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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • William and Mary 1655 Wales ?- Brenda Gaines [brendad AT]
    • John or Samuel - 1675 MD or Wales?
      • William  b: 1698? MD -
        • John b:1730  MD -
          • John jr b: abt 1760 MD - Dorcus Boreing
            • Joshua b: abt 1790 MD - Loftis
              • John  b:1827 TN - Tabitha Holderby
                • Hilliard b:186 IL - Aetna Malcom
                  • Paul  Herbert  b:1898 IL - Dollie Smith N72379
  • Thomas Gaines (b.1585-Aberdeen,Brecon,Wales;d.1626/1686) - jackson hayes [aerob8 AT]
    • James Gaines (b.1620-Aberdeen,Brecon,Wales;d.1692-VA;m.Elizabeth Lawson)
      • Richard Gaines (b.1670-New Kent Co. VA;d.13 Feb 1755-Culpeper Co. VA; m.Catherine Rawlings)
        • William H. Gaines (b.1705 VA; d.1790/1796 VA; m.1730 Isabella Pendleton VA)
          • Richard Gaines (b.1731-VA;d.1804 VA;m.1753 Anne Cornelius)
            • William Henry Gaines (b.13 Mar 1754-Culpeper Co.VA d.1818-Prince William Co. VA; m.1778 Jane Botts.;)
              • Cornelius Gaines (b.12 Mar 1779-Prince William Co. VA;;d.8 Aug 1847-Parks,Scott Co. Arkansas; m. Susannah Foster 1804)
                • Judge Wm. H. Gaines (b.1 Jun 1807-Manassas Gap PW Co.,VA;d.19 Jan 1885-VA; m. 1850 Mary Mildred Foster)
                  • Grenville Gaines (b.1854-VA; d.1922-VA)
  • Richard Gaines, b 1726, King William County, Va m Mildred Hollinger b, 1731- Paul Gaines [pwgaines AT]
    • Thomas Hollinger Gaines,b 07 July 1759, Hanover, Va m Sarah White, b 14 Feb 1764
      • Robert Henry Gaines, b 15 Jun Charlotte County, VA m Elizabeth Graves, b 07 Aug 1810, Green County, KY
        • Robert Graves Gaines, b 11 Dec 1837 Green County, KY m Ann Jane Miller, b 20 Jan Green County, KY
          • Arthur Penn Gaines, b 24 Dec 1872, Green County, Ky , m Sarah Margaret Lee, b 08 Oct, 1877, Adair County, KY
  • Patrick Gahan b c1760 Carlow Co., Ireland m Frances Stapleton - Jerry Gahan [jandsgahan AT]
    • John Gahan b 1788 Co. Carlow, Ireland m Jane Teas
      • James Gahan b 1842 South Branch, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia, Canada m Roseanna Andrews
        • James William Gahan b 1874 Fall River, MA m Esther Jane Taylor
          • Frederick Austin Gahan b 1912 South Branch, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia, Canada m Dorothy Jackson 299023
  • William W. (Wesley?) Gaines, b 1808, m Nancy Oliver - Deborah G Creamer [debbiec50 AT]
    • John S. Gaines, b 1850 Mercer Co. KY, m Martha Jane Rumsey
      • Robert Rosoe Conclan Gaines, b 1883, m Marada Singleton

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