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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .) Email addresses show AT in place of @.


  • John Hatfield m Catherine Supplee 1736  - Clara A. Brown [cb7720 AT]
    • Thomas \"Big\" Hatfield
      • Edward Hatfield m Anna Lee
        • Thomas Hatfield m Margaret Hornback
          • David \"Big Dave\" Hatfield m Mary A. \"Polly\" Hatfield
            • William Frances Hatfield m Mary Lucretia Hart 1857
              • Mary Jane Hatfield m Andrew Jackson Miller 1886


  • George Hatfield - b bef 1725; Botetourt Co, VA, - Leslie McConachie [lesliemac100 AT]
    • Jeremiah Hatfield - b bef 1746; d 1796/1800 last in Lee Co, VA; m Fannie Holland
      • Reuben Hatfield - b c1785 VA; d 1860 Decatur Co, IA; m Mary Comstock 1806 Knox Co, KY
        • Joseph Hatfield - b 1813 Knox Co, KY; d 1902 Craig Co, OK; m Mary Heather 1835 Morgan Co, MO
          • Joseph Hatfield - b 1853 Mercer Co, MO; d 1922 Washington Co, OK; m Mary Puckett
            • Charles Reuben Hatfield - b 1880 Cedar Co, MO; d 1951; m Maud Sylvia Davis 58329


  • Andrew Hatfield b 1737 Phil Pa d 1813 m Christiana Powell - Carol Hatfield [cjhatfield AT]
    • Jonas Hatfield b 1772 VA d 1840 m Nancy Ann Williams
      • Moses Hatfield b 1803 VA d 1892 m Nancy Christy
        • Reuben Hatfield b 1832 Vigo IN d 1897 m Harriet Berry
          • James Theodore Hatfield b c1856 MO d 1917 m Cynthia Annie Paralee Bolar
            • Garcell M. Hatfield b 1898 MO d 1978 m Virgie Amy Porter 69181


  • John Hatfield b. c1760 VA m. Rebecca (Bottom?) - Barry
    • James Hatfield b. c1783 VA m. Ann Rice
      • Hansford Hatfield b 1815 TN m. Ellen ('Elandar') Smith
        • James Madison Hatfield b. May 7, 1850 AL m. Mary Melba Gilley
          • Vernie Miles Hatfield b. Dec 11, 1886 TX m. Dudley Edward Chapman


  • George Hatfield - ridgerunner [hatkw AT]
    • Lynch? b. abt 1790 and Sarah Morgan Hatfield
      • Walter b. 1827 and Mary Polly Hurst Hatfield
        • Alvis? b. 1859 Sarah Peck? Hatfield
          • Thomas? b. 1890 and Katherine Ayers Hatfield 74441


  • Valentine Hatfield b. c1767, Russell Co., VA - Francis C Gill [fcgill1492 AT]
    • Valentine Hatfield, b. c1794, TN., m. Keziah
      • George Isaac Wesley Hatfield, b. 1834, TN. m. Fanny V. Cates
        • George Wesley Hatfield, b. 6 Nov 1860, Louisville, KY, m. Lucy Manis
          • Willie Wesley Hatfield b. 13 Apr 1886, Ill. 65109


  • Valentine Hatfield b 1767 - skyblue58us [no e-mail provided]
    • Valentine Hatfield b 1794 m Keziah Weirs
      • George Isaac Wesley Hatfield b 1834 m Fanny V. Cates
        • William Isaac Hatfield b 1866 m Jennie Maxwell
          • Theodora Hatfield b 1907 m John H Sneed


  • Samuel Hatfield b. 1784 Maryland m Arian - smhatfield [smhatfield AT]
    • John D. Hatfield b. 1830 Ohio m Catherine Uplinger
      • William Lafayette Hatfield b. 1859 Silver Lake Indiana m Anna Maria Stevick
        • Murl Willis Hatfield b.1895 Warsaw Indiana m Ella Juanita Myers


  • John Hatfield b. ca. 1785 NC, m. Mary Craig -  Francis C Gill [fcgill1492 AT]
    • Berry Hatfield, b. c1817 Fentress Co., TN, m. Elsey Brown
      • Emanuel Hatfield, b. 9 Jun 1837 Fentress Co., TN, m. Rhoda Ann Jennings
        • Mark B. Hatfield, b. 18 Aug 1874 Fentress Co., TN, m. Lola Wright
          • Gurnel C. Hatfield, b. 1 Feb 1909 Fentress Co., TN, m. Ida Mae Pile 65113


