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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
  • Augustine Bange b c1380 Strumpshaw, Norfolk, England m1 Emma de Banningham m2 Alice Aleyn - Paul Bangs [Bangspaul AT]
    • Henry Bange b c1400 Norfolk, England m Katherine
      • Thomas Bange b c1440 Norfolk, England
        • William Bangs b c1475 Norfolk, England m Alice
          • Richard Bangs b 1525 Norfolk, England m1 Alice m2 Margaret Hicks
            • John Bangs b 1562 Norwich, Norfolk, England m Jane Chavis
              • Joshua Bangs b 1599 Hempstead, Essex, England m Elizabeth Greene
                • Samson Bangs b 17 Feb 1648 Longham, Norfolk, England m Mary Low
                  • Joshua Bangs b 26 Mar 1709 Mildenhall, Suffolk, England m Joanna Palmer
                    • Thomas Bangs b 8 Dec 1744 Feltwell, Norfolk, England m Susannah Stonley
                      • Samuel Bangs b 18 Oct 1787 Lakenheath, Suffolk, England m Ann Naylor
                        • Henry Thomas Bangs b 16 Dec 1829 Lakenheath, Suffolk, England m Sophia Sloman (Solomon)
                          • Joseph Bangs b 18 Mar 1871 London, England m Bertha Beatrice Eugenie Maud Jackson
                            • Richard Charles Bangs b 25 Nov 1909 London, England m Lillian Rose Bourne U2807
  • Edward Bangs m Ruth Allen - kayeschwer [kayeschwer AT]
    • Ebenezer Bangs b 8 Feb 1701 Harwich, ME m Anna Sears
      • Barnabas Bangs b 11 Mar 1726 Brewster, ME d 29 Jan 1808 m Loruhama Elwell
        • James Bangs b 14 Sep 1752 Gorham, ME m Deborah Cates 
          • John Bangs b 11 Dec 1778 d 1820 m Elizabeth Wheeler
            • Orrin Bangs b 1805 ME d Richwoods, AR m Nancy Johnson
              • John B. Bangs b 11 Apr 1850 d 29 Jul 1919 AR m Sarah J. Solomon  127280

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