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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Goldstein Heimann Wolf - [ArnoldChamove  AT]
    • Goldstein, Issac, b. Doruchow, Prussia 1806 d. 1883 Kempen, Prussia m Lifsche Jowe Praczker
      • Goldstein, Abraham b. 1831 Kempen, Prussia (Kepno, Poland) d. 1907 San Francisco, CA m Sarah Rose Goldberg
        • Goldstein, Blanche B. b. 1875 Oroville, CA + Moise
        • Goldstein, Lulu Rose b. 1865 Oroville, CA + Ephraim, Bernard b. 1844 Posen, Prussia (Posnan, Poland)
        • Goldstein, Milton M. b. 1871 Oroville, CA d. 1931 Allameda, CA
        • Goldstein, Samuel A. b. 1967 Oroville, CA d. 1915 Los Angeles, CA
        • Goldstein, Leon A. b. 1869 Oroville, CA d. 1957 San Mateo, CA
      • Goldstein, Nathan b. 1835 Kempen, Prussia d. 1913 Marin, CA m Ernestina Asher
        • Goldstein, Alfred E. b. 1877 Oroville, CA d. 1967 San Francisco, CA
        • Goldstein, Charlotte b. 1881 Oroville, CA d. 1916 + Jiseph Cohen + Murray Andrew Katz
        • Goldstein, Florence E. b. 1866 Oroville, CA d. 1916 San Francisco, CA + Julius William Raphael
        • Goldstein, Gertrude Meriam b. 1874 Oroville, CA d. 1938 San Francisco, CA + Sidney Shirek
        • Goldstein, Henry William b. 1868 Oroville, CA d. 1951 San Francisco, CA + Litta Ostrasky
        • Goldstein, Lulu Yinna b. 1871 Oroville, CA d. 1925 San Francisco, CA + David Davis
        • Goldstein, Violet C. b. 1872 Oroville, CA + Rutherford B. Moore
  • Abraham Goldstein - Jonathan H. Goldstine [jgoldsti AT]
    • Isaac Goldstein, b 14 Aug 1836 Posen, Prussia, m Dora Cohen
      • Abraham Goldstein(Goldstine), b 9 May 1859 NYC, m Sarah Heine
        • Isaac Oscar Goldstine, b 31 Dec 1883, m Bessie Lipsey G-7 N29952
  • Samuel Goldstein b bef 1847 Russian Empire m Annie - Arethusa Adrien [arethusa.adrien AT]
    • Max Goldstein b c1862 Russian Empire m Lena Schlager
      • Henry Goldstein b 16 Apr 1896 Lynn, Essex, MA m Marion Lorange N94997
  • Maxim Goldstein b. Dec 1865 in Odessa, Russia. m. Minna Guttman - prender4
    • Henry Goldstein b. 6 Dec 1890, NY, NY; d. 19 Aug 1974, Miami, FL  m. Friedel Leder
  • Louis Goldstein  b c1871 Russia d 1924 Hamilton Township, NJ - maxinev [maxinev AT]
    • Anna Goldstein b c1886
    • Herman Goldstein (name changed to Gould) b c1894 G-11 74770
  • Raphael Goldstein b 1872 Romania d 1965 FL (?) m Anna Goldstein - Gideon John Goldstein [sdnthndr AT]
    • Raymond Pierre Goldstein b 1904 NY d 28 Nov 1997 m Geraldine S. Goldstein 138533
  • Israel Goldstein, b. 25 Aug 1888, Russia, m. Rose Montus - Erica Weinstein [esw71 AT]
  • Albert Goldstein, b 1895 Minneapolis, MN, m Susan - Anthony Stein [anthonystein AT] G-9 54860


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