  • George Hatfield - Virginia Moore [moor7887 AT]
    • George b. 1766 (VA?)
      • Rev. Benjamin E Hatfield born about 1792 Virginia, married Martha Everett NC. married Maria Adams in Lumpkin Co GA
        • George T Hatfield born about 1825 NC Married Elizabeth Laney (Betty) Christopher


  • John Hatfield b. ca 1785 in NC m. Mary Craig - Willa Phipps [cphipps AT]
    • John Wiley Hatfield b. ca. 1811 in TN. m Matilda Helm
      • Lucinda Hatfield b. 1837 Eentress Co. TN. M James Propes
        • Mary Melvina Propes b 1869 Casey Co. KY M James Wiley Moore
          • Owen Thomas Moore b 1890 M Laura Bell Guy
            • Nellie Louise Moore b 1912 M William (Will) Dean
              • Willa Geneva Dean b Harlan Co. Ky M Charles Edward Phipps


  • George Hatfield b. 1827 Indiana md Nancy Jane Asher- dasher[dasher AT ]
    • James Henry Hatfield b. 02 April 1850IN/ or Galien, MI  md Cora Ann Washburn
      • Elsie Enda Hatfield b. 04 Sept 1903 Three Oaks, MI md Henry I. Johnson
        • Lloyd R. Johnson b. 31 Aug 1932 New Carlisle, IN md Betty Lou Bolinger
          • Rebecca K. Johnson b. 02 June 1959 South Bend, IN md Mark L. Ervi



  • Lynch Hatfield b. 1791 Va, m. Sally J. Morgan- Tonya [tontim AT]
    • Ralph "Rafe" Hatfield b. 1828 TN, m. Elizabeth Warrick
      • Ulyssus Grant Hatfield b. October 12, 1864, IA, m. Elizabeth Collins
        • Alva Benjamin Hatfield b. June 22, 1909 IA, m. Myrtle Goben
          • Harold Gene Hatfield b. December 24, 1944 IA, m. Patricia Virden
        • Timothy Gene Hatfield- private  75326


      • John Tilford Hatfield b 2 Jun 1827, d 26 Feb 1865 (in Civil War)
  • - Lowell Whitney [lowellwhitney AT]
  • Hiram Hatfield b 24 Mar 1851, d 2 Jul 1931
    • Martha Ann Hatfield b 11 Feb 1878, d 5 Nov 1955 82424
  • Charles Hatfield b 1803 Mercer, KY; d. 1889 Schuyler, IL; m. Mary LeMaster - Cathryn Hatfield [beachartist AT gmail dot com]
    •  Abraham Hatfield b. 1826; d. 1867 Schuyler, IL; m. Mary Thompson
      • Henry Hatfield b. 1850; d. 1937; m. Mary Rittenhouse
        • William Rittenhouse Hatfield b. 1875; d. 1950; m. Blanch McHenry, Selma Swanson, Lucy Menton
          • Harold Hiram Hatfield b. 1900; d. 1959; m. Lilace Knight
            • Richard Owen Hatfield  b. 1927; d. 2005  -- 130248


  • John Hatfield b 1717 Phil, PAd c 1805  m Catherine Supplee   (Elaine Hatfield Powell
    • Andrew Supplee Hatfield b 1737 Phil, PA d 1813 m. Christina Snidow
      • Andrew Hatfield b 1769 Montgomery Co VA d c 1826 IN m. Mary Mann
        • ?Jacob Hatfield b 1805 VA  d aft 1861  IN? m Nancy ?
          • William Hatfield b 1829 IN m Christiana Butler 1857 IL d c 1877 MO?
            • DeWitt Clinton Hatfield b 1858 IL  m Lewellen Fry d 1934 Lincoln Co MO
              • Ora Ezrah Hatfield b1897 MO m Catherine E. Warren 1917  d:1944 CA
                • Edsel Arthur Hatfield b 1919 d 2007 IL  m. Jessie Whitelaw - DNA Kit #38108


