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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)



Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.

  • George Crenshawe De Halifax b c 1507 - Randle Wayne Crenshaw []
    • John Cranshawe, Sr. b 1547, Yorkshire, England d 1590, St. Dunstan in the West, London, Eng.
      • John Cranshawe b 1585, Titsey, Surrey, England d 1625 St. Dunstan in the West, London, Eng. m
        • John “Granger” Cranshaw, Sr. b 1620, Wandsworth, Titsey, Surreyshire, Eng. d 1693, King&Queen,VA
          • Thomas Joseph “Granger” Crenshaw, b 1669, King&Queen, VA d aft. 1704, King William, VA m Elizabeth
            • Joseph Crenshaw b 1 July 1697 Cumberland Parrish, Lunenburg Co., VA d l4 Sep 1758, Fort Duquesne, (Pittsburg) PA m Sarah McAllister
              • William Thomas Crenshaw b 1729, Lunenburg Co., VA d bef. 1806, Warren Co., GA m Sarah Hight
                • Paschal B. Crenshaw b 1795, Warren Co., GA d 4 June 1857, Page, Warren Co., GA m Margaret Springer
                  • William Thomas Crenshaw III b l8l7, Warren Co., GA d l852, Lincoln Co., TN m Esther Wright
                    • Pasqual Sullivan Crenshaw b 9 June 1843, Lincoln Co., TN d 3 Feb l889, Alma, Crawford Co., AR m Minerva McGee
                      • James Benjamin Thurston Crenshaw b 8 Oct 1879, Roseville, Lincoln Co., TN d 8 May 1972, Dinuba, Tulare Co., CA m Maude Melvina Straily 272393
  • John Cranshawe and Greelye Leigh - Dave Crenshaw [dccrens AT]
    • John 'Granger' Cranshaw Sr. b 1 Sep 1620 Wandsworth, Titsey, Surreyshire, England d aft 1693 King and Queen, VA
      • Thomas Joseph 'Granger' Crenshaw b 1669 King and Queen, VA d aft 1704 King William, VA m Elizabeth
        • Joseph Crenshaw Sr. b 1 Jul 1697 Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg, VA d 14 Sep 1758 Fort Duquesne (Pittsburg), PA m Sarah McAllister
          • Joseph Crenshaw Jr. b c1725 VA d bef 3 May 1792 Hanover Co., VA m Martha Trice
            • William Crenshaw Sr. b 1747 d bef 11 Jan 1787 Hanover Co., VA m Jane Graves
              • William Crenshaw Jr. b 1773 Goochland, VA m Nansie Fretwell
                • Meredith Graves Crenshaw b 1804 Albermarle, VA d bef 1860 m D. L. Crenshaw
                  • Meredith Sanford Crenshaw Sr. b 30 Jan 1828 Houston Co., GA d 11 May 1862 Corinth, Adams, MS m Elizabeth "Eliza" Buff
                    • Andrew Sherel Crenshaw b 6 Jan 1860 Brush Creek, Perry, AL d 9 Apr 1889 m Dora Alacia Lee McMurphy
                      • David Clayton Crenshaw b 13 Dec 1887 Tift Co., GA d 31 Dec 1967 Jacksonville, FL m Flora Catherine Mathews
                        • Horace David 'Tiny' Crenshaw b 14 Sep 1919 Ty Ty, Tift Co., GA d 17 Jan Polk Co., FL m Addie Genevieve Overstreet  283360
  • Thomas Crenshaw, b 1647 d. 1703 King William Co. VA - Odell [wcrenshaw09 AT]
    • Joseph Crenshaw, b. 1697 killed FT. Duquense, VA d. 09-24-1758, m. Sarah McAllister
      • William Crenshaw, Lunenbury, VA b. (1745-1750)  m1)Molley Haney m2 Sarah Hight
        • Benjamin Crenshaw, b.1770 VA, m Mary "Polly" Hight
          • Joseph Crenshaw, Warren County GA b 05-04-1816, m. Elizabeth Jarrett
            • Howell Hight Crenshaw,  Warren County, GA b. 03-20-1853, m. Fannie Jane Pittman
              • Oscar Dewey Crenshaw, b. 01-27-1900 Dodge County GA,  m. Minnie Jewel Baker C-1 53689
  •  William Crenshaw b c1725 VA d 1799 Louisa Co., VA m Susannah Carr - Annie Crenshaw [anniecrenshaw AT]
    • Charles Crenshaw b 1748/49 VA d 1814 Newberry District, SC m Eunice White
      • Anderson Crenshaw b 1783 VA d 1847 Butler Co., AL m Mary Chiles
        • Frederick William Crenshaw b 1824 Butler Co., AL d 1902 Butler Co., AL m Elmira Caroline Womack
          • Thaddeus Henry Crenshaw b 1862 Butler Co., AL d 1911 Butler Co., AL m Anne Hadden Calvin
            • Thaddeus Henry Crenshaw II b 1887 Butler Co., AL d 1964 Butler Co., AL m Martha Cordelia Dominick 170596
  • Paschal Crenshaw b c1795/97 GA d 1857 Lincoln Co., TN m Margaret Springer - Johnnie D. Crenshaw [jndlcrensh AT]
    • William T. Crenshaw b 1817 GA m Easter (Esther) H. Wright
      • Paschcal S. Crenshaw b 1843 Lincoln Co., TN d 1889 AR m Minerva Jane McGee
        • John William Crenshaw b 20 Jun 1874 Lincoln Co., TN d 22 Jul 1958 Los Angeles, CA m Flora Ella Hicks
          • Thomas P. Crenshaw b 7 Sep 1907 Beaver Co., OK d 7 Feb 1982 Raton, NM m Irene Page N100718



