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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)



Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

  • Isaac Collier b 1606 England m Mary Sarah Lockey - Elaine Neal [elaine AT]
    • Charles Collier b 1653 England m Judith Myhill
      • Isaac Collier b 1704 York Co., VA m Ann Vines
        • Vines Collier b 1735 York Co., VA m Sarah E. Williamson
          • John Collier b 1767 Brunswick Co., VA m Patsey Gresham
            • Thomas W. Collier b 1802 Oglethorpe Co., GA m Priscilla Benton
              • Robert Augustus Collier b 29 Mar 1836 Troup Co., GA m Mary Jane Browning
                • William Augustus Collier b 15 Sep 1861 Coosa Co., AL m Mary Etta Browning
                  • Joseph Taylor Collier b 24 May 1896 Clay Co., AL m Lorena Lewis 79580
          • Williamson Collier b 1781 Brunswick Co., VA m Mary Ann Garland Power - [rocker AT]
            • Robert Terrell Collier b 1836 Upson Co., GA m Francis Ann Shattles
              • Absalom Terrell Collier b 1874 Upson Co., GA m Eudora Belle Stewart
                • Alton Terrell Collier b 1896 Upshur Co., TX m Tommie Inez Walker N92519
  • Stephen Collier (Coller/Collyer/Colyer) b 1728/29 d 12 Apr 1804 New Hartford, CT m Sarah - S. Garbarini [dsagarbarini AT]
    • John Collier Sr. b 15 Feb 1763 New Hartford, CT d 15 Oct Burlington, CT m Sophia Hills
      • John Collier Jr. b 1790-1795 CT d 1822 -1830 Burlington, CT m Mehitable Butler
        • Edwin Collier b 1821/22 Burlington/Bristol, CT d 14 May 1897 New Haven, CT m Maria French
          • Julia Eliza Collier b 1844 c New Haven, CT d aft 1887 m Luther Gilbert Tufts
          • Maria Sarah Collier b 1846 c New Haven, CT d 1929 New Haven, CT m1 George Frederick Reynolds m2 Millard Franklin Phelan
          • Edwin B. Collier b 25 Mar 1849 New Haven, CT d aft 1909 m Phoebe
          • George William Collier b 10 Apr 1851 New Haven, CT d 8 Jun 1918 West Haven, CT m Ursula Jane Clifford
          • Thomas Benjamin Collier b 17 Apr 1853 Woodbridge, CT d 15 Apr 1946 West Haven, CT m1 Emma Thompson m2 Jennie Thompson
          • Joseph H. Collier b 24 Mar 1857 Woodbridge, CT d aft 1909 m Nellie Frances Chapin
          • Harriet E. Collier b 15 Jul 1859 Woodbridge, CT d 19 Jun 1933 New Haven, CT m1 John Henry Fields m2 Robert H. Herzog m3 Frank D. Whitman
          • Lillian E. Collier b 1862 New Haven, CT d 5 Jan 1925 New Haven, CT m William F. Noonan 202834
  • Collier b. 1781, m. Elizabeth Pea, d. 1854, Schuylkill Co., PA - [bcollier88 AT]
    • Collier, b. 1806 Dauphin Co., PA, m. Anna Marie Floyd. d. 1870, Stephenson Co., IL
      • Collier, b. 1845 Dauphine Co., PA, m. Caroline Brechner, d. 1912, Sherman Co., KS
        • Collier, b. 1870 Bremer Co., IA, m. Adeline Hamacher, d. 1938 Osborne Co., KS
          • Collier, b. 1901 Osborne Co., KS, m. Eula Taylor, d. 1947, Jewell Co., KS C-6 N20825
  • John Collier Sr. B 1816 GA ,d 24 Jun 1896 FL, m1 Caroline Hall m2 Mary L Conyer m3 Nancy A S Jacobs - Bryant Collier [bryantlcollier AT]
    • William Green Collier, b. 20 Jun 1843, Dooley County,  GA, m. Mary Ann Wiggins
    • Calvin C. Collier, b. 22 Feb 1842, Dooly County, GA, m1.  Katie Parnell m2 Ollie Prescott, m3 Beulah Indiana Whidden
    • Nancy Collier, b. 1843, GA
    • Mary Elizabeth Collier, b. 1846, GA; m. Samuel Green
    • Irene Collier b. 1847, Fl5; m. Richmond R Crews
    • John Collier, Jr., b. 22 Jun 1848, FL,  m1. Sarah Lewis, m2 Mattie Kemp, m3 Letitia Guess
    • Sarah Collier, b. 1849, FL.
    • Catherine Collier, b. 20 Apr 1853, FL.
    • Henry C. Collier, b. 25 Dec 1855, FL,  m. Texas Ann Gillespie
    • James B. Collier, b. 1857, FL.
    • George M. Collier, b. 18 Mar 1859, Lafayette, FL; m. Susan North
    • Wiley Bryant Collier, b. 18 Jun 1860, Lafayette County, FL, m. Jane E. Whidden
    • Ellen Collier, b. 18 Jan 1862, FL, m. Alexander Crawford
    • Pleasant Ernest Collier, Sr., b. 22 Jul 1864, FL, m. Rachel Mahalia Jacobs
    • Alice Collier b. 01 Aug 1870
    • Isabelle Collier, b. 1872, FL; m. Joseph Hall
    • Martha Collier, b. 28 May 1874.
    • Calvin Perry Collier, b. 31 Jan 1884, Avon Park, Highlands County, FL; m. Laura Upthegrove
    • Dora Lee Collier, b. 03 Sep 1887 m. Henry Hall
    • Berry Henry Collier, Sr., b. 03 Mar 1888, Avon Park, Highlands County, FL, m. Isabella Douglas C-8 71219
  • William T. Collier b c1820 SC m Matilda Beddingfield - Shirley Collier Smith [scs5034 AT]
    • Pinkney Burrom Collier b Sep 1852 MS m Mary Agnes " Mollie" Ingle
      • Thomas Lynn Collier b May 1895 Meridian, MS m Ethel Goss 67536
  • Thomas Collier b 1842 England d 1905 Keokuk, IA m Hettie E. "Lulu" Teal - Gregg Garrison [gsgarrison AT] 108872
  • John Woodford Collier b 18 Dec 1851 IN d 23 Jun 1920 Monroe, IN - uncleal [unclealtkp AT]
    • Charles A. Collier b Dec 1893 Monroe, IN d 1955 Johnson, IN 114259



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Thomas Collier b. c1576, England, d. 1647 Hingham MA, m Susannah - wadecollier [wade_collier AT]
    • Lt. Thomas Collier, b. c1622, Enland, d. 1691, Hull, MA, m Jane Curtis
      • Lt. Gershom Collier, b. c1674, Hull, MA, d. 1753, Hull, MA m Elizabeth Poole
        • Thomas Collier, b. 1705/06, Hull, MA d. 1784, Chesterfield, MA, m Bridget Southworth
          • Gershom Collier, b. 1738, Scituate, MA, d. 1822, Northport, ME, m Abigail Nash
            • Ephraim Bosworth Collier, b. 1748, Scituate, MA d. bef Jan 1788, Boston, MA m Ann House
  • John G. Collier b: September 25, 1797 Orange, NC - Collier [thurlane2 AT]
    • Frances Charles Collier   b: August 12, 1826 NC
      • Joseph Franklin Collier   b: January 17, 1885 Izard Co. AR   

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