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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 

Fountain / Fontaine

  • Jean de la Fontaine, Seigneur de Seville, b c1464, m (2) Jacquette de Thevalle - Brewton [BHNilsson AT]
    • Jean de la Fontaine, b c1500, Province of Maine, d 1563 France
      • Jacques de la Fontaine, b 1549 d 1633 France
        • James de la Fontaine, b 1603, m 1641 Marie Chaillon, d 1666 Jenouillé, France
          • Jaques Fontaine, b 7 April 1658 Jenoullé, m 1685/6 Anne Boursiquot  d May 1728 Dublin, Ireland
            • Peter Fontaine, b 1691 Taunton England, m Elizabeth Fourreau d 1759 Charles City Co. VA
            • John Fontaine, b 1693 Taunton, m Mary Magdalen Sabatier, d 1767 Newchurch, Wales 79353
  • Nicholas de la Fontaine / Fountain b 1610 St. Lo., Normandy, France d 1662 England m Lea Buria - Bob Fountain [bfountai AT]
    • Nicholas Fountain b 1638 St. Lo., Normandy, France d 1708 Back Creek, Somerset, MD m Grace Dennis
      • Marcy Fountain b 15 Nov 1666 Somerset, MD d 8 Apr 1727 Somerset, MD m Mary Hand
        • Thomas G. Fountain b 1702 Somerset, MD d 1758 Dorchester, MD m Trefena White
          • Edward Fountain b 1740 MD
            • Walter Lane Fountain b 1769 MD d Dec 1833 MD m Isabella Roe
              • John Fountain b 1798 DE d 1868 Vicksburg, Warren, MS m Mary Ann Dill - Tom Fontaine [tomdfontaine AT]
                • Joseph White Fontaine b 1843 Vicksburg, Warren, MS d 26 May 1912 Utica, Hinds, MS m Lucretia Adelia Davis
                  • Thomas Davis Fontaine b 7 Apr 1874 Delhi, LA d 26 Jan 1927 Utica, Hinds, MS m Emma Lloyd 172118
              • George E. Fountainb 19 Jan 1806 Queen Anne, MD d 8 Nov 1854 Madison Co., IN m Mary Dodd
                • James Henry Fountain b 16 Aug 1841 Madison Co., IN d 11 Jun 1919 Reno Co., KS m Cassandra Maxwell
                  • George Morton Fountain b 10 May 1874 Sangamon Co., IL d 20 Feb 1948 Dewey Co., OK m Alice Fish Humber
                    • Marvin Roy Fountain Sr. b 11 Mar 1902 Dewey Co., OK d 28 Aug 1985 Blaine Co., OK m Mary Odessa Goodman 164160
  • Louis Dubord de la Fontaine b 1610 France m Catherine Françoise De Brugière - Clark Callear [clark AT]
    • Guillaume Dubord dit la FONTAINE b 1636 d 1705 France m Catherine Guérard
      • Charles Dubord dit LAFONTAINE b 1681 d 1749 Canada m Marie Antoinette Ripault dit ROLLET
        • Charles Dubord dit CLERMONT b 1712 d 1764 Canada m Marie Anne Lepelle Desmarais Lamothe
          • Joseph Dubord dit Clermont b 1751 d 1832 Canada m Marie Amable Enaud dit Delorme
            • Joseph Dubord Clermont b 1789 d 1870 Canada m Ursule Gervais
              • Elie Dubord CLERMONT b 1826 d 1892 Canada m Domithilde DALCOURT
                • Edmond CLAIRMONT b 1862 d 1949 Canada m Elmire Marie CADOTTE
                  • Joseph Augustus CLAIRMONT 1903 - 1984 Canada m Francys Blanch PRICE 271931
  • Stephen Fountain, b c1745 Stamford, CT d c1819 Nova Scotia, Can. m Sarah - jef
    • Stephen II, b 1766, Stamford, CT d c1851 New Brunswick, Can.
      • Stephen III, b 1789, New Brunswick, Can. m Mercy Stover
        • Stephen IV, b 1810, Cumming’s Cove, New Brunswick, m Jane E.
          • Oliver Shead, b 1843, Cumming’s Cove, NB, m Catherine Bridges
            • Shead Oliver b 1882 Cumming's Cove, NB m Sarah Jane McFadden - Linda Jones [L-L-Jones AT]
