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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
  • Hans Fritz b 1708  arrived at Philadelphia, PA  1738 - Scotty Fritts [shfritts AT]
    • Wooldrich Fritz   b 1731   d 1781  NC  m Janet
      • John Fritts  b 1762  Shenandoah Co., VA  m Mary Beaver  1791 d  c1847 Lee Co., VA
        • Henry Fritts  b  c1794  NC  m1 Lucy m2 Charity Calfey
          • C.S. Fritts  b 1825 Lee Co., VA  m Sarah Lawson  d 1916  Comanche Co., TX
            • James Wesley Fritts  b 1852 AR  d 1938 Marlow, Ok. m Mahalia C. Fine
              • John Clinton Fritts  b 1879 AR  m Letitia Scott  d 1960  Moore, OK
  • Christian William Fritz  b. ?, ?, d. 8 Jun 1797, Somerset Co., PA  m. Eva Margaret Dorwarton - John Montgomery [johnmtgmry AT]
    • William Fritz b. 15 May 1774, PA, d. 11 Apr 1864, Somerset Co., PA  m. Elizabeth Palm
      • Henry Fritz b. 1804 Somerset Co., PA, d. 9 Sept 1868, Nelson, Lee Co., IL, m. Elizabeth Reiman
        • Harmon Fritz b. 20 May 1834 Somerset Co., PA, d. 14 Jun 1916, Red Oak, Montgomery Co., IA  m. Katherine Bauman
          • Simon Fritz b. 6 Jun 1867, Dixon, Lee Co., IL, d. 5 Feb 1953, Fort Collins, Larimer Co., CO,  m. Myrta Nims
            • Ernest Simon Fritz b. 6 June 1902, Hastings, Mills Co., IA, d. 24 Mar 1992, Brookings, Curry Co. OR, m. Elizabeth Finlay (aka Hazel Elizabeth Pease) 37060
  • Michael Fritz,  d. 1787, Martinsburg, WV  - Lucie Fritz [luciefr AT]
    • Valentine Fritz b. c1759 d. 1823, Brown Co. OH
      • Michael Fritz,  b. c1780, prob, Martinsburg, WV d. 1844, Clark Co. KY,
        • Emanual Fritz (Frittz) b. 1811, Clark Co. KY  d. 1904, Beaver Co. OK
          • William Fritt sb. 1850, Clark Co. KY d. 1916, Madison Co. KY
            • Robert Fritz  b. 1880, Madison Co. KY  d.  1966, Laurel Co. KY
  • Joseph Fritz b 1798 Hesse, Nassau, Germany m Barbara Biekl - Ellen Fritz Merritt [ellenmariem AT]
    • George Joseph b 1844 Hesse, Nassau, Germany m Sophia Siecker
      • Martin Anton b 17 Jan 1873 St. Marys, Elk, PA m Anna Bernadina Erich
        • Howard Louis b 27 Mar 1904 St. Marys, Elk , PA m Grace Frey 256721
  • John Fritz (Johannes Friz), b. Sept 16, 1825, Steinach, Germany, Arrived NY 1847, m. Bridget Ware - crosski53 [agrobin_70 AT]
    • John Lawrence Fritz, b. Mar 16, 1854, Portsmouth, NH d. Jun 7, 1963 m Mary Gorman
      • Arthur Lawrence Fritz, b. Apr 20, 1890, Portsmouth, NH d. Jun 7, 1963 m Annie Drake F-2 86941
  • Daniel Fritz, b 18 July 1860 Carver Co., MN; d 31 May 1927 MN m Caroline/Carril Moser - auntiejill [ajillsgenealogy1958]
    • Margaret Fritz b ca 1885-1890 MN m John Culligan

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