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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • John Crandall b 1609-1612 Monmouthshire, England m Mary Opp - David Carlisle [davidcar96 AT]
    • Joseph Crandall b c1661 Newport, RI m Deborah Burdick
      • John Crandall b c1682 Newport, RI m1 Mrs. Mary Crandall m2 Hannah
        • John Crandall b c1710 Hopkinton, RI m Mary Crandall
          • Nathan Crandall b c1737 Hopkinton, RI m Bathsheba Pierce
            • Pardon Crandall b 8 Jan 1761 Hopkinton, RI m Susannah Wells
              • David Crandall b 1792 Washington Co., NY m Margaret McBride
                • Myron Nathan Crandall b 17 Aug 1818 York, Genesee Co., NY 174435
                • Spicer Wells Crandall b 31 Dec 1822 prob York, Genesee Co., NY 188003
        • Elijah Crandall b 17 Sep 1734 Hopkinton, RI m Mary Auchmuty
          • Oliver Crandall b 29 Jul 1759 Hopkinton, RI m Patience Nichols
            • Beriah Crandall b 14 May 1782 Richmond, RI m Mary Clark
              • David Crandall b 9 Jul 1817 Stonington, CT m Elizabeth Hartley Gove N54219
      • Joseph Crandall b 1684 Westerly, RI m Ann Langworthy
        • Simeon Crandall b 1724 Westerly, RI m Mary Anna Sweet
          • Caleb Crandall b 1747 Westerly, RI m Patience Potter
            • Benjamin Crandall b 1769 Charlestown, RI m Margaret (Peggy) Franklin
              • Stephen Franklin Crandall b 1803 New Shoreham, RI m Susan Perry Kenyon 198942
      • Peter Crandall b c1685 Newport, Newport, RI m Susannah Tefft
        • Samuel Crandall b 1707 North Kingston, Washington, RI m Mary
          • Laban Crandall b c1729 North East, Dutchess, NY m Molly Seein
            • Laban Benjamin Crandall b c1771 Pine Planes, Dutchess, NY m Betsey Cook
              • Albert Joseph Crandell b 21 Jul 1801 North East, Dutchess, NY m Rachel Rebecca Cole 226615
  • William Crandall m Jane Merhurst 1759 Tonbridge, Kent, England - Carolene Norgate-Crandall [c.norgate AT]
    • William Crandall b 1763 Leigh, Kent, England m Elizabeth Streatfield
      • William Crandall b 1792 Leigh, Kent, England m Sarah Pearne
        • William Crandall b c1834 Maidstone, Kent, England m Caroline Sadler
          • William Richard Crandall b 1875 Leigh, Kent, England m Mary McElwain in New Zealand 157366
  • Samuel Alvah Crandall b 7 May 1802 NY m Adah Goodrich - Gary Robert Crandall [garycrandall AT]
    • Tyrannus Holden Crandall b 13 Jul 1825 NY m Clarice Common
      • Alpha Robert Crandall b 5 Aug 1852 McKean Co., PA m Jane Jones
        • Arthur Robert Crandall b 23 Sep 1887 Sanborn Co., SD m Juno Deming 210347

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