Your FTDNA Personal Page

Family Tree DNA offers you unique tools.
FTDNA is the largest, most reliable DNA testing company for genealogy.  They continue to offer customers the best tools for getting the most out of their test.  Take the time time to learn what they have to offer on your mtFTDNA page.                                             
myFTDNA Home:  Your Personal Page at FTDNA
  • Logging In:  Use your kit number and the password FTDNA sends you to log in at  (Forgotten either of these? Contact FTDNA: (713) 868-1438 or )
  • You will be given access to your myFTDNA Page at FTDNA as soon as you order a kit.
  • Take the INTERACTIVE TOUR (link is gray button on the line with "Welcome to myFTDNA")  Take the time to look over the personal page and explore the links.  You may be surprised how much information is available to you. 
  • Here are the places you will want to provide information.  Make sure you provide as much information as you can, as this can influence the success of your DNA testing.   
    • "My Account"--: 
      • Personal Profile--(fill in this information first) Choose the information that you allow others to see about you. 
        • Contact information
        • Most Distant Ancestor Please fill in these blanks with the earliest known ancestor for your paternal line and for your maternal line.  The information will be displayed with your results on the project's results page of the website and made available to your matches to help you find connections. 
      • Beneficiary Information--the person who will control your test and results if you die. 
      • GEDCOM/Family Tree--people who "match" can share GEDCOMs (look for the symbol by your match's name to see if he has uploaded a GEDCOM)
        More information about uploading your GEDCOM
      • Match and Email Settings--
        • Choose which level of matches you want FTDNA to notify you of matches.  Most people choose not to get emails for 12 marker matches, unless they have no matches.  Some also choose not to receive the 25 marker matches notifications, if they have already tested at a higher number of markers. 
        • Choose whether to receive bulk emails from the project administrator on this page. 
      • Project Administrator Settings-- choose the amount of access you allow your project's administrators. 
      • Results Display Settings--access to mtDNA results allowed to admin.
      • Surnames--enter or edit all your family surnames. (This is especially important if you have taken the Family Finder test.)
    • Y-DNA
      • Matches--Choose how you want to compare and at how many markers.  Contact your matches by email by clicking their names. 
      • Advanced Matching--Choose which tests you want to compare.
      • Matches Map--Update your ancestor's location
    • Other links will be discussed more fully under Matches.
  • FTDNA has some good FAQs for using your personal page: