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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.


  • William Leftridge Golden b 1598 England m Dollie Illene (Turner) - Michael V. Bassett []
    • John Golding b 1640 Dunston, Lincolnshire, England m Elizabeth Ripley
      • John Golding b 1670 VA m Cassandra Tucker
        • William Golding b 1705 VA m Elizabeth Foster
          • Richard Golding b 1744 VA m Susanna Wilmoth
            • William Golden b 1772 SC
              • William C. Golden b 1806 SC
                • Thomas Jefferson Golden b 1836 SC
                  • Thomas Clarence Golden b 1875 AL 129006
  • William (Goulden) Golding b 1680 m Elisabeth - mary.gleadall [gleadallm AT]
    • John Golding b 1705 Hart St.,London d 1778 m Mary Girling
      • Joseph Josiah (Goulden) Golding b 1740 Icklesham, Sussex d 1819 m Mary Hide
        • Hezekiah Adam Golding b 1770 Fairlight, Sussex d 1821 m Cordelia Martin
          • Adam Golding b 1795 Fairlight, Sussex d 1864 m Frances Fagg
            • Richard Golding b 1834 Romney Marsh, Kent d 1914 m Sarahrah Amos
              • George Adam Golding b 1862 Romney Marsh, Kent d 1946 m Elizabeth Creswell
                • Walter Sidney Golding b 1889 Stanford, Kent d 1925 m Gertrude Linington G-5 72027
  • Richard Golding b c1740/1746 County Tyrone Ireland m Mary Frances "Frankie" Lowe - Carol Golden [goldencj AT]
    • Stephen Golding b c1766/1767 GA m Hannah Helms
      • Stephen Golding/Golden b 30 Mar 1822 Knox Co., KY m Susannah Crawford
        • James Golden bb 8 Apr 1856 Knox Co., KY m Catherine York
          • Benjamin "Deacon" Golden b 1 Mar 1884 Trosper, Knox Co., KY m Molly Lawson
            • Lloyd Golden b 1 Feb 1905 Knox Co., KY m Mabel Collins 249807
  • Mark Golden, Sr, b January 27, 1762 in SC, - Gordon [gordon AT]
    • Seaborn Jasper Golden, b January 22, 1799 in Lincoln co, GA,   m Levina Johnston
      • William M. Golden, b February 23, 1834 in GA,   m Ellen M. Hornsby
        • Moses Clopton Golden, b August 11, 1859 in Tallapoosa Co., Alabama,  m. Jessie Ione Elouise Beasley
          • Samuel Emmett Golden, b March 18, 1887 in Wise Co., Texas,   m. Alice Lucy King
      • John A. Golden, b. July 29, 1841 in Tallapoosa Co. AL m. Rebecca Webster - lvgolden [lvgolden AT]
        • John L. Golden, b. October 27, 1863 in Tallapoosa Co. AL m. Minnie Lola Gray
          • Luther F. Golden, b. August 29, 1913 in Brewton, AL m. Virginia Irene McGraw G-11 80596
  • Mark Golden b c1790 GA d 2 Sep 1833 Lincoln County, GA, m Catherine - Jim Golden [golden AT]
    • Alexander “Sandy” Golden b 1824 GA, d 02 Jun 1874 Leake Co., MS, m Nancy Spivey
      • Mark Golden b c1851 AL, d Taylorsville, MS, m Hannah Jane Beasley
        • James Jonathan Golden b. 12 Dec 1885 Walnut Grove, MS, d 1958 Scott Co., MS, m Webbie Price
          • James Reginald Golden b. 1913 Forkville, MS d 17 Aug 1996 Canton, MS, m Mary Narnee Wooten G-13 80674
  • Thomas Golden b c1820 Co. Mayo, Ireland - [gallagher.da AT]
    • John Golden b c1841 Doonfeeny, Co. Mayo, Ireland m Catherine Deane
      • Patrick Golden b 1873 Doonfeeny, Co. Mayo, Ireland m Bridget Forde
        • Michael Golden b 1910 Doonfeeny, Co. Mayo, Ireland m Sheila McLean 167422
  • William Golden b 1823 Washington Co., MD d 1901 WV m Mary Sherwood - lcosgrave [lcosgrave AT]
    • William Henry Golden b 1847 Allegany Co., MD d 1889 WV m1 Mary Peters m2 Susan Nester
      • Charles Edgar Golden b 1867 Preston Co., WV d c1940 WA m Stella Shaffer
        • Kenneth Edgar Golden b 1904 Cambria Co., PA d 1983 OR m Charlotte Wygant
  • John Golden b c1823 Co. Kerry, Ireland m Mary Kelly - Marge Golden Rossini [goldenrossini AT]
    • John Golden b 1 Apr 1863 Co. Kerry, Ireland m Mary Sullivan
      • John Patrick Golden b 7 Sep 1908 Bridgeport, CT m Margaret Walsh 156829
  • Richard Michael Golden I b 1825-35 Ireland m Abigail Coffey - Kevin Michael Golden [knedlog AT]
    • Richard Michael Golden II b 24 Jan 1872 Killurly, Kerry, Ireland m Margaret Mary O'Connell
      • Richard Michael Golden III b 23 Mar 1900 Chicago, IL m Mary Margaret Sherwood 173289
  • Thomas Golden b 1835 Ireland m Bridget Manley - Thomas J. Golden III [t20gold AT]
    • Michael Golden b 1860 Hawley, PA m Mary Ellen Hughes
      • Thomas J. Golden Sr. b 1903 Hawley, PA m Angela Gerety N18546
  • Fleetwood Agustis Golden b c1875 Newberry Co., SC m Carrie Rowlinson - Carol Golden [goldencj AT]
    • James Richard Golden b 27 Nov 1901 Newberry Co., SC m Kathryn Eliza "Kate" Sherer 249823
  • Nathaniel Green Golden, Sr., b c1781/2 NC/SC/VA m Rachel Morgan - William Golden [Norfolk1956 AT]
    • Nathaniel Greene Golden, Jr., b 1812 SC d 1882/3 m Arzela Moore
      • John Henry Hambright Golden b 1866 TN m Mary Elizabeth Bridges
        • Henry Roosevelt Golden b 1904 AL m Readie Mae Belcher 289065



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