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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Drummond / Drum

  • William Drummond b 1620 d 1676 m Sarah Swan - Mary Drummond Brandhorst [marybran AT]
    • John Drummond b 1658 d 1732 m Mary Robertson
      • John Drummond b 1708 d c1768 m Martha Henley
        • Henley Drummond b 1762 d 1803 m Mary Boutwell Taliaferro
          • Henley F. Drummond b c1800 d c1835 m Mary F. Munro
            • Thomas Munro Drummond b 1832 d 1882 m Mary Alabana Cleveland
              • Thomas Francis Drummond b 1862 d 1931 m Ida Ross Cleveland
                • Thomas Huggins Drummond b 1892 d 1957 m Mary Agnes Brunson
                  • Thomas Francis Drummond b 1915 d 1989 m Margurite Gabel 149676
  • Capt. John Drummond b c1635 Accomack Co., VA d 10 Oct 1713 Accomack Co., VA m Patience Hill - Eleanor Rayl [erayl36 AT]
    • John Drummond b 21 Mar 1687/88 Accomack Co., VA d bef 30 Apr 1751 Accomack Co., VA m Amy Parker
      • Stephen Drummond b 1720 Accomack Co., VA d 1773 Worcester Co., MD m Elizabeth
        • Burrell Drummond b 1750 Worcester Co.,  MD d 1791 Worcester Co., MD m Naomi Selby
          • Parker Drummond b 1791 Worcester Co., MD d aft 1861 m Sarah "Sallie" Townsend
            • John Townsend Drummond b 1820 KY d 27 Jun 1888 KS m1 C, Conde m2 J. S. Wharton m3 A. E. Underwood m4 M. Gilbert
              • Elma Drummond b 1 May 1856 Rush Co., IN d 1937 Howard Co., IN m John Milton Moulder
  • Alexander Drummond m Catherine Watt in 1743 Bothkennar, Stirlingshire, Scotland - CathWatt [taluks65795 AT]
    • Alexander Drummond b 1750 Stirlingshire, Scotland m Margaret Campbell
      • Peter Drummond b 1780 Camelon, Stirlingshire, Scotland m Grace White
        • Alexander Drummond b 1812 Glasgow, Scotland m Henrietta Henry
          • George Henry Drummond b 1854 Glasgow, Scotland m Jeanie Douglas
            • Charles Frederick Drummond b 1883 Lerwick, Zetland, Scotland m Mildred Cheney
  • Johann Drum b c1725 d 1805 buried NC m Ruth Anna - BWDrum [BD814 AT]
    • John Drum Sr. b c1772 NC d c1837 m Mary Isenhour
      • David Drum b 9 Apr 1821 NC d 21 Feb 1911 m1 Martha A. Reynolds m2 Susan Marshall
        • Pinkney Durant Drum b 9 May 1853 NC d 9 Jan 1913 m Frances Ellen Caldwell
          • Durant Pinkney Drum b 20 Jun 1883 NC d 23 Oct 1972 m1 B. E. Drum m2 C. Cherry m3 B. L. Killian 134866
  • Benjamin Drummond m bef Aug 1732, Lydia Barton, b c1716/18, Prince William Co VA  - Terry Barton
  • Duncan Drummond/McGregor b 1 Nov 1742  Killin, Scotland m Catharine Mailer - grrd [grrd AT]
    • John Drummond b 11 Apr 1764 Muthill, Scotland d c1806 m Elizabeth Gardener
      • Alexander Drummond b 25 Sep 1786 Muthill, Scotland d 1865 m Helen Morrison
        • Alexander Drummond b 24 Jan 1831 Comrie, Scotland d 1910 m Emma Louisa Bullard
          • Thomas Ransome Drummond b 28 Oct 1862 Waimea West, New Zealand d 1944 m Kate Evelyn Forsyth
            • Leo Roderick Drummond b 16 Apr 1897 Stanley Brook, NZ d 1967 m Alison Edith Hilda Craig D-2 71565
          • Henry Owen Drummond b 23 Jul 1863 Riwaka, Nelson, NZ d 26 Jun 1954 Riwaka, Nelson, NZ m Eleanor Anna Maria Staines - Grant E. M. Drummond [grant.drummond AT]
            • Frederick Grant Duncan Drummond b 12 Jul 1891 Riwaka, Nelson, NZ d 17 Jul 1968 Motueka, Nelson, NZ m Olive May Duncan 187511
  • Johnston Drummond m Eliza N. Ireland - rebeldrum 
    • Joseph Drummond b 28 Aug c 1801 d 18 June 1884 Providence, RI m Catherine Caffrey
      • William Drummond b 26 July c 1850 Providence, RI d 18 Jan 1919 m Amanda Zuill
        • Thomas Francis Drummond b 29 Sept 1877 Providence, RI d 5 Oct 1918 m Matilda Kollet
          • Russell Ernest Drummond b 3 Jul 1905 Providence, RI d 25 Nov 1963 m Lily Stevens
  • Ephriam Drummond b 1764 VA d 1841 SC m Mary - Martha Drummond [markeydale AT]
    • Warren Drummond b 1796 SC d 1873 SC m2 Nancy Howell - Melissa Drummond [enterprise721 AT]
      • Pierce Drummond b 29 Sep 1859 SC d 24 Dec 1931 m Nora Arnold
        • Rufus Peyton Drummond b 16 Aug 1902 SC d 1 Mar 1977 SC m Virginia Vipond
    • Freeman Drummond b 1814 SC d 1902 AL m Nancy
      • Thomas Madison Drummond b 1839 SC d 1916 AL m Rachael Martha
        • James Perry Drummond b 1875 AL d 1964 AL m Martha Eveline


Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 



Click here to find out how to add your pedigree or contact a pedigree provider.

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