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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Hartman / Hardman
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Jakob Hartmann b c 1700 Frastanz,geboren m Kathrina Risch - Eleanor Erion [eleanorerion AT]
    • Andreas Hartmann c 1730- 1799 Frastanz m Clara Wolfinger
      • Benedikt Leopold Hartmann b 1762 Vaduz, Lichenstein d 1818  Katharina Marker
        • Christophorus Hartmann b 3 Jul 1806 Vaduz, Lichenstein d 1886 m Magdalena Ott
          • Ludwig "Louis" Ferdinand Hartmann b 5 Apr 1853 Vaduz, Liechtenstein(on the Rhine) d 14 Nov 1907 Pueblo, CO. m Alice Emma Lohmiller
            • George Earl Hartman 12 Nov 1891 Vineland, Pueblo, CO.  m Mabel Marion Skaggs
              • Clyde Earl Hartman b 21June 1918 Vineland, Pueblo, CO. d  27 Apr 1985 Huntsville, AL. m Jean Virlee Baker  178777
              • Bert Louis Hartman (living) 365475
  • Joseph Hartman b. 1753, location unknown, m. Mary Hen(s)ley - Ava [ava AT]
    • Marshal Hartman, b. 11/1788, VA, m. (2nd) Susannah Hull
      • Newton C. Hartman, b. 10/1837, Greene Co, TN, m. Eliza Jane Maloney
        • Newton S. Hartman, b. 4/1871, Greene Co, TN, m. Garnett Bledsoe
          • John C. Hartman, b. 6/1897, Spalding Co, GA, m. Sarah Mary Aileen Webber 152957
  • Anthony (Anton) Hartmann, b. about 1776 Germany, d. 1859 New York City, NY m. Elizabeth and (?) Edith- Karen Sipe [vaughny49 AT]
    • George Adam Hartmann b. 1814 Prussia d. 1898 Albany, NY m. Anna Elizabeth Gampher (Gampfer) b. 1823 Geisselberg, Germany 282652
  • Johannes Hartman b either PA or Germany. -  Ann Buckley [rasbuckley AT]
    • Jonathan Hartman b c1792 Northampton Co. PA m.Mary Maria Edinger
      • Aaron Hartman b c1825 Monroe Co. PA, m. Christianna Storm
        • Edwin Franklin Hartman b c1855 Monroe Co. PA m1 Sophronia Biddleman
          • Roy Wilfred Hartman b c1879 Clinton, Wyoming Co. m Vida Sterling
            • Myron Daniel Hartman b 1905 Scranton, PA m Ruth E. Hanna 109735
  • Adam Hartman b 1782 Darmstadt, Germany - big larry [larryhartman2000 AT]
    • Nicholas Hartman b 1823 Darmstadt, Germany d 27 Apr 1899 Dempsytown, Venango Co., PA m Sophia Weikal
      • Robert Hartman b 1867 d 1936 m Ann Belle Davison
        • Cleo Hartman b 1906 d 1987 Erie Co., PA m Mable Decker H-10 78208
  • Joseph Hartman b bef 1790 USA d c1815 PA or MD m Elizabeth Quarters - Joe Hartman [jhartman611 AT]
    • George Hartman b 1807 PA d 1873 IN m1 Mary Harrison m2 Nancy Davis m3 Nancy Link Wass Wingard
      • Isaac Hartman b 1829 OH d 1908 OH m1 Susannah Grissom m2 Mary Catherine Plummer
        • William Hartman b 1878 OH d 1953 IN m Dessie May Miller
          • Harold Hartman b 1915 IN d 2000 IN m Mary Margaret Sheehan N112262
  • Frank Hartmann b c1804 Bavaria d 12 Sep 1878 Allegheny Co., PA - Albert Hartman [hartmanal2 AT]
    • Marx Hartmann b 15 Oct 1832 Germany d 15 Jul 1902 Allegheny Co., PA m Maria Knoll
      • Christian Hartmann b 4 Jul 1868 Allegheny Co., PA d 28 Jul 1916 Allegheny Co., PA m Amelia Louise Rhody
        • Albert Henry Hartman b 12 Aug 1902 Allegheny Co., PA d 4 Mar 1995 Allegheny Co., PA m Amelia Louise Hagen 169237
  • ​Peter Hartmann born in Germany  m.Margarethae Sonntag - Constance Hartmann [constancehartmann766 AT]
    •  Peter Joseph ​Hartmann b.1 May 1828, Germany  m.Mathilde Henriette Louisa Kuefen
      • ​William C. Hartmann Sr. b.20 May 1870, Germany  m.Helen Beatrice McNamar
        • William C. Hartmann Jr. b.20 Oct 1895, New York, New York  m. Lillian Teresa Heft 279094
  • Adam Hartmann b 21 Feb 1831 Hanover, Germany m1 Louisa Reller m2 Mary Marley - Art Hartmann [Hartmann36 AT]
    • Heinrich Cramer Hartmann b 13 Feb 1853 OH m Alline Eitlegeorge
      • Arthur Henry Hartman b 8 Dec 1886 Aurora, IL m Mary Ellen Morley 
        • Robert Henry Justin Hartmann b 24 Jan 1913 Anacortes, WA m Eva Morris H-9 N2686
  • Joseph Hardman b c1850 m Elmira Thomas - Hardman [hardk AT]
    • Isaac Hardman, Sr. b late 1800s Caddo Parish, LA m Maggie Griffin
      • Isaac Hardman, Jr. b 1909 Caddo Parish, LA d 1992 Caddo Parish, LA 118971

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Johannes Hartman b bef 1738 Germany or PA - tjhartman58 [vlhartman AT]
    • Johannes Hartman b 29 Mar 1755 Philadelphia Co., PA d 6 Feb 1799 Adams Co., PA
      • Solomon Hartman b 30 Aug 1788 Franklin Twp., Adams Co., PA d 12 Jul 1854
        • Soloman Hartman b 26 Oct 1823 Franklin Twp., Adams Co., PA d 14 May 1899
          • George Rush Hartman b 15 Dec 1857 Manellan Twp., Adams Co., PA d 1 Apr 1941
            • Harry Calvin Hartman b 13 Jul 1887 Biglerville, Adams Co., PA d 29 Jun 1986 Philadelphia, PA
  • Henry Hartman b 1754 d 1823 Hampshire Co., VA / WV m Mary Miller - Pete Swanson [frogfuz AT]
    • George Hartman b 1796 d 1882 m Susan Jones
      • James S. Hartman b 1825 d 1881 Hampshire Co., WV m Hester Ann Stover
        • James Adams Hartman b 1865 d 1943 Hampshire Co., WV m Nettie Mae Davy
          • Guy Raymond Hartman b 1896 d 1966 Hampshire Co., WV m Margaret Elizabeth Corbin
  • John Hartman  b 1757 PA m Christina Keller - Gloria Reid [gloryus AT]
    • John Hartman  b 1779 PA m Susanna
      • Suzanna Hartman  b c1810 m Thomas Hamilton in Guernsey Co. OH

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