We will list all mtDNA Haplogroup T Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader, who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all mtDNA Haplogroup T families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each daughter.  In order to be listed, your family must either be classified mtDNA T, T*, T1, T2, T3, T4 or T5 by test or must have a paper trail connection to a family who has been tested.

Group T*


Group T2


  • Johanna Kaes born 22 Jan 1819 Germany m. Johannes Heinrich Fuenffinger - Paul Sheats [Paul_Sheats AT earthlink.net]
    • Margaretha Fuenffinger, b 19 Jan 1855, Catskill Mountains, NY m. Martin Spandel
      • Albertina Spandel, b 13 Dec 1877, Jordan, MN m. Joseph Phillip Bruestle
        • Living Bruestle 


Group T3

  • Margaret Bates (nee Carolan) born c 1845 Dublin, Ireland - Lisa Hawkins [lisahawkins1999 AT aol.com]
    • Mary Purcell (nee Bates) born c 1873
      • C Quigley (nee Purcell) born c 1905
        • C.A. Hawkins (nee Quigley)



Please note that a pedigree does not include any death info or any detailed info on the husband.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. 

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