  • Matthias Hetfield b. 25 Aug 1604 Danzig, Prussia, d. 13 Dec 1687 Elizabethtown, Essex, NJ, m. Mariken Melyn - Linda Small  [dlasmall AT] 80520 and Bill Whitlock [whitpdx8 AT]
  • Isaac Hatfield b. 1667 New Haven, CT, d. 25 Oct 1709 Elizabethtown, Essex, NJ, m. Unknown
    • Matthias Hatfield b. 1699 Elizabethtown, Essex, NJ, d. 1779 Elizabethtown, Essex, NJ, m. Hannah Miller
      • Moses Hetfield b. 1737 Elizabethtown, Essex, NJ, d. 2 Sep 1810 Goshen, Orange, NY, m. Phebe
        • Adonijah Hatfield, b. 10 Nov 1777 Goshen, Orange, NY, d. 13 Feb 1868 Polo, Ogle, IL, m. Mary Carr
          • David Thompson Hatfield, b. 2 Mar 1817, d. 7 Mar 1891 West Pittston, Luzerne, PA, m. Martha Gordon
            • William Hatfield, b. 17 Dec 1833 Deckerstown, Sussex, NJ, d. abt 1893 West Pittston, Luzerne, PA, m. Mary Ann Howell 
              • Frank Leroy Hatfield, b. 12 May 1867 Westmoreland, Westmoreland, PA, d. 25 Oct 1935 New York City, m. Mary Elizabeth Harmston
                • Helyn Elizabeth Hatfield, b. 17 Nov 1907 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA, d. 13 Feb 1987 Portland, Multnomah, OR, m. John Edward Whitlock
                  • William Melvin Whitlock - private


  • Theodore J. Hatfield, b. 20 Jun 1835 Deckerstown, Sussex, NJ, d. 27 Feb 1910 Leavenworth, KS, m. Aurelia Jane Armstrong
    • David Thompson Hatfield, b. 8 Jan 1872 Wilkes Barre, PA, d. 17 Oct 1959 Hopkins, Hennepin, MN, m. Maude A. Vilmoare
      • Lawrence Milton Hatfield, b. 29 Jul 1907 Wichita, Sedgewick, KS, d. 23 May 1969 Kansas City, Jackson, MO, m. Eva Helen Jones  80520


  • Elias Hatfield b 1806 TN, d 1850/1860; m. Nancy Smith -  Don Hatfield [donhat AT] 76010


  • George Hatfield -  ridgerunner [hatkw AT]
    • Lynch Hatfield b. 1790 VA; m. Sarah Morgan
      • Walter Hatfield b. 1827 TN; m. Mary "Polly" Hurst
        • Alvis Hatfield b. 1859 TN; m. Sarah Peck
          • Thomas Hatfield b. 1890; m. Katherine Ayers
            • Floyd Hatfield b. 1928; m. Annie Katherine Lemons 74441


  • Francis Marion Hatfield b 1848 Howell, MO; m. Rebecca Marshall
    • William Henry Hatfield b. Feb 1886 OK; m. Katie Adelaide Holtzclaw
      • William Francis Hatfield b. Feb 1917 OK
        • Don Hatfield 76010


  • Joseph Hatfield  d. ca. 1790, m. (1st) Margaret Crawford m. S(2nd) Sarah Billings in MA
  • William Hatfield  b. 1730/1 in Newton, MA, d. 1793 in German Flatts, NY, m. Elizabeth Mason in 1750

     William Hatfield  b. 1759 in Sturbridge, MA, d. 1829 in Bridgewater, NY, m. Hannah
        William Hatfield  b. 1791 in Oneida Co., NY, d. 1854 in Brookfield, IA, m. Polly Wetmore in 1811
           Eli Hatfield  b. 1818 in Wethersfield, NY, d. 1896 in Maquoketa, IA, m. Anna M. Thayer in 1843
              Charles Edwin Hatfield b. 1858 in Maquoketa, IA, d. 1921 in Sioux City, IA, m. Anna Gillespie Henderson in 1886
                 Rex Henderson Hatfield  b. 1892 in Sioux City, IA, d. 1979 in Sioux City, IA,  m. Meave Genevieve Ayers in 1912 & Ruth Willoughby in 1921



Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

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