten, Hardin Co., IA; d. 1960, Whitten, Hardin Co., IA; m. Mary E. Mabie) (FTDNA 28158)
George Hauser (b. 1755, near Yadkin River, Rowan [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1818, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Magdalena Schor)
John Henry Hauser (b. 1782, (Surry [Forsyth] Co., NC)?; d. 1821, (Bethania, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC)?; m. Phillipina Christina Lash)
Theophilus Christian Hauser (b. 1810, NC; d. 1887, (Yadkin Co., NC)?; illegitimate child with Bethania Hauser, his black slave)
Alexander Hauser (b. 1861, Yadkin Co., NC; d. 1946, Yadkin Co., NC; m. Martha Jane Brandon)
Daniel Montgomery Hauser (b. 1892, Yadkin Co., NC; d. 1965, Yadkin Co., NC; m. Callie Victoria Hauser) (FTDNA 30690)
Simon Peter "Silver" Hauser (b. 1778, NC; d. after 1860, (Stokes|Forsyth Co., NC)?; m. Maria Barbara Schor)
Isaac Hauser (b. 1808, NC; d. 1901, (Forsyth Co., NC)?; m. Nancy Hunter
Richard Clark Hauser (b. 1828, (Stokes [Forsyth] Co.)?, NC; d. 1891, (Forsyth Co., NC)?; m. Laura Jane Speas)
Israel Alexander Hauser (b. 1860, (Stokes Co.)?, NC; d. 1941, Forsyth Co., NC; m. Sarah Henrietta Mickey)
Robah Alexander Hauser (b. 1887, (Stokes|Forsyth Co.)?, NC; d. Roanoke, VA; m. Bertha J. Flynn) (FTDNA 162925)
John R. Hauser (b. 1864, (Stokes Co.)?, NC; d. 1937, Forsyth Co., NC; m. Lacy Ellen Wall)
Roscoe Henry Hauser (b. 1895, (Stokes Co.)?, NC; d. 1950, Forsyth Co., NC; m. Nonnie A. Mickey) (FTDNA 6534)
Michael Hauser (b. 1731, near Berkiana River, PA; d. 1789, Bethania, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Anna Cunigunda Fiscus)
Johannes Hauser (b. 1754, near Yadkin River, Rowan [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1784, Surry [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Hannah Muller)
Johann Lorenz Hauser (b. 1782, Bethania, Surry [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1833, Surry [Yadkin] Co., NC; m. Christina Binkley)
Wiley F. Hauser (b. 1810, NC; d. 1883; m. Mary Griffith)
George Alexander Hauser (b. 1849, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1929, Lewisville Twp. Forsyth Co., NC; m. Sarah Augusta Siceloff)
Charles A. Hauser (b. ca. 1870, Forsyth Co., NC; d. 1929, Lewisville Twp., Forsyth Co., NC; m. Martha M. Craft)
Arlington C. Hauser (b. 1897, (Forsyth Co.)?, NC; 1986, (Chesterfield Co., VA)?) (FTDNA 28288 & 50670)
Alexander Hauser (b. 1822, Bethania, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1881, Nevada, Vernon Co., MO; m. Henrietta G. McBride)
Jacob Alexander Hauser (b. 1863, (Yadkin Co.)?, NC; d. ca. 1913, Quay|Union Co., NM; m. Nellie E. Lovell)
Marion Earl Hauser (b. 1891, Nevada, Vernon Co., MO; d. 1967, Riverside, Riverside Co., CA; m. Katherine Lee "Cassie" Mosier) (FTDNA N42276)
Martin Hauser (b. 1733, Skippack Twp., [Montgomery Co.], PA; d. 1794, Bethania, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Susanna Maria Kessler)
Martin Hauser (b. 1767, Bethania, Rowan [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1814, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Leah Billiter)
Joseph Martin Hauser (b. 1791, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1862; m. Mary Ward)
James M. Hauser (b. 1815, Rowan [Davie] Co., NC; d. 1896, Davie Co., NC; m. Caroline B. Lumpkins)
Ira Taswell Hauser (b. 1849, Davie Co., NC; d. 1917, South Fork Twp., Forsyth Co., NC; m. Mary Elizabeth Brunt)
Ernest Haley Hauser (b. 1886, Farmington Twp., Davie Co., NC; d. 1952, Marshalltown, Marshall Co., IA; m. Nettie Adeline Groce) (FTDNA 5142)
Jacob Hauser (b. 1733, Skippack Twp., [Montgomery Co.], PA; d. 1806, Hope, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; m. Eleanor Margaret Fiscus)
Jacob Hauser (b. 1764, NC; d. 1823, Rowan Co., NC; m. Barbara Hartman) - mutated DYS393 from 14 to 13
John Hooser (b. 1792, Rowan Co., NC; d. ca. 1863, White Rock, Red River Co., TX; m. Trish Beckham)
Williamson B. Hooser (b. 1824, Shelby Co., TN; d. 1904, Hopkins Co., TX; illegitimate child with ?)
