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This Family Project is started to:

1. Help researchers on common or related families work together to find their common heritage  (See the Patriarch Page)

2. Identify the DNA of the ancestor families and compile them and their lost branches into distinct genetic lineages through DNA matches

3. Surnames that we have identified for inclusion (let us know if we missed yours)

  • Ambry, Amory
  • Embery, Embree, Embrey, Embri, Embrie, Embry
  • Emburey, Embury
  • Emerey, Emerry, Emery, Emmory, Emory, Emrey
  • Hembree, Hembrey, Hembrie

We also have Volunteer Genealogists:

  • Embury spellings -- Denise Perrett

  • Hembree spellings -- Joyce G. Reece [bjreece AT]

  • Other spellings - seeking volunteers


Click here to order a DNA test now

For more information on the relationship between DNA testing and traditional genealogy, visit World Families Network.

The old Emery site at FTDNA is linked here


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