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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Prudence Barfield b England - TeresaBarfield [cinnamonandsage AT]
    • Jon Barfield b 1615-1630 England d aft 1682 Somerton, NC
      • Richard b c1638 d 1927 Duplin Co., NC m Mary Evans
        • John Milton b c1670 d bef 1727 Bladen Co., NC m Elizabeth Cannady
          • Luke b c1730 Onslow Co., NC d c1788 Bladen Co., NC m Isabell Johnston
            • Stephen b 1755 Bladen Co., NC d 1823 Robeson Co., NC m Sarah
              • Gabriel b 1820 Robeson Co., NC d 12 Mar 1862 Bladen Co., NC m Jencia Musselwhite
                • Stephen Alexander b 1847 Bladen Co., NC d Cumberland Co., NC m Caroline McDonald
                  • James Archie b 21 Oct 1884 Cumberland Co., NC d 16 Apr 1944 m Mollie Evers
  • Jon. Barefeild In Nansemond Co., Va by 1653 - Hank Barfield [hankbarfield AT]
    • Richard Barfield  Bertie Co., NC
      • Richard Barfield  Duplin County, NC
        • Jesse Barfield  Duplin Co., NC  m Sarah Castellaw
          • Stephen Barfield  Williamson Co., TN  m Nancy House
            • Eli Barfield  Williamson Co., TN  m Tabitha Webber
              • Daniel Barfield Jefferseon County, IL
                • George B, Bar(e)field  b 1842  d 1890
                  • Henry H. Barfield Sr.  b 1890  d 1959
  • Richard Barfield  b c1720, resided in Bladen Co, NC, m Ann - Jackie P [ashley-pace AT]
    • Willis Barfield   b c1755, d bef Jul 1826 Robeson Co, NC, m Elizabeth
      • Cornelius Barfield b 1791 Robeson Co, NC, d c1855 Robeson Co, NC, m Allis
        • Minerva Barfield b 1840 Robeson Co, NC, d 1921 Liberty Co, TX, m James Robert Ashley
          • George Washington Ashley  b 1860 Robeson Co, NC, d 1955 Liberty Co, TX, m Mary E. Brock
            • Wm Washington Ashley b 1887 Falls Co, TX, m Ruth Vickrey
      • Barnabas Barfield b Robeson Co., NC d aft 1850. m Mary - BlakeBarfield []
        • William Barfield b. 22 Mar. 1815 Sumter or Kershaw Co., SC.  m Rachel Branham
          • Richard Barfield b. 28 Feb. 1851 Kershaw Col, SC d. 22 Feb 1918 in Kershaw Co., SC. m Mary "Maggie" Branham
            • Jimmie Barfield (Jim) b. 6 Jan 1884 Kershaw Co., SC d. 8 April 1948 Greenwood Co., SC.  m Elmira (Ella) Goff
              • James Leo Barfield b. 5 Oct 1909 SC d 2004 SC. m1 Bessie Griffin m2 Fannie Lee Chasteen B-3 84705
  • Charles Barfield b 1745-50 Williamsburg Co., SC m Leasey Harrell - Anne Wirtz [awtz AT]
    • Hugh Barfield b 1780 SC d Jan 1835 East Feliciana Parish, LA m Rachael Nettles
      • William D. Barfield b 22 Oct 1812 LA d Jul 1869 DeSoto Parish, LA m Louisa Jane Rogers
        • Hugh Barfield b 9 Oct 1838 East Feliciana Parish, LA d 15 Nov 1880 Oak Grove, DeSoto Parish, LA m Margaret H. Tidwell
          • Ernest Willis Barfield b 28 Sep 1870 Oak Grove, DeSoto, LA d 24 Sep 1905 Mansfield, DeSoto, LA m Frankie Erdell Bricker
            • William Merrell Barfield b 26 Dec 1901 Logansport, DeSoto, LA d 7 Oct 1987 Shreveport, Caddo, LA m Eva Ida Horn 76126
  • James Hayes Barfield b 26 Dec 1787 NC m Sarah - Helen Barfield Robinson [rrehr AT]
    • Cravin Jackson Barfield b 27 May 1823 Franklin Co., MS m Nancy Tabitha Cook
      • Lannes Muro Barfield b 22 Oct 1862 Karnes Co., TX m Cynthia Louisa Matilda (Jackson) Vaden
        • William Lanas Barfield b 15 Jun 1897 Menard, Menard Co., TX m Gertrude Malinda Williams 155753
  • Fred Bird Barfield m Sally - B. Adams [burnella AT]
    • Alexander Barfield b 1816 Edgecomb, NC d 17 Aug 1896 Surry Co., VA m Missouri Anne Savedge
      • William Early Barfield b 1870 Isle of Wight Co., VA d c1928 Surry Co., VA m Fannie Price
        • Roger Lorenzo Barfield b 1903 VA d 1987 Petersburg, VA m Thelma Warthan
  • Henry D. Barfield/Barefield b c1815 MS m Sittena - Marion Jones Barfield [mousemm29 AT]
    • Stephen Henry Barfield b 1879 TX m Ella
      • James Henry Barfield Sr. b 1909 TX m Ida Mae 

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