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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Thomas Crowder, b. 1800-1810, location unknown; d. before 1850, Tennessee; m. Leacy Johnson (Johnston) Scott Williams [ShowMeMule AT]
    • James Alsup Crowder, b. 1828 Tennessee; d. 1908, Decatur County, Tenn., m Serena Effei Rains.
      • John Tom Crowder, b. 20 Mar 1859, Decatur County, Tennessee; d. 26 Oct. 1939. m Mary Caroline Lewis. 311044
  • Oliver Crowder, b c 1831 VA, d. 1905 TN m Amanda Baxter b c 1842 TN - R. A. Crowder [b_simnio AT]
    • Marshall Oliver Crowder b c 1867 MS m 23 Sept 1892 Ellen Daniels b c 1875 TN
      • Albert Arnell Crowder b 7 June 1896 TN d 20 Feb 1978 TN m 26 May 1917 Martha Ella Beshires b 18 Jan 1898 TN d 11 March 1978 TN
        • Wesley Arnell Crowder b 21 July 1918 TN d 1 March 1986 TN m 3 Dec 1940 Ruby Nelson b 11 July 1924 TN d 9 Sept 2009 TN 255208
  • Anderson Scott Crowder, b 9 Jan 1834 Guilford Co NC d 11 May 1880 Grant Co KY m Priscilla Simpson C-2 67163 
    •   William R Crowder, b 15 Jul 1856 KY d 27 Aug 1919 KY m Amanda Leach
      • Anderson Simpson Crowder, b 1877 KY d 1950 Kenton Co KY m Cora Bell
      • Priscilla E. Crowder, b c1879 KY d 1958 m James Reed
      • Enoch Crowder, b c1880 KY d 1902
      • Margaret J. Crowder, b 1882 KY d 1952 m Adam Rider
      • Polina Crowder, b 1888 KY m Thornberry Brown
      • Henry Crowder, b 1889 KY d 1963 m Tinnie Brooks
      • William R. Crowder, b 1894 KY d 1964 m Maggie Eversol
      • Joseph Alford Crowder, b 1896 KY d 1918 in WWI
      • Mary S. Crowder, b 1897 KY d 1898 KY
    • Mary E. Crowder, b 13 Apr 1859 Pendleton Co KY d before 1870
    • John James Crowder, b 23 Apr 1861 KY d 1 Oct 1947 Jefferson Co KY m Augusta V. Woodworth
      • John Louis Crowder, b 1882 KY d 1972 Pendleton Co KY m Vestine Tarvin
        • Hazel Cleo Crowder b 10 Feb 1905 KY d 26 Dec 1989 Bethel, OH m Clarence Abrams
        • Edna Vivian Crowder b 24 Nov 1906 KY d 11 May 2001 Newport, KY m Clifford Arthur Benedict
        • Raymond Charles Crowder b 1909 KY d 19 Nov 1991 California, KY
        • Mildred Thelma Crowder b 17 Sep 1913 KY d 28 Sep 1991 Alexandria, KY m1 Adam Weber m2 James Parker
        • David Earl Crowder b 10 Nov 1915 Carthage, KY d 13 Mar 1993 Carthage, KY m Josie
        • Helen Delores Crowder b 1920 OH d 22 Feb 1995 Highland Heights, KY m Malcolm Thornton
      • William E. Crowder, b 18 Sep 1885 KY d 23 May 1986 Brown Co OH m Luella Carter
      •  Nora Crowder, b 1889 KY d 1962 Kenton Co KY m Joseph Glindmeyer
      • Arthur M. Crowder, b 1891 KY d 1978 Campbell Co KY m Lucy Bhymer
      • Homer E. Crowder, b 1896 KY d 1985 Warren Co OH m Myrtle May Donovan m Dora Straub
      • Oren D. Crowder, b 1898 KY d 1989 Clermont Co OH m Frances Mae
      • Hattie E. Crowder, b 1902 KY d 1988 Boone Co KY m Roy Dixon
    • David L. Crowder, b 1866 d 1933
    • Susan E. Crowder, b 1868 Pendleton Co KY d 1921 Pendleton Co Ky m William E. Meyer
    • Sarah Ann Crowder, b 1870 Grant Co KY d 1880 Jefferson Co KY
    • Matilda J. Crowder, b 1872 Grant Co KY m George Laycock
    • Hattie E. Crowder, b 1873 Grant Co KY d 1921 Fleming Co KY m James Michael Tomlin
    • Anderson Scott Crowder Jr, b 1877 d 1895
    • Alonzo H. Crowder, b 1880 d 1927 Grant Co KY m Susie


Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Sterling Crowder  b. c1759 VA, d. 18 Jan 1834 Jessamine, KY m1 Martha Stovall m2 Mary Jemima Bowdry - Arnspiger [jarnspiger AT]
    • Susanna Crowder  b. c1781 VA m George William Downs Jr. 
      • Malinda S. Downs  b. 1807 Jessamine, KY, d. 1882 Fayette, KY
    • Burell Crowder  b. c1783 VA, d. circa 1821 Allen, KY m Sally Dry
    • Martha Crowder  b. c1785 VA m Samuel Huckstep 
    • Elizabeth Crowder  b. 20 Dec 1787 KY, d. 21 Feb 1871 m James Dickerson
    • Eudicia Crowder  b. c1789 Jessamine, KY m George Merman
    • Celia Crowder  b. c1795 Jessamine, KY m James Gett 
    • Currence Crowder  b. c1797 Jessamine, KY, d. 4 Aug 1853  Allen, KY m Mariah Barlow 
    • Samuel Crowder  b. c1799 Jessamine, KY m America Lawson Barlow 
  • Edward Crowder b c1812, Lunenburg Co., Va. m Mary S. Vaughan - sandisadie [lsmith5071 AT]
    • Joseph S. Crowder, b Aug 1854, Lunenburg Co., Va. m Matilda Elizabeth Daniel
      • Mary S. Crowder b Jul 1884, Nottoway Co., Va. m John D. Brame
      • Lilly J. Crowder b Apr 1887, Nottoway Co., Va.
      • Frances E. Crowder, b Jun 1888, Nottoway Co., Va m Charles R. Williams
      • Lelia V. Crowder, b Jun 1890, Nottoway Co., Va.
      • Mattie Ella Crowder, b Jul 1892, Nottoway Co., Va. m Willard J. Gunn
      • Jessie V. Crowder, b Oct 1893, Nottoway Co., Va., m Samuel M. Webster
      • Annie M. Crowder, b Mar 1895, Nottoway Co., Va., m Harry R. Gunn
      • Mabel E. (Susan) Crowder, b May 1897, Nottoway Co., Va. m Wilbur C. Legge
      • George C. Crowder, Dec 1899, Nottoway Co., Va. m Carrie L. Moore
    • Sallie Petro Crowder, b Aug 1856, Lunenburg Co., Va. m Peter Daniel of Brunswick Co., Va.
    • George Washington Crowder, b Oct 1860, Lunenburg Co., Va.
    • Silas Shelbourne Crowder, b Jul 1864, Lunenburg Co., Va. m Viola Snyder and Ada D. David



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