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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • William Denton, Court order 1772, Bute Co., NC purchased land 1792 Franklin Co., NC- pdenton [nojinxer AT]
    • William, d 1793 testate, m  Anna (Ann) Porch,  Franklin Co., NC
      • William, b  c1784 NC  m Betsey Stiles land owner Franklin Co., NC
        • William, d 1815 intestate (War of 1812 sickness Ft. Norfolk, VA
          • Williamson, b Mardh 1, 1813 Franklin Co., NC  m1 Mary Eliza Collier m2 Elizabeth Suzanna Holley
            • James Jefferson, b June 28, 1861 Glendale, TN, m Martha Jane Mitchell 
              • Madison Mitchell, b Dec. 4, 1891  Columbia, TN, m Mabel May Hill D-1 61496
  • Samuel Denton Jr. b c1775 Washington Co., TN m Elizabeth (Betsy) Chastain - Denton
    • Samuel Denton III b 1810 Haywood Co., NC d Polk Co., TN m Elizabeth Headen
      • John Hamilton Chastain Denton b 1840 d 27 Sept 1913 m Ann Albertine Meroney Turner
        • Charles Zachary Denton b 1868 Polk Co., TN d 28 Jun 1962 Graham Co., NC m Vienna Harwood
          • Patton Gwynn Denton b 20 Jan 1902 Graham Co., NC d 19 Aug 1986 m Bess Olga English
  • William S. Denton b c1800 Yorkshire, England d Chicago, IL m Sarah Nixon - lindino [ltownsend AT]
    • Samuel Denton b 2 May 1844 Gary, Wexford Co., Ireland d 20 Jan 1928 Randsburg, CA m Mary Minerva Lemmon
      • Christopher G. Denton b 3 Feb 1881 Pottawattamie, IA d 30 Jun 1949 Seattle, WA m A. M. Connaughton D-7 115665
  • Levi Denton b 1817 NC d 1880-90 Obion, TN or AR m Harriett - mlslabaugh [michslab AT]
    • Dempsey Denton b 1844 TN d 14 May 1862 Springfield, Sangamon, IL
    • Mary Denton b 1846 TN d bef 1880 m Christopher C. Smith
    • Joseph Denton b 25 May 1847 TN d 28 Nov 1935 MO m Margaret Verna Dudney
      • William Henry Denton b May 1878 TN m Minorie Brunson
      • Dr. Wright H. Denton b 9 Apr 1880 TN d 29 Dec 1936 m Rose Frazell
      • Fred Horton Denton b 30 May 1882 Union City, Obion, TN d Oct 1966 Little Rock, Pulaski, AR m Francis Jane Taylor
      • Lois M. Denton b 9 Apr 1884 TN d 31 Jul 1982 m Silas Nix Baker
      • Maggie V. Denton b 15 May 1887 TN d 26 Seo 1904
      • Levi Dempsey Denton, M.D. b 2 Oct 1890 Union City, Obion, TN d 20 Apr 1968 Hayti, Pemiscot, MO m Dollie Bell Long
      • Nancy Mabel Denton b Jul 1897 AR
    • Nancy C. Denton b Jun 1850 Wilson, TN d c1889-1900 Craighead, AR m James Woodford Cawthon
    • Edward Denton b 1853 TN
    • Martha Denton b 1855 TN d bef 1888 m Joseph F. Batz
    • Bettie Denton b 1862 TN m James Scott
  • Willis M. Dent b 1831 Bedford Co., VA m Eliza Catherine Harless - [besnead AT]
    • William/Willis/Will M. Dent Jr. b Jul 1861/1862 m Kate/Cathrin Thompson
      • Willie/William Thompson Dent b 1 Aug 1888 Fayette Co. m Minnie Irene Smith
        • Thompson Smith Dent b 23 May 1917 m Loine Maxine Wells 264570
  • Olie D. Denton b 1876 Polk Co., TN d 1944 Charleston, TN m Florence Hughes - Don Denton [ddenton1 AT]
    • Erb Reno Denton b 1906 Charleston, TN d 1986 Chattanooga, TN m Velma Byrd 126650
  • George Edward Denton b 1882 New York City, NY d 1944 Kansas City, KS m Katherine Brennan - boy1 [ssws4361 AT]
    • Dennis George Denton b 3 Apr 1910 Goodell, IA d 1991 Houston, TX m Mamie Fanning 154608

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