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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • John Bissell b 1591 England, m1 Mary (Drake?)
    • John Bissell Jr, m Isabel Mason
      • Daniel Bissell, b 1663, m Margaret Dewey
        • Daniel Bissell Jr, b 1694, m Jerusha Fitch
          • Jabez Bissell, b 1718, m Dorcas Marsh
            • Jonathan Marsh Bissell, b 1762, m Submit Newcomb Cushman
              • John Winthrop Bissell, b 1794, m Sophia Shepardson - Brent Bissell [bjbissell AT]
                • Elijah Shepardson Bissell, b 1836, m. Harriet Ross
                  • Ernest Ross Bissell, b 1873, m. Lulu Dingledine
                    • Ernest Ross Bissell Jr., b 1913, m. Virginia Pete B-10
              • Jonathan Marsh Bissell Jr, b 1797, m Hariett Cushman - Boyd Edwin Bissell [boyd.bissell AT]
                • George Agustus Bissell, b 1819, m Sophronia Scott
                  • Myron E Bissell, b 1856, m Sarah Jane Durban
                    • William Felix Bissell, b 1882, m Jessie Hariett Waterhouse
                      • Buford Paul Bissell, b 1914, m Bessie Noema Baird B-1
          • Ebenezer Fitch Bissell, b 1736, m Esther Hayden - Thomas Edward Bissell [eddbissell AT]
            • Titus Lucretius Bissell, b 1766, m Eunice Humphrey
              • Edward Hamilton Bissell, b 1812, m Emily Cooper
                • Titus Edward Bissell, b 1859 m3 Emma Thompson
                  • Herbert Ashby Bissell, b 1910, m Annie Lucille Watkins B-6
    • Thomas Bissell b ca 1630, m Abigail Moore
      • John Bissell b 1661, m Sarah (White) Loomis
        • Benjamin Bissell b 1701, m Mary Wattles
          • Joseph Bissell b 1731, m Hannah Partridge
            • John Partridge Bissell b 1757, m Temperance Stark - Roger Bissell [rebissell AT]
              • David Bissell b 1785, m. Lois Beebe
                • Pierce B. Bissell b 1817, m Sarah Van Boskirk
                  • Richard Pierce Bissell b 1846, m Frances Eliza Cloud
                    • Richard Nathaniel Bissell b 1879, m Lena Eliza Rachel Almond
                      • Eldon Keith Bissell b. 1925, m. Deloris Ann Schellenberg B-5
            • Benjamin Bissell b 1761, Elizabeth Heath - Charles Anthony Bisselle [shirlsherm AT]
              • Julius Bissell b 1785, first wife's name unknown
                • Dennis Wentworth Bisselle b 1821, m2 Jennie Nicholass
                  • Hulbert L. Bisselle b 1875, m Sarah Wastell
                    • Hulbert T. Bisselle b 1900, m Alice Ashford B-2
    • Nathaniel Bissell b 1640, m Mindwell Moore - Don Bissell [donbissell AT]
      • Lt. David Bissell b 1681, m Ruth Warner
        • Ens. David Bissell Jr b. 1708, m Sarah Grant
          • Daniel Bissell 1741, m Beulah Rockwell
            • Chauncey Bissell b. 1782, m Mary Hatch
              • James Willard Bissell b 1822, m Elizabeth W. Boyce
                • Warren W. Bissell b 1862, m Flora A. Lawrence
                  • Don W. Bissell b 1890
                    • Don Bissell b 1918 B-11



  • Thomas Bizzell b. 1655 England, m. Mary Ann____?
    • John Bizzell b. 1695 Nansemond, VA
      • Thomas Bizzell b. 1718 Nansemond, VA - Terry Tackett [ttack AT]
        • Jesse Bizzell b, 1752 Nansemond, VA
          • William Bizzell b.1772 Dobbs, NC
            • John Bizzell b. 1803 Wayne, NC
              • Racheal E. Bizzell b. 1861 McNairy, TN
                • Effie Prince b. 1883 Hardeman, TN
                  • William F. Tackett b. 1901 Hardeman, TN (member of another Y-DNA project)
      • William Bizzell b. 1730, m. Hannah____? - Rob Bizzell [bizzb AT]
        • James Bizzell b. 1757, m. Mary Bowden
          • Elijah Bizzell b. 1787, m. Nancy Wooten
            • Council Wooten Bizzell b. 1824, m. Nancy Bourden Bizzell (first cousin)
              • Harry Bryant Bizzell b. 1856, m. Mary Carr Davis
                • Bryant Samuel Bizzell b. 1889, m. Annie Lula Parker
                  • William Carl Bizzell b. 1918, m. Annie Beryl Reams B-8


