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Last updated: 16 Apr 2015

The Dawe project would like to:

  • list as many Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader (researcher) as we can identify.
  • locate descendants of each family and arrange their participation in the DNA project

Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but those families with a man representing them in the DNA Project will be identified.
Please read the Notes on Pedigrees below before submitting your pedigree.

You may also be interested in the Dawe Surname DNA Project Diary (Blog) and additional Dawe information at DNASurnames.

Participants wanted for all trees, either as initial or confirming representative.

On this page:

Earliest known ancestors so far identified, with their Line Leader (Researcher)
All welcome.

Haplogroup I1

Newfoundland Daw(e)s:

Researcher: John (who would love to know whether or not there is any connection to the Devonshire DAWEs.
Recent discoveries (see DAWE MessageBoard on GenForum) indicate that Bideford, Devon > Plymouth may be of interest.

Samuel Daw, b. circa 1696 Ship Cove, Pt de Grave, Newfoundland, Canada
└── Samuel Daw,b. circa 1730 Ship Cove, Pt de Grave, Newfoundland, Canada
     └── John Daw,b. 1756 Ship Cove, Pt de Grave, Newfoundland, Canada m. Mary Ann Butler
          ├── William Daw, c. 1780 Newfoundland, Canada  m Hannah
          │    └── Robert Dawe, c. 1813 Burnt Head, Newfoundland, Canada  m Mary Burcey
          │         └── Job Dawe, c. 1844 Burnt Head, Brigus, Newfoundland, Canada  m Ann Morgan
          │              └── Samuel Dawe, 1885 Burnt Head, Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada  m Elizabeth Bishop
          │                   └── James Dawe
          │                        └──loddydawe D-2
                └── Samuel Daw, b. 1786 Ship Cove, Pt de Grave, Newfoundland, Canada
             └── Capt Robert Dawe, b. 1818 Ship Cove, Pt de Grave, Newfoundland, Canada
                   └── Azariah  Dawe, b. 1842 Ship Cove, Pt de Grave, Newfoundland, Canada
                        └── William Fraser Dawe, b. 1890 Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada
                               └── David Arthur (John) Dawe D-1

Haplogroup R1

Devonshire Dawes:

Confirming y-DNA participant wanted from another line down from Isaac.

We have a number of FamilyFinder test results from these families - more welcome.

