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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Thomas Christopher b. c1758 NC d. c1840 Union Washington MO - FrancesKay [fran_1122 AT]
    • William David Christopher b. 1787 NC d. 1872 St Francois MO m Mary Polly Williams
      • James Christopher b. Mar 4 1832 MO d. Dec 12 1905 Pendleton Doe Run MO m Elizabeth Wineow
        • William H Christopher b. Apr 1856 MO d. Oct 3 1933 St Louis MO m Mary Jane Matthews
          • William Christopher b. Feb 5 1900 MO d. Aug 1972 New Orleans LA m Mary Margaret DeMartini  101171
  • Unknown Christopher  b. 17xx MD - Elaine Pavone [thepavones AT]
    • William Christopher, b: May 1, 1805 Greene County, PA, m. Permelia Grove 
      • William Cottral Christopher, b: 12 Oct 1834 Greene County, PA; m. Mary Worthington
        • Columbus Christopher, b: 17 Mar 1857 Greene County, PA; m. Margaret F. (Maggie) Price
          • Vern Elber Christopher; b: 7 Aug 1897 Donishan?, NE, m. Janet Fannie Benedict C-4 58388
  • John Christopher b 1789 Abbeyside, County Waterford, Ireland - m Mary McGrath - Anthony Christopher [anthony.k.christopher AT]
    • John Kennedy Christopher b 1814 Waterford, Ireland.m Ellen Morrissey
      • James Morrissey Christopher b1869 The Square, Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland. – m Mary Swift
        • Gerald Fitzgerald Christopher b 1894 Blackburn, Lancashire, England. – m Jessica Ferguson of Fife Scotland. C-6 73973
  • William Christopher b 1767 m. 1796 Portsmouth, NH, Mercy (Jackson) Green, d. d1814. - cyz84 [davidchristopher AT]
    • Collins Jackson Christopher, b. 1798, Portsmouth, NH. d. c1840, NB Canada
      • Charles Christopher b 1822  d 1883  Albert Co, New Brunswick
        • Capt. John James Christopher  b 1863  d 1944  Albert Co, New Brunswick
          • Fred Luther Christopher b 1907 d 1975 New Brunswick C-8 80774
  • William P. Christopher b.1796 Orange County, NC - jimwuzfuz [jimwuzfuz AT]
    • Phillip Perry Christopher b. 11/30/1843 in Marietta, GA
      • James Robert Christopher b. 10/27/1874 in Alexandria, AL
        • Thomas Youl Christopher b. 01/06/1901 In Alexandria, AL C-9 100889
  • Patrick Christopher, 1801, Waterford, Mary Fitzgerald - Laurie Caron Pasher [lpasher AT]
    • Thomas Christopher, 26 Mar 1838, Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Catherine Sullivan
      • Anna Celina Christopher, 03 Mar 1884, Osgoode Township, Russell, Ontario, Canada, (not married – mistress of John Currie Emo)
        • ​Catherine Cecilia Christopher (AKA Kathleen Christopher), 03 Aug 1909, South Gloucester, Carleton, Ontario, Canada, Edgar Adelard Caron 318200
  • Unknown Christopher - jeparlefrancais [mtdoc51 AT]
    • Garrett Christopher b c1820 d 1880 m Mary Foley
    • Mary Christopher b c1822 m Maurice McGuire
    • James Christopher b c1824 d 1880 m Ellen Power
    • Michael Christopher b c1830 d 1881 m Mgt Power
    • Honora Christopher b c1834/37 d 1904 m James Donovan 143642
  • William Glen Christopher Sr b. 1813 VA  d. 1892 AL m. Susan Hardy- adm Bette Christopher-Pena [bettepena AT]
    • Allison Lewis Christopher b. 1867 GA  d. 1945 AL  m. Sarah Rich
    • Charles Rich Christopher b. 191 AL d. 2010 AL m. Iris Baugh  476363
  • George Ambus Christopher, b 1822 Abbeville, SC, m Jane Adeline Mathews- Bette Christopher-Pena [bettepena AT]
    • James Dubose Christopher, b 1846 SC, m Mary Lou Bullard.
      • Walter William Christopher, b 1881 TX, m Rebecca Jane Shuptrine
        • Horace Walter Christopher Sr. m Madelyn Jane Christopher  315517
      • George Elijah Christopher Sr. m (Jane Shuptrine's sister) Mary Elizabeth Shuptrine
  • George Ambus Christopher, b 1822 SC, m Jane Adeline Mathews  - David Michael Christopher [chrstdvd AT]
  • James Dubose Christopher, b 1846 SC, m Mary Lou Bullard.
  • Walter William Christopher, b 1881 TX, m Rebecca Jane Shuptrine 450060
  • John Christopher d 1879, Dorchester County, MD, m Susan Jane Mills - mchristopher [mikeanddeb98 AT]
    • John William Christopher, b 5/21/1875 Dorchester County, MD, m Myrtle Flora Cook
      • Aubrey William Christopher, b 9/2/1906 Dorchester County, MD, m Magdeline Elizabeth Travers C-3 54303

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Ole Chistopherson m Anna Anderson b 20 Dec 1829 Norway - cindiras
    • Mariah Christopherson b 1865  Green Co., WI

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