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Bettinger Lineages

· Philip Bettinger, b c1750, Alsace, Germany, d c1817, Manlius, Onondaga County, New York
· Georg Bettinger, b 12 September 1784, Herkimer County, NY, d 20 May 1849, Ellisburg, Jefferson County, NY
· George Bettinger, b 15 April 1812, Ellisburg, NY, d 28 August 1891, Ellisburg, NY m. Angeline Taylor
· George "Edgar" Bettinger, b 8 July 1845, Ellisburg, NY, d 2 April 1925, Ellisburg, NY m. Melissa Albro
· Frank Bettinger, b 2 Oct 1872, Ellisburg, NY, d 17 Feb 1932, Ellisburg, NY m. Helen Johnson
· Line B-1
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·Schia Bettinger, L'vov, Ukraine
· Samuel Bettinger, b abt. 1833
· William Bettinger b. 15 Feb 1875, Zloczow, Austria-Hungary, d. 16 Nov 1935, Manhattan, New York, New York
· Line B
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