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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
  • John Bedforð m Maria Farrar 11 August 1672 Halifax, West Yorkshire, England - Kristina Bedford [SKBEDFORD AT]
    • Joshua Bedforð b 1673 Midgley, West Yorkshire, England d 1756 Midgley, West Yorkshire, England m1 Martha Parker m2 Susan Ratcliffe
      • Jonathan Bedforð b 1717 Midgley, West Yorkshire, England d 1763 Warley, West Yorkshire, England m Susannah Firth
        • James Bedford b 1740 Midgley, West Yorkshire, England d 1772 Midgley, West Yorkshire, England m Sara Farrer
          • John Bedford b 1758 Midgley, West Yorkshire, England d 1818 Warley, West Yorkshire, England m Molly Riley
            • Phineas Bedford b 1785 Warley, West Yorkshire, England d 1852 Halifax, West Yorkshire, England m Ann Crowther
              • John Bedford b 1808 Sowerby, West Yorkshire, England d 1891 Halifax, West Yorkshire, England m Grace Akeroyd
                • Jeremiah Bedford b 1831 Midgley, West Yorkshire, England d 1899 Toronto, Ontario, Canada m Sarah Turner
                  • Charlie Bedford b 1870 Elland, West Yorkshire, England d 1906 Detroit, MI m Rose Mary "Minnie" Baker B-7
  • Stephen Bedford I m. Naomi Gage, Feb 15, 1693, Bristol, RI - rbedford [rbed4d AT] B-6
    • Stephen Bedford II b. Aug 24, 1696, Bristol, RI d 1755 NJ  m. Sarah
      • Jonas Bedford b. 1735 Elizabethtown, NJ. d 1823 NC m. Mercy Travis Raymond
        • Raymond Bedford b. 1758, Elizabethtown, NJ  d 1820 NC  m. Martha Patsy Hawkins
          • James Bedford b.7 Oct 1786  d 1849 Dahlonega, GA  m Anna Poole
            • Lawson H. Bedford b c1810, Rutherford Co, NC. d c1860 TN m. Martha
              • Lawson P. Bedford b. 1831, NC  d c1865 m. Susan Lovelace TN
                • Nathaniel Peter Bedford b. 1863, AR. d 1885 Macon, GA m. Katie Lynn Robert 
                  • Nathaniel Lynn Bedford b.14 Sept, 1885 Macon GA m. Ephthalia de la Nucia
        • Elizabeth Bedford b 1763 Essex Co., NJ d 1847  m William Byars - LindaMcEddy [dixieladye AT] 
  • Stephen Bedford b 1698 Gloucester Co., VA m Elizabeth Flippen - Daniel E. Bedford [jt_ixtlan AT]
    • Thomas Bedford b 16 May 1725 Henrico Co., VA m Mary Ligon Coleman
      • Benjamin Frances Bedford b 23 Dec 1762 Lunenberg Co., VA m Tabitha Clay
        • Benjamin Franklin Bedford b 13 May 1799 Paris, Bourbon, KY m Eleanor G. Buckner
          • Harry Povall Bedford b 10 Apr 1825 Paris, Bourbon, KY m Mary Susan Ewalt
            • Henry Ewalt Bedford b 8 Mar 1859 Paris, Bourbon, KY m Charlotte "Carlotta" M. Bedford
              • Lee Alvin Bedford b 20 May 1902 San Antonio, Bexar, TX m Birdie Bell Warner 226983

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