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  • James Agnew b 31 Jul 1711 Ballow, Co. Down, Ireland d 1770 PA m Rebecca Scott - Carson Agnew [xingate AT]
    • James Agnew b 1 May 1742 Hamilton Bann, PA d 10 Apr 1825 m Mary Ramsey
      • James Ramsey Agnew b 31 Jul 1769 PA d 9 Sep 1855 m Elizabeth Finley
        • David Agnew b 9 Nov 1811 McConnellsburg, PA d 19 Mar 1894 m Rebecca Sample
          • William Chalmers Agnew b 16 Sep 1849 d 22 Sep 1923 m Mary Ella McNaughton
            • James Carson Agnew b 17 Aug 1882 Youngstown, OH d 27 Jul 1943 m Margaret McLaren Edwards 177894
  • John Agnew b c1774 d 1831 Venango Co., PA m Rebecca Smith - William Joseph Agnew [wdagnew AT]
    • John Agnew b 2 Oct 1800 PA d Jan 1878 PA m Ellen Bailey
      • John Agnew b 20 Jan 1832 PA d Jul 1892 PA m Margaret Ann McNaughton
        • Burnell (Burl) Lincoln Agnew b 13 Oct 1861 PA d Oct 1949 Runnels Co., TX m Minnie B. Dobson
          • William Harrison Agnew b 29 Jun 1892 PA d Jan 1930 Reagan Co., TX m Phema Smathers 183221
  • Daniel Agnew b c1775-1778 Belfast, Ireland d 1835 Huntingdon Co., PA m Catherine Neighbour - David Floyd Agnew [dbagnew AT]
    • Benjamin C. Agnew b 15 Apr 1812 PA d 1882 Carroll Co., IA m Lydia Hausmann
      • John S. Agnew b 26 Apr 1855 PA d 1927 Carroll Co., IA m Julia F. Wilden
        • Floyd Lee Agnew b 15 Dec 1881 IA d 1970 IA m Nina Gertrude Reynolds 173418
  • Samuel Agnew d Co. Antrim, N. Ireland m Katherine Ramsay
    • William Agnew b c1825 d 21 May 1921 Agohill, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland m Elizabeth (Eliza) Telford
      • William Agnew b 12 Aug 1850 Agohill, Co. Antrim, N.  Ireland d 29 Jun 1931 Payneham m Ellen Power
        • David Alexander Agnew b 15 Nov 1872 Cloghogue, Drummual, N. Ireland
          • Jane Ella Agnew b 12 Nov 1901 Curramulka d 16 Jun 1974 Yorketown m Horace Alfred Latty 163646
  • Abraham Agney b c1790 NJ d 1856 Newark, OH m Jane Slane - Robert Allan Agnew [raagnew AT]
    • Isaac Agney b 1825 Newark, OH d 1881 Newark, OH m Carinda Glover
      • Frank Agnew b 1862 Newark, OH d 1930 Newark, OH m Winona Wilmarth
        • Fred Agnew b 1883 Newark, OH d 1974 Hershey, PA m Rose McManamon 180380
  • Allen Agnew b 1800 USA m Eleanor Sutton - Ginny Agnew [pb.quinn AT]
      • Theodore Lee Agnew b 7 May Makanda, Jackson, IL m Agnes Nona Faris
        • Francis Marion Agnew b 2 Aug 1840 Symmes Township, Loveland, Hamilton, OH m Harriet Elizabeth Elmore
  • Levi Agnew b 29 Jul 1803 prob Huntingdon Co., PA d 31 Jul 1881 Bedford Co., PA m Sarah Kriechbaum - R W Agnew [rwagnew AT]
    • William Kriechbaum Agnew b 31 May 1835 Bedford Co., PA d 16 Nov 1926 Blair Co., PA m Elizabeth Ann "Annie" Kinton
      • William Hamilton Agnew b 18 Dec 1869 Bedford Co., PA d 13 May 1951 Blair Co., PA m Nettie Gertrude Blymyer
        • Richard Louis Agnew b 10 Oct 1898 Blair Co., PA d 14 Mar 1941 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX m Mary Leila Rollins 173417
  • John b c1819 Co. Antrim, Ireland m Mary Ann Howard - BJAMS [bteam AT]
    • Myrtle/Merton b 1863 AuSable Forks, NY d 1940 m Florence Chapman
      • Morrison Howard b 1899 W. Chazy, NY d 1971 Albany, NY m Beulah Knapp



  • Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.  


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