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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 


  • Jehue Burre b c1600 England d c1670 Fairfield, CT - Priscilla Burr Smith [pamsmith AT]
    • Nathaniel Burr b 1640 Springfield, MA d 1711 Fairfield, CT m Sarah Ward
      • John Burr b 1673 Fairfield, CT d 1750 m Deborah Barlow
        • John Burr b 1698 d 1752
          • Justus Burr b 1734 Bridgeport, CT d 1766 Fairfield, CT m Hepsibah Nichols
            • Elijah Burr of Bridgeport, CT m Deborah
              • William Burr of Fairfield, CT m Anna Hubbell
                • George Burr b 1824 d 1858 NY m Marion Foote Scovill
                  • William Hubert Burr b 1851 Waterwon, CT d 1934 New York City m Caroline Kent Seelye
                    • George Lindsey Burr b 1889 Phoenixville, PA d 1971 New York City m Priscilla Munroe Reynolds 134780
  • Simon Burr - Trish [trish.vandoren AT]
    • John Burr b 1659 Hingham, MA m Mary Warren
      • Elisha Burr b 1703 Hingham, MA m Sarah Bates
        • Elisha Burr b 1738  Hingham, MA m Lucretia Bates
          • Laban Burr b 1790  Bellingham, MA m Maria Green
            • Charles Edgar Burr b 1842 Bellingham, MA m Eliza J. Springer
              • Edgar Elustis Burr  b 1880  Bellingham, MA, m Lena Pearl Lewis
  • William M. Burr b c1871 m Mary, William d 1930 Otsego Co., NY - Merrie-Anne Santore [Merrienese AT]
    • William F. Burr  b 1910 m Dawn, William d 1992 Otsego Co., NY  B-1 








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