  • John Bizzell b. 1788(?) Berkshire, England, m. Elizabeth Badcock - Ken Bizzell [kensbizzy AT]
    • Isaac Bizzell b. 1820 Berkshire, England, m. Rachell Lambourne
      • John Lambourne Bizzell b. 1850 Berkshire, England, m. Alize Mary Tarzwell
        • George Henry Bizzell b. 1881 Queensland, Australia, m. Grace Olive Harbottle
          • William Frederick Vivian George Bizzell b. 1902 Queensland, Australia, m. Mavis Christina Gray B-9



  • Roger Buswell b. about 1545/46 England, m. Margaret____? - Robert Buzzell [ebrb AT]
    • Isaac (Isachar) Buswell b. 1592
      • Samuel Buswell b. 1628, m. Sarah Keyes
        • Isaac Buswell b. 1657, m. Anna Ordway
          • Isaac Buswell b. 1691/92, m. Martha Eaton
            • Isaac Buswell b. 1719, m. Hannah Eldridge
              • Isaac Buswell b. 1744, m. Hannah____?
                • Isaac Buswell b. 1771, m. Sarah Brown
                  • Philip Buzzell b. 1789/90, m. Ednah Witham
                    • Joshua Buzzell b. 1820 m. Almira Lewis
                      • Alfred Allen Buzzell b. 1848, m. Ann Eliza Stearns Brown
                        • Albert Lewis Buzzell Sr. b. 1886, m. Zoe Louise Webber
                          • Albert Lewis Buzzell Jr. b. 1914, m. Mary Louise Dorn B-7


  • Matthew Bussell b. 1756, m. Frances Reynolds
    • John S. Bussell Sr. b. 1793, m. Sarah Evans
      • George Washington Bussell b. 1847, m. Mary Francis Carpenter
        • Nathaniel Bustle b. 1872, m. Mahalie Mize - Joseph Bustle [jbustle742 AT]
          • Emmett Bustle b. 1893, m. Maggie Mink
            • Earmon Bustle b. 1922 B-4
        • Daniel Robert Bussell b. 1880/82, m. Sarah Edwards - Harold Bussell [hdbussell AT]
          • Delbert Bussell b. 1907, m. Sally Marlene Doan   B-3

[It should be noted that Matthew Bussell was probably the grandson or great-grandson of Benjamin Bussell b. ca. 1677 in Stafford Co., England and married Grace Stanning there in 1702. They emigrated to Northumberland Co., Virginia by 1608, where they had a son named Benjamin.]



Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.