William Yancy Hooser (b. 1864, Dallas Co., TX; d. 1886, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX; m. Jacob Francis Wheeler)
Jonathan Wright Hooser (b. 1888; d. 1957, Dallas Co., TX; m. Eva Elizabeth Claiborne) (FTDNA 22209)
William Cain Hooser (b. 1827, Savannah, Hardin Co., TN; d. 1916, Abilene, Taylor Co., TX; m. Joanah E. Hale)
William Bedney Hooser (b. 1854, Clarksville, Red River Co., TX; d. 1889, Ellis Co., TX; m. Martha E. Horn)
William Bedney Hooser (b. 1889, Italy, Ellis Co., TX; d. 1966, Frost, Navarro Co., TX; m. Mary Henrietta Dawson) (FTDNA 5627)
Daniel Marion Hooser (b. 1831, Memphis, Shelby Co., TN; d. 1922, White Rock, Red River Co., TX; m. Eliza Jane Lackey)
George Walker Hooser (b. 1880, White Rock, Red River Co., TX; d. 1933, Springerville, Apache Co., AZ; m. Cora Ethel Duvall)
Walter Daniel Hooser (b. 1900, Clarksville, Red River Co., TX; d. 1957, Luna, Lincoln Co., NM; m. Jennie Henrietta Dolinsek) (FTDNA 22625)
William Hooser (b. 1794, Bethania, Stokes [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1837, (Hendricks Co., IN)?; m. Sarah W. Sanders)
William Riley Hooser (b. ca. 1830, (Hendricks Co.)?, IN; d. 1907; m. Sarah Hunter)
Wiley Milton Hooser (b. 1860, (Shelby Co.)?, KY; d. 1937; m. Kitty Ann Morphew)
Verne Clyde Hooser (b. 1893, Hendricks Co., IN; m. Anna Margaret Pfaffenberger) (FTDNA 25522)
David Hooser (b. 1769|1771, Rowan [Forsyth] Co., NC; d. 1852, (Todd Co., KY)?; m. Mary Godwin)
John Hill Hooser (b. 1808; m. Martha G. Ring)
William Hill Hooser (b. 1854; d. 1911; m. Alice Moore)
Frank Hill Hooser (b. 1893, Trenton, Todd Co., KY; d. 1956; m. Volena Hamm) (FTDNA 9223)
Christian Hooser (b. 1782, NC; d. 1860-1861, (Newton Co., MO)?; m. Elizabeth -----)
J. Burlison Hooser (b. 1829-1830, (Cooper Co.)?, MO; d. 1860-1880; m. Arrena Martin)
Redmond David Hooser (b. 1851, (Cooper Co.)?, MO; d. 1936, (Arpelar, Pittsburg Co., OK)?; m. Elvira Jane Shipley)
Newton Hickman Hooser (b. 1888|1889, Cooper|Moniteau Co., MO; m. Helen Amanda Hudson) (FTDNA 5143)
Jasper John Hooser (b. 1856-1858, TX; d. 1910-1920, CO?; m. Pearly May Thompson) (FTDNA 10697)
Johann Martin Hauser  (b. 1731, (Wachenheim, Pfalz, Germany)?; 1800, Lower Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co., PA; m. Elizabeth Hess)
Jacob Houser (b. 1760, Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA; d. 1832, Houserville, Centre Co., PA; m. Barbara Shirk)
Martin Houser (b. 1788, Annville, Lebanon Co., PA; d. 1857, Houserville, Centre Co., PA; m. Elizabeth Grove)
Jacob Grove Houser (b. 1814, Houserville, Centre Co., PA; d. 1881, Benner Twp., Centre Co., PA; m. Elizabeth Etters)
Jacob Etters Houser (b. 1845, Houserville, Centre Co., PA; d. 1908, Philadelphia, PA; m. Mary Ellen Hasty)
Miles Kirk Houser (b. 1882, Benner Twp., Centre Co., PA; d. 1979, Marion Twp., Centre Co., PA; m. Gertrude Spicer) (FTDNA 89258)
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