Isaac DAWE, miller of Lumburn Mill, Lamerton, nr Tavistock
Isaac Dawe, chr. 1769 DEV, ENG m Sarah Smith
├──Isaac Smith Dawe, chr. 1797 Lamerton, DEV, ENG m Bettsey Metters
│   └── Isaac Dawe, b. 1827 Newton Mill, DEV, ENG m Elizabeth Melloney Staddon
│        └── William Henry Dawe, b. 1858 TAS, AUS m Sarah Maria Franklin
│              └── Sydney Isaac Daw, b. 1895 TAS, AUS m Amelia Jarman
│                  └── Daw D-3
├──Nathaniel Smith Dawe, chr. 1802 Lamerton, DEV, ENG m Thomasine
│   ├── Isaac Dawe, b. circa 1826 DEV, ENG
│   └── Nathaniel Dawe, b. circa 1831 South Tawton, DEV, ENG m Catherine Watts
├──William Smith Dawe, chr. 1810 Lamerton, DEV, ENG m Mary Way
│   ├── Isaac Smith Dawe, b. circa 1836 North Tawton, DEV, ENG m Catherine Johnson
│   └── William John Daw b. 1849 Trelubis, CON, ENG m Annie Dunstan
│         ├── Isaac Daw, b. 1872 Gwavas, CON, ENG m Louisa Thomas Jeffery
│         ├── William Daw, b. 1876 Wendron, CON, ENG m Mary Louisa Tremayne
│         ├── Albert Daw, b. 1889 Wendron, CON, ENG m Sarah E Sheehan
│         └── Ernest Daw, b. 1891 Helston, CON, ENG m Eva Triggs
├── Thomas Dawe, chr. 1814 Lamerton, DEV, ENG m Elizabeth Taylor
│   ├── Isaac Dawe, b. 1852 Cockingford Mill, DEV, ENG
│   │    +Amy Follett
│   │     └── David Daw, b. circa 1882 Ashburton, DEV, ENG
│   │    +Thirza Stevens
│   │     └── Frederick Dawe, b. circa 1894 Halwell, DEV, ENG
│   ├── Robert Dawe, b. circa 1855 Lidford, DEV, ENG m Mary Elizabeth Tuckett
│   │    ├── Lewis G Dawe, b. circa 1880 Stokeingteign, DEV, ENG
│   │    ├── Nicholas T Dawe, b. circa 1884 Newton Abbot,  DEV, ENG
│   │    └── Frank Dawe, b. circa 1895 Ashburton, DEV, ENG
│   ├── David Dawe, b. 1858 Cockingford Mill, DEV, ENG m Anna Maria Nosworthy
│   │    ├── John Dawe, b. 1883 Widecombe in the Moor, DEV, ENG m Blanche Irish
│   │    ├── William Dawe, b. 1885 Widecombe in the Moor, DEV, ENG m Mabel Annie S Potter
│   │    ├── Robert Dawe, b. 1887 Widecombe in the Moor, DEV, ENG m Female UnknownSurname
│   │    └── Thomas George Daw, b. 1900 Dittisham, DEV, ENG m Catherine Maud Atwill
│   ├── William Dawe, b. circa 1842 North Tawton, DEV, ENG m Susan Ann Smerdon
│   │    ├── William Daw, b. circa 1865 DEV, ENG m Sarah Jane Way
│   │    ├── Thomas Daw, b. circa 1873 DEV, ENG m Emily Shute
│   │    └── lbert Daw, b. circa 1874 DEV, ENG m Mary Ann UnknownSurname
│   ├── Thomas Dawe, b. 1846 North Tawton, DEV, ENG m Jessie Blackmore
│   │    ├── William Dawe, b. 1870 Ivybridge, DEV, ENG m Annie Elizabeth Taylor
│   │    ├── Owen Dawe, b. 1876 Newton Abbot, DEV, ENG
│   │    ├── Horace Reginald Dawe, b. 1879 Newton Abbot, DEV, ENG m Female UnknownSurname
│   │    └── Leonard Valentine Dawe, b. 1887 Newton Abbot, DEV, ENG
│   ├── Richard Dawe, b. 1848 Lidford, DEV, ENG m Eliza Hannaford
│   │    ├── Thomas Henry Daw, b. 1874 Buckland, DEV, ENG m Beatrice Mary Rowe
│   │    ├── William Dawe, b. circa 1876 Buckland, DEV, ENG m Annie Elizabeth Taylor
│   │    ├── John H Dawe, b. circa 1879 Newton Abbot, DEV, ENG
│   │    └── Sidney Dawe, b. 1886 Newton Abbot, DEV, ENG
│   └── Nathaniel Thomas Daw, b. 1850 Lidford, DEV, ENG m Nancy Tremain French
│         ├── William Daw, b. circa 1880 Widecombe, DEV, ENG
│         ├── Thomas Daw, b. 1881 Widecombe, DEV, ENG m Unknown
│         └── Richard Daw, b. circa 1887 Widecombe, DEV, ENG
└──Richard Dawe, chr. 1819 Lifton, DEV, ENG m Emilla Ryde
     ├── Thomas Dawe, b. circa 1845 Plymstock, DEV, ENG
     ├── Richard Dawe, b. 1849 Tavistock, DEV, ENG m Flora (?Hooper)
     └── Willie Frank Bridgeman Martin Dawe, b. 1865 Launceston, CON, ENG m Charlotte Betsy Phillips
           ├── Willie Joseph Dawe, b. 1891 Dalston, LND, ENG m Florence Maud Allnutt
           ├── Reginald Dawe, b. circa 1892 ENG
           └── Francis Dawe, b. circa 1899 LND, ENG

Cornish Dawe:


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