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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)



  • John Echols  b 1650  d 1712 m Mary Cave - Barbara Vernon [brbvern AT]
    • Richard E. Echols  b 1705  d 1778 m Caty Evans 
      • John Echols  b 1736  d 1826 m Lucy Moore 
        • James Echols b 1767 d 1850 m Nancy Wimbish  
          • George Moore Echols b 1798 d 1882 m Dorothy (Dolly) Hodges 
            • Benjamin Templeton Echols b 1844 d 1905 m Mary E. Mays  
              • Marvin "Boss" Echols b 1882 d 1956 m Ann Barnett  99806
  • Joshua Echols, b: c1786 SC, m Nancy M. Brown - curti_m [curti_m AT]
    • Shapleigh P. 'Chap' Echols, Sr., b: 7 Mar 1812 SC, m Sarah L. Summerville
      • James W. Echols, b: 19 Apr 1837 GA, m Elizabeth Franes Formby
        • Georgia Ann Echols, b: 14 Feb 1874 AR, m Robert Francis Beaty
  • David Eckols b 1805 Wilson Co., TN m Letty Bradshaw - Eckols [janmikeecko AT]
    • Samuel  D Eckols b 1832 Wilson Co., TN. m Clarinda Henry
      • Jacob May Eckols b 1866 Williamson Co., IL. m Nancy Hall
        • Samuel H Eckols b 1893 Jackson Co., IL m Mary L Lawrence 282182
  • Isaac Echols b. 1811, GA d. c1876, Cass Co. TX m Mary Foster - BethCarmen [BethCarmen AT] E-1 99691, E-3 99806
    • Elizabeth Echols b. 1822, GA d. c1891, Cass Co. TX m William Espey
    • Elijah Pennington Echols b. 1823, GA d. 1899, Cass Co. TX m1 Charlotte Mitchell Sanders m2 Martha Elizabeth Isenhour
      • Sylvanus Walter Echols 1873-1960 b. Cass Co. TX  d. Cass Co. TX
        • Owen Bertrand Echols 1915-2006 b. Cass Co. TX d. Cass Co. TX
    • Mary Patience Echols b. 1829,GA d. 1901 Cass Co. TX  m Asa Latham
    • Sylvanus Grady Echols b. 1831, GA d. 1912 Cass Co. TX m Lucinda Barron
  • Garrett Echols b c1828 TN (1850 Morgan Co. AL census) m Jane McCarley - J Echols Taylor [jtaylor068 AT]  E-2 99701
    • Sarah S. Echols  b 1851  AL
    • Joseph Laffitte Echols b 1853 AL (1860 Crawford Co. AR census) m Laura West
      • Algie Myrtle Echols b 1880 TX
      • Albert Gordon Echols b 1881 TX
      • Fred Milam Echols b 1885 TX m Sharon Rose Glass bn 1886 TX
        • Hazel Fred Echols b 1912 TX m Willie Lorrin DuBose
      • Mattle Alphis Echols b 1887 TX
      • Vera Bell Echols b 1891 TX
      • Grace Echols b 1893 TX
      • Joseph Carlton Echols b 1897 TX
    • John J Echols b 1857 AL
    • Rutha Jane Echols b 1858 MS
    • Ellen Echols b 1861 AR


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