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  • Nicolas Chesnay dit Lagarenne, b c1599 France, m Catherine LaRingue, France - Ron Chenier [ronchenier AT]
    • Bertrand Chesnay b 1622 St.Brieux D'Yffiniac, Bretagne, France, m Elisabeth Aubert, Quebec, Canada
      • Jean-Baptiste Chesnay b 1682 Chateau-Richer, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada m Elisabeth Boucher, Quebec, Canada
        • Charles Chenay b 1712 St.Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada, m Genevieve Dumats, Quebec, Canada
          • Charles Etienne Chenay b 1737 St.Antoine de Tilly, Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada, m Louise Croteau, Quebec, Canada
            • Joseph Chene b 1781 Ile Jesus, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, m Louise Groulx, Quebec, Canada
              • François Chene b 1813 St.Benoit, Lac des Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada, m Angelique Lalande, Quebec, Canada
                • Isidore Chenier b 1858 Wendover, Prescott-Russell, Ontario, Canada, m Angeline Coursol, Quebec, Canada
                  • Achille Chenier b 1883 Bouchette,Gatineau, Quebec Canada, m Fidelia Clusiau, Quebec, Canada
                    • Albert Chenier b 1912 Hull, gatineau, Quebec, Canada, m Violet Smith, Ontario, Canada
                      • Ron Chenier b 1943 Timmins, Cochrane, Ontario, Canada, m Linda Vivienne Abbott, Leicester, England C-2
  • Pierre Chenet dit Dubreuil Sr. b 1646 France m Louise (Jeanne) Doucet - Joe Chenette [chenette AT]
    • Pierre Chenet/Chesnet/Chenest/Chienet Dit Dubreuil b 1692 Port Royal, Acadia m Marie-Ann (Jean) Denis
      • Joseph Chenet, b bet. 1706-1724 Pisiquit, Acadia or France, m Isabelle Thibodeau
        • Alexis Chenet/Chenay/Chenais/Chenete, b bet. 1742-1744 Pisiquit, Acadia, m Marguerite Breau/Brau/Bro/Brot/Brault
          • Joseph Chenette/Chenete/Chenet, b April 29, 1778 St. Antoine, QC, m Françoise Gaudet
            • Joseph Chenet, b July 5, 1802 St. Jude, QC, m Marie-Louise-Adelaide Courtemanche
              • Joseph Chenet, b August 23, 1831 St. Jude, QC, m Marceline Coutu
                • Joseph Alfred Zenon Chenet/Chenete/Chenette, b Sept 1, 1871 Lanoraie, QC, m Amanda Pruneau
                  • Joseph Cleophas Chenette, b April 26, 1901 Woonsocket, RI, m Catherine Bernadine Dobis C-1
  • William A. Chesney b 1780 Union Dist., SC m Mourning Hewett - Shirley Chesney Houston [max1942 AT]
    • A. P. Chesney b c1830 Perry Co., AL m Eliza Ann Herring
      • James Henry Chesney b 1858 Lauderdale Co., MS m Martha Catharine Moore 177204


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