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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Thomas James Cartwright I b 1744, Williamsburg VA, m Mary Sophia Cromwell (?) - Phil Roberts [philroberts AT]
    • Thomas James Cartwright II, b c1768, Long Island Bahamas, m Mary Ann Major (?)
      • William Duncan Cartwright, b c1790, Long Is Bah, m Mary Newman
        • Archibald Alexander Cartwright, b c1831, Long Is Bah, m Elizabeth Ann Beckford
          • Archibald Cleghorn Cartwright, b 1869, Long Is Bah, m Mary Jane Eliza Knowles
            • Charles Lockhart Cartwright, b 1894, Long Is Bah, m Rachel Saphira Darville C-1 33458
  • Vincent Cartwright b c1782 Pasquatank Co., NC m Theney Koen - Pat Cartwright Garver [Starpat AT]
    • Nelson Cartwright b 6 May 1804 Davidson Co., Tn m Adeline Cook Stovall
      • Marcus Edna Cartwright b 3 Apr 1838 Elton, Todd Co., KY m Angeline Catherine Page
        • Thomas Farley Cartwright b 2 Apr 1869 Gordonville, Logan Co., KY m Mary Virginia Omer 193080

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Hugh Cartwright b 1485 England m Maude Cove - suzhof11 [suzhof11 AT]
    • Edmond Cartwright b 1512 England m Agnes Cranmer
      • George Cartwright b 1535 England m Dorothy Mollineaux Dabrid
        • William Cartwright b 1560 England m Grace Dabridgecourt
          • John Cartwright b 1602 Engalnd m Janneke Lawrence
            • Matthew Cartwright b 23 Oct 1634 m Sarah D. Miller
              • Peter Cartwright b 1687 m Judith Slye
                • Matthew Cartwright b 1729 m Terresia
                  • Peter Cartwright Sr. b 1748 m Christiana Garvin
                    • Rev. Peter Cartwright Jr. b 1 Sep 1785 m Frances Gaines
  • Hezekiah Cartwright b. 1761 MD d. 1818 TN - Patricia Sullivan Foster [pfparadise AT]
    • Benegah Cartwright b. c1800 Carolinas d c1849 TN
      • Thomas M. Cartwright b 1827 TN d 1895 TN
        • George Henry Cartwright b. 1863 TN d 1932 TN
          • Eula Kate Cartwright b. 1888 TN d 1975 TN
  • Joshua Cartwright b c1770, d aft 1840 Columbuc County - Robert Carterette [rcarteret AT]
    • Thomas Cartwright, b 1793 Brunswick County NC, d aft 1860 Columbus County 
      • John Calvin Cartrette/Cartwright,b 1832 Columbus County NC
        • Haynes Pinckney Cartrette/Cartwright, b 1858 Columbus County NC
          • John Calvin Carterette, b 1898
  • Abner Cartwright d. Cumberland Co., NJ. (this generation not proven yet) - Raymond C. Lantz [rclantz AT]
    • Cyrus Cartwright b. c1750 NJ? d. 1822-24 Centre Co., PA m. Rebecca Jones
      • Samuel Cartwright b. 1789 Berks Co., PA m. Catharine Murritts
        • James Cartwright b. 1838 Huntingdon Co., PA m. Margaret "Bessie" E. Gunnett
          • Bessie May Cartwright b. 1888 Oreminea, PA m. Elbridge Garfield Lantz
            • Clyde Raymond Lantz b. 1904 Pittsburgh, PA.m. Catherine Wilnora Good
  • Nelson Cartwright b 1813 Rensselaer Co., NY m Elizabeth Winsor - Carrie Bergquist [cberg625 AT]
    • Philander Cartwright b 1839 Scio, Allegany Co., NY m Sarah E. Carman
      • Wesley H. Cartwright b 1870 Poynette, Columbia Co., WI
  • George Henry Cartwright b 1824 d 1898 - pcartwright [bouquetofcandies AT]
    • George Washington Cartwright b 1856 d 1917
      • Charles Walter Cartwright b 1889 d 1919
        • Charles Francis Cartwright b 1913 d 1962     

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