Notes to Researchers
by Roger E. Bissell, co-administrator
1. The pedigrees for B-1, B-2, B-5, B-6, and B-10 (and others, eventually) have been compressed into a single diagram, since it is clear that they all descend from Captain John Bissell, the original immigrant ancestor of the "Connecticut Bissell" family, who came from Huntington, Somerset County (or Somersetshire), England to Plymouth Bay Colony about 1628 and then to East Windsor, Connecticut about 1639. There is some disagreement as to whether Captain John was born in 1590, 1591, or 1592; however, since he died October 3, 1677 at the age of 86 (as per his grave marker), the odds are three-to-one that he was born in 1591, and this is the general consensus. His parents are unknown, though one probate record suggests that his father was named Thomas. Another possibility recently put forth is that his father was named Richard. However, in the absence of adequate documentation, neither of these purported ancestors will be included here on this web page. (3/14/07, updated 8/8/08)
2. There is also some disagreement as to the names, and even the number of Captain John's wives.
a. The mother of his seven known children -- Mary (who m. Jacob Drake), Thomas (ancestor of B-2 and B-5), Samuel, John II (ancestor of B-1), Nathaniel, and Joyce (who m. Samuel Pinney) -- died May 21, 1641, and her name was believed to be Mary Drake, though some argue that this is a confusion with Captain John's daughter Mary, who married Jacob Drake, and that at most we can presume that his wife's name was Mary, because their eldest daughter was named Mary.
b. It is suggested that he had a wife prior to Mary, and that the Sarah Bissell born about 1615, who married in 1635 at Windsor, Connecticut to Simeon Mills, was their daughter; the name of this supposed earliest wife is not known.
c. Nor is the name of his last wife currently known, though it is widely believed, though mistakenly, that her name was Elizabeth Thompson. This is apparently due to an uncareful reading of a golden wedding announcement in 1870 (!) for Captain John's great-great-great-great-grandson, John Bissell (Capt. John-->John II-->Jeremiah-->John-->Hezekiah-->John) and his wife Elizabeth Thompson Bissell, also residents of East Windsor, Connecticut. Thus, at present, none of the names of Captain John's two or three wives are known, with the likely exception of Mary (Drake?), the mother of his seven known children. (3/14/07)
3. We are currently reaching out to descendants of Captain John's four sons, trying to locate male Bissell descendants who are willing to help forward the research on our Bissell ancestry by submitting pedigrees and/or DNA test results. Another major line of Bissells from England stem from Thomas Bissell who came to Rhode Island about 1709. Many of their ancestors have been traced, and we hope to eventually include some of their pedigrees and DNA test results on this website. The same is true for the Bizzells, whose ancestor Thomas Bizzell came to Virginia in 1691. We are particularly anxious to include those with established "paper trails" back to Captain John or other immigrant ancestors -- however, we welcome any and all people who want to try to link up their ancestry to the "patriarchs" listed on this web page. (3/14/07)
4. This is really starting to get good! My friend and cousin, Edd (Thomas Edward) Bissell, has just signed on for a 12-marker test. It will be fascinating to see if his 12 marker results match those of his much closer cousin, Boyd, rather than those of Anthony Bisselle and myself, who are 12-marker matches and two markers different from Boyd on the 12-marker analysis. I'll post more comments by the end of October when Edd's results are in. I am also endeavoring to get pedigrees from B-3 and B-4, so their family group can be represented on this page. (8/20/07)
5. Things continue to develop, comparing the two lines from Captain John Bissell. Edd Bissell is a 12-marker match not with his closer cousin, Boyd (with whom he differs by two markers, which produce a combined genetic distance of 1), but with his more distant cousins, Tony Bisselle and Roger Bissell. Edd has applied for a 37-marker upgrade, the results of which will be available later this month. Also, Boyd's close cousin, Brent Bissell, has signed on for a 12-marker test. His results should be available sometime in September. So, stay tuned! 8/8/08)
6. We also have another Bizzell descendant, Ken Bizzell, B-9, but he is from Australia, and his y-DNA results differ substantially from those of Rob Bizzell, B-8, who is descended from the Virginia/North Carolina Bizzells. Apparently, the Australia Bizzells migrated from England to Australia in the mid-1800s, and there is some indication that their line can be traced back as far as the early 1700s. However, there is no apparent tie-up, yet, between the two clans. We have posted Ken's lineage above, though it should be noted that his line has only been verified and accepted back to the parents of John Lambourne Bizzell. (8/8/08)(revised 8/22/08)
7. We now have a descendant from Captain John Bissell's youngest son, Nathaniel! Better still, although he has started out with just a 12-marker test, he is a 12/12 match with Tony, Roger, Edd, and Brent! This conclusively ties together present-day descendants of three of Captain John's four sons! (6/9/09)
8. A lot has happened in the past 5 years! The short report: we have yet to confirm anyone who is descended from Captain John's son Samuel, but we have a new member who is very closely related to 1 (one marker different from) your administrator. We're still sorting out paper trails and digging to find out exactly how we connect to Captain John's son Thomas. The other exciting news is that two fellows who appear to be from different clans, and are 12 for 12 but only 32 for 37, are actually connected through the "bridge" of only 3 markers of difference with two guys from the Spence project. We're hoping to get one or both of the Spence guys to join our project, so that the Y-Results chart will automatically update and show them both under Lineage II and get rid of the "possible" label for the second guy. Beyond that, we are going to make a big push to get known descendants of Samuel to join the project -- and more of the descendants of Thomas as well, especially those descended from his son Lt. Isaac Bissell. If you personally know any male Bissells who fit either of these descriptions, sign them up -- or refer them to me! :-)   (9/8/14) 

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