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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
  • Wolf "William" Brenner b Lithuania m Rebecca Goldfarb - Ronald D. Brenner [ronbrenner AT]
    • Moses Hyman Brenner b c1853 Kovno, Lithuania, d 11 Sep 1896 Kansas City, Jackson, MO m Yetta Baersnitzky
      • Charles Moses Brenner b 1 May 1891 Kansas City, USA, d Mar 1968 Kansas City, Jackson, MO m Minnie Moriah Shepard
        • Harry David Brenner b 29 Dec 1918 Kansas City, USA, d Jan 1984 Blue Springs, MO m Verda May Lay 283223
  • Schmuel Yehuda (Sam) Brenner b 1853 Chlebowiece, Bobrka, Austria m1 Rachel m2 Ruchel Spritzer - Myra Rothenberg [myra.rothenberg AT]
    • Moische (Morris) Brenner b 1878 Bobrka, Austria m Aidel (Ida) Hochberg
      • Sidney Brenner b 1919 Bronx, NY m Evelyn Wasserman 98242

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