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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • William Leftridge Golden b 1598 England m Dollie Illene (Turner) - Michael V. Bassett []
    • John Golding b 1640 Dunston, Lincolnshire, England m Elizabeth Ripley
      • John Golding b 1670 VA m Cassandra Tucker
        • William Golding b 1705 VA m Elizabeth Foster
          • Richard Golding b 1744 VA m Susanna Wilmoth
            • William Golden b 1772 SC
              • William C. Golden b 1806 SC
                • Thomas Jefferson Golden b 1836 SC
                  • Thomas Clarence Golden b 1875 AL 129006
  • William (Goulden) Golding b 1680 m Elisabeth - mary.gleadall [gleadallm AT]
    • John Golding b 1705 Hart St.,London d 1778 m Mary Girling
      • Joseph Josiah (Goulden) Golding b 1740 Icklesham, Sussex d 1819 m Mary Hide
        • Hezekiah Adam Golding b 1770 Fairlight, Sussex d 1821 m Cordelia Martin
          • Adam Golding b 1795 Fairlight, Sussex d 1864 m Frances Fagg
            • Richard Golding b 1834 Romney Marsh, Kent d 1914 m Sarahrah Amos
              • George Adam Golding b 1862 Romney Marsh, Kent d 1946 m Elizabeth Creswell
                • Walter Sidney Golding b 1889 Stanford, Kent d 1925 m Gertrude Linington G-5 72027
  • Richard Golding b c1740/1746 County Tyrone Ireland m Mary Frances "Frankie" Lowe - Carol Golden [goldencj AT]
    • Stephen Golding b c1766/1767 GA m Hannah Helms
      • Stephen Golding/Golden b 30 Mar 1822 Knox Co., KY m Susannah Crawford
        • James Golden bb 8 Apr 1856 Knox Co., KY m Catherine York
          • Benjamin "Deacon" Golden b 1 Mar 1884 Trosper, Knox Co., KY m Molly Lawson
            • Lloyd Golden b 1 Feb 1905 Knox Co., KY m Mabel Collins 249807
  • Mark Golden, Sr, b January 27, 1762 in SC, - Gordon [gordon AT]
    • Seaborn Jasper Golden, b January 22, 1799 in Lincoln co, GA,   m Levina Johnston
      • William M. Golden, b February 23, 1834 in GA,   m Ellen M. Hornsby
        • Moses Clopton Golden, b August 11, 1859 in Tallapoosa Co., Alabama,  m. Jessie Ione Elouise Beasley
          • Samuel Emmett Golden, b March 18, 1887 in Wise Co., Texas,   m. Alice Lucy King
      • John A. Golden, b. July 29, 1841 in Tallapoosa Co. AL m. Rebecca Webster - lvgolden [lvgolden AT]
        • John L. Golden, b. October 27, 1863 in Tallapoosa Co. AL m. Minnie Lola Gray
          • Luther F. Golden, b. August 29, 1913 in Brewton, AL m. Virginia Irene McGraw G-11 80596
  • Mark Golden b c1790 GA d 2 Sep 1833 Lincoln County, GA, m Catherine - Jim Golden [golden AT]
    • Alexander “Sandy” Golden b 1824 GA, d 02 Jun 1874 Leake Co., MS, m Nancy Spivey
      • Mark Golden b c1851 AL, d Taylorsville, MS, m Hannah Jane Beasley
        • James Jonathan Golden b. 12 Dec 1885 Walnut Grove, MS, d 1958 Scott Co., MS, m Webbie Price
          • James Reginald Golden b. 1913 Forkville, MS d 17 Aug 1996 Canton, MS, m Mary Narnee Wooten G-13 80674
  • Thomas Golden b c1820 Co. Mayo, Ireland - [gallagher.da AT]
    • John Golden b c1841 Doonfeeny, Co. Mayo, Ireland m Catherine Deane
      • Patrick Golden b 1873 Doonfeeny, Co. Mayo, Ireland m Bridget Forde
        • Michael Golden b 1910 Doonfeeny, Co. Mayo, Ireland m Sheila McLean 167422
  • William Golden b 1823 Washington Co., MD d 1901 WV m Mary Sherwood - lcosgrave [lcosgrave AT]
    • William Henry Golden b 1847 Allegany Co., MD d 1889 WV m1 Mary Peters m2 Susan Nester
      • Charles Edgar Golden b 1867 Preston Co., WV d c1940 WA m Stella Shaffer
        • Kenneth Edgar Golden b 1904 Cambria Co., PA d 1983 OR m Charlotte Wygant
  • John Golden b c1823 Co. Kerry, Ireland m Mary Kelly - Marge Golden Rossini [goldenrossini AT]
    • John Golden b 1 Apr 1863 Co. Kerry, Ireland m Mary Sullivan
      • John Patrick Golden b 7 Sep 1908 Bridgeport, CT m Margaret Walsh 156829
  • Richard Michael Golden I b 1825-35 Ireland m Abigail Coffey - Kevin Michael Golden [knedlog AT]
    • Richard Michael Golden II b 24 Jan 1872 Killurly, Kerry, Ireland m Margaret Mary O'Connell
      • Richard Michael Golden III b 23 Mar 1900 Chicago, IL m Mary Margaret Sherwood 173289
  • Thomas Golden b 1835 Ireland m Bridget Manley - Thomas J. Golden III [t20gold AT]
    • Michael Golden b 1860 Hawley, PA m Mary Ellen Hughes
      • Thomas J. Golden Sr. b 1903 Hawley, PA m Angela Gerety N18546
  • Fleetwood Agustis Golden b c1875 Newberry Co., SC m Carrie Rowlinson - Carol Golden [goldencj AT]
    • James Richard Golden b 27 Nov 1901 Newberry Co., SC m Kathryn Eliza "Kate" Sherer 249823
  • Nathaniel Green Golden, Sr., b c1781/2 NC/SC/VA m Rachel Morgan - William Golden [Norfolk1956 AT]
    • Nathaniel Greene Golden, Jr., b 1812 SC d 1882/3 m Arzela Moore
      • John Henry Hambright Golden b 1866 TN m Mary Elizabeth Bridges
        • Henry Roosevelt Golden b 1904 AL m Readie Mae Belcher 289065



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