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.


  • Nathaniel Crenshaw b 1792 VA m Sophia Lenderman - soarsister [dichotomy2u AT]
    • Henry J. Crenshaw b 1814 SC d 1889 Grapeland, TX m Ulala Mahala Harmon
      • Alonzo Jackson Crenshaw b 3 Oct 1862 Bentonville, AR d 22 Dec 1947 Glen Cove, TX m Marhta Frances Strother
        • William Jackson Crenshaw b 19 Jun 1889 Grapeland, TX d 2 Oct 1980 Aransas Pass, TX m Etha Bert Wood 84237
  • Benjamin O. Crenshaw b. c1820, VA m. Mary Elizabeth Gunn - jcobc [jcobc AT]
    • Martha Ann Crenshaw b. 1847, KY m. Commodore Amplias Timmons
      • Claiborn Lilburn Timmons b. 1875, KY m. Allie Tempie Thomas
        • Agnes Ione Timmons b. 1908, TX m. Herman Julius Rondot
  • William A Crenshaw b 1833 Lunenburg Co., VA m Rebecca P. Wallace - debsnet
    • Harriett b 1851 Lunenburg Co., VA
    • George E. Crenshaw b 1854 Lunenburg Co., VA m Martha S. Clark
      • Oscar b 1884 Lunenburg Co., VA
      • Herbert J. Crenshaw b 1885 Lunenburg Co., VA m Lucy A. Currin
      • Grace b 1885 Lunenburg Co., VA
      • Rebecca b 1887 Lunenburg Co., VA
      • William b 1890 Lunenburg Co., VA
      • Thomas Otis b 1894 Lunenburg Co., VA
      • Lynda G. b 1896 Lunenburg Co., VA
      • Susie F. b 1898 Lunenburg Co., VA
    • Martha T. b 1856 Lunenburg Co., VA
    • Ada C. b 1858 Lunenburg Co., VA
    • David b 1861 Lunenburg Co., VA
    • Rebecca b 1865 Lunenburg Co., VA
  • Mary Frances Crenshaw b. 1854 AR, m. Isaac John Allen Warford - Barbara Griffith [griffith7632 AT]
    • James Alonzo b. 1876 m. Josie Ray
      • Isaac Joe b. 1900 m. Venita Pinnell

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