              • John Patrick b 1910 Lynn, MA m Beulah Horsman
        • John Warren b 1812 Fountain's Cove d 1890 Cumming's Cove, DI m Elizabeth Heney - drhooper [drhooper2004 AT]
          • Jeremiah K. b 1849 d 1915 Cumming's Cove, Deer Island m Elizabeth Gibson
            • Maude Maria b c1883 d 1965 Chocolate Cove, Deer Island, NB m Henry G. Hooper
  • Solomon Fountain, Witnessed will, Edgecombe Co NC,Aug.1781 - Nancey [nvick AT]
    • Solomon, b. 16 Sept 1758,d 1836,m. Auliffe(?)
      • Loderick Fountain, m  Priscilla Dixon
        • Lawrence Fountain, b 1832, m Mary Eliza Cotten
          • Ardelia Fountain, b.15July1858,m Frank Harper
        • Almon Leonidas Fountain, b Feb 22, 1842, m Sarah Eagles - Ben Fountain [FountainBE AT]
          • Benjamin Eagles Fountain b Jan 7, 1897,  m Emmie Green  F-3 56647
  • Israel Fountain, owned land, Edgecombe Co, NC 1795 - Cecil Fountain [cecil_fountain AT]
    • Israel Fountain, b 1775, m Delphia Watkins
      • James Henry Fountain, b 1799, m1 Mary McCarty, m2 Bethleland Jones
        • William Thomas Fountain, b 1824, m Mary Eliza Gainey
          • James Matthew Fountain, 1845, m Arilla Josephine Meadows
            • Blanche S. Fountain, b 1873, m Lewis Jerusha Fountain, b 1871
              • James Mitchell Fountain, b 1898, m Gladys Adams, b 1919
        • John H. fountain, b 1837, m Malinda Jane Johnson
          • Seaborn Augustus Fountain, b 1858, m Dollie Day
            • Harvey Augustus Fountain, b 1891, m Mae Wood
              • James Cecil Fountain, b 1912, m Thelma Brooks, b 1911 F-1 33322
      • Keziah Fountain, b 1799, m Enoch Garrett
      • Frances Fountain, b 1802, m Hezekah Darden
      • Jackson Fountain, b 1804, m Rebecca Batchellar
      • Mary Ann Fountain, b 1805, m1 John Nalus, m2 James Webb
      • William Fountain, b 1807, m Elizabeth Budd
      • Elizabeth Fountain, b 1808, m Bartley Stevens
      • Job Fountain, b 1813
      • Lewis Fountain, b 1816, m Mary Elizabeth Pickering
      • Mitchell Watkins Fountain, b 1818, m Mary Hannah Paterson
        • Lewis Jerusha Fountain, b 1871, m Blanche S. Fountain
          • James Mitchell Fountain, b 1898, m Gladys Adams, b 1919 F-7 85026
      • Sabrina Fountain, b 1820, m1 Thomas Lyster, m2 John Batchellar
    • Ethelred Fountain b.1785 m.  Eleanor Ingram - Kemis [sobbygenealogy AT]
      • James Isaac Fountain b.1818 d 1895 m  Sabrina Chambers
        •  William Eldridge Fountain b.1847 d.1936 m. Georginna Turner
          • John William Fountain b.1891 d.1956  m Irene Belle Smith
  • John Fountain b.1779 NC, d. 1859 Gwinnett Co., GA m Hannah Davis  - Tammy Morgan [ta_mor AT]
    • James Copeland Fountain b. GA d. GA m Louvenia Maddox
      • Sarah A. G. "Sallie" Fountain b.1867 Gwinnett Co., GA, d. 1901 Gwinnett Co., GA m James Thomas Morgan
  • John Fontaine b 1798 DE m Mary Ann Dill - Thomas Davis Fontaine [tomdfontaine AT]
    • Joseph W. Fontaine b 1843 Vicksburg, MS m Lucretia Adelia Davis
      • Thomas D. Fontaine b 7 Apr 1874 Delhi, LA m Emma Lloyd
        • Thomas Davis Fontaine b 12 Apr 1916 Utica, MS m Louise Sutton Lean 172118
  • Henry Fountain Sr., Duplin Co. N.C./VA - Noah Adam Fountain [nfountain AT]
    • Henry Fountain, Duplin Co. N. C.
      • James Darius Fountain, b1844 Washington Co. , d 1894
        • Noah Adam Fountain Sr., b 1879 Savannah GA  1879

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