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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
  • Joshua Gore b c1710 - Tim Gore [fugginsg AT]
    • John R. Gore b 1737 Duplin Co., NC m Frances
      • William Duplin Gore b 25 Mar 1776 Duplin Co., NC m Nancy Tucker
        • Aaron Morgan Gore b 1810 Duplin Co., NC m Margaret Emmline Lee
          • Fernando Cortez Gore b c1854 Columbus Co., NC m Narcissus Carolinus Ward
            • Aaron Artemis Gore b 25 Dec 1879 Columbus Co., NC m Floy Mae Perrine 179338
  • William Gore bapt 26 May 1793 Orrell, Lancashire m Catherine Witter - Mary Sayers [mary.sayers AT]
    • James Gore b 4 Oct 1817 Shevington, Lancashire m Ann Seddon
      • William Gore b Dec 1847 Shevington, Lancashire m Mary Hutchinson
        • Peter Gore b 13 Mar 1888 m Jane Smith
          • Hubert Gore b 26 Jan 1916 m Catherine Mary Marsden 103190
  • Joseph Gore b 1816 SC m Manerva Gentry - dodson [tuusarcastic4u AT]
    • Wiley Gore b 1851 AL m Caroline/Carrie Burnett
      • Thomas Perry Gore b 1880 AL m Mary Jane Mims  
  • John Gore b c1805 SC m 1826 Bibb Co, AL  G-3 67804
  • Simpson J. Gore b 1810 NC m Harriett Byram - mgore25 [mgore25 AT]
    • John Lewis Gore b 1848 Attalla Co., MS m Tulula Arden Heifner
      • James Walter Gore b 1873 Bossier Parish, LA m Thyra Cordell Jenkins G-9 126370
  • Carl Gohr b c1820 Prussia d Bremin, Bydgosz Province, Prussia (Poland) - Glenn Gohr [archives_guy AT]
    • Alexander Emil Gohr b 1850 Bremin, Bydgosz Province, Prussia (Poland) d 1918 Madison Co., ID
      • Alexander Friedrich Emil Gohr b 1887 Kossuth Co., IA d 1968 Monte Vista, Rio Grande Co., CO 194869

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