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April 17, 2014, 12:33:15 AM
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Author Topic: McGifford McGiffert Harris Young Palmer Clint Ratalla Cook Co Illinois  (Read 745 times)
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1901 census for Cook Co. Illinois

Isabella Harris married Robert McGifford/McGiffert in Ards. 1851.

Isabella McGifford  grandmother  born 1834 in Ireland age 76 at entry Sgl. maybe widow, mother & father born in Ireland. Mother of 1 child born 1 child living. Been in USA for 14 yrs. Year of immigration 1886. Can read & write. Her son Thomas McGifford  married Mary Palmer.

11/12/1876   McGifford   Thomas   Palmer   Mary    Ards    Millisle Presbyterian      

FAMILY OF THOMAS & MARY McGIFFORD BELOW. (TOM & MARY ARE MISSING OFF THE ILLINOIS CENSUS)  Thomas died 15/06/1892 buried in Oak wood Cemetery age 38 yrs 7 mths.

Robert McGifford  HEAD born Jan 1874 in Ireland mother & father born in Ireland age 26  at entry. Sgl. Date of entry 1886.   Ship Loader can read & write  Renting a house.

Thomas McGifford BROTHER born Feb. 1878 in Ireland mother & father born in Ireland age 22 yrs at entry Sgl. Date of entry 1886. Sausage Maker can read & write.

Isabella SISTER born 26th Mar. 1880 in Ratalla, Ireland  mother & father born in Ireland age 20 at entry SGL.
Date of entry 1886.  Can read & write. Housekeeper.
Isabella Harris McGifford born 26 March 1880 in Ratalla, died 15th Feb. 1920 in Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois. She married James Adair  on 24 July 1901 in South Haven, Van Buren, Michigan, son of Adam Adair & Jane Young he was born on 3 Dec. 1871. See Grave below.

William McGifford BROTHER born Jan. 1882 in Ireland mother & father born in Ireland  age 18 at entry Sgl. Date of entry 1886 Been. Can read & write. Teamster.

Margaret McGifford SISTER born Aug. 1885 in Ireland mother & father born in Ireland
age 16 at entry SGL. Date of entry 1886. Can read & write. Just left school.

Samuel McGifford BROTHER born May 1886 in Ireland mother & father born in Ireland. age 14 at entry Sgl. Date of entry 1886. Can read & write. At school.

Fred McGifford BROTHER born 20th Feb. 1889 in ILLINOIS mother & father born in Ireland. Age 11 yrs Sgl. At school. Died 27th Oct. 1947 Chicago, Cook Illinois. Buried Worth, Cook, Illinois. He was a locomotive engineer.

John PALMER UNCLE  BORN Nov. 1860 age 39 in Ireland mother & father born in Ireland. Year of entry 1888 12 yrs in USA. Makes Brine.  
John Palmer must be a brother to Mary  nee Palmer McGifford.

The Palmer family

Ballyhalbert old G.V.
PALMER. Erected by William Palmer of Ballyeasborough for wife Mary nee Clingin died Jan.9, 1866, age 72.
Also daughter Margaret Palmer died Feb.4, 1863, age 33
Above William died Apr.5, 1867, age 71
Also wife Rachel Palmer died Mar.26, 1898, age 63 [nee Palmer wife of son William]
Also daughter Harriet Palmer died Jun.30, 1901, age 23
Also daughter Margaret Palmer died Oct.30, 1901, age 36
Also daughter Elizabeth died Sep.23, 1886, age 17
Also son William died Nov.19, 1908, age 74.'

1901 census
Residents of a house 56 in Ballycasborough (Ballyhalbert, Down)

Palmer   George   62   Male   Brother in Law   Presbyterian   B Easboro, Co Down   Farmer   Read and write   English   Not Married   -
Palmer   Harriet   23   Female   Daughter   Prebysterian   B Easboro, Co Down   Seamstress   Read and write   English   Not Married   -
Palmer   Margaret   30   Female   Daughter   Prebysterian   B Easboro, Co Down   Seamstress   Read and write   English   Not Married   -
Palmer   Mary Jane   4   Female   Daughter   Presbyterian   B Easboro, Co Down   Scholar   Cannot read   English   Not Married   -
Palmer   William   64   Male   Head of Family   Prebysterian   B Easboro, Co Down   Farmer   Read and write   English   Widower   of Rachel nee Palmer
Hagan   John   30   Male   Servant   Presbyterian   B Easboro, Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and write   English   Married   -

John Palmer, of full age, bachelor, farmer, of Ballyeasborough, Ballyhalbert (father William Palmer, farmer) married Jane Martin, full age, spinster, of the same place (father William Martin, farmer) on Oct.15, 1849, in the Registry Office, Newtownards.


MIC/IP111/2   3332   Mary   John Palmer   Jane Martin   Ballyeasboro   08.11.1853

MIC/IP111/2   3438   Margaret   John Palmer   Jane Martin   Ballyeasboro   15.06.1856   MARRIED ADAM KEAG 17 October 1878 FATHER: John Keag, Farmer Millisle Presbyterian Church

MIC/IP111/2   3537   Robert   John Palmer   Jane Martin   Ballyeasboro   07.08.1858
MIC/IP111/2   3622   John   John Palmer   Jane Martin   Ballyeasboro   05.08.1860
MIC/IP111/2   3729   William   John Palmer   Jane Martin   Ballyeasboro   31.01.1863
MIC/IP111/2   3829    James   John Palmer   Jane Martin   Ballyeasboro   19.02.1865
MIC/IP111/2   3887   Ellen   John Palmer   Jane Martin   Ballyeasboro   29.03.1866

Name:   ADAM KEAG   Occupation:   
Born:   1856   Place:   
Baptized:      Place:   
Died:      Place:   
Buried:      Place:   
FATHER:   John Keag, Farmer   MOTHER:   

Name:   MARGARET PALMER   Occupation:   
Born:   15 June 1856   Place:   Ballyeasborough
Baptized:   17 June 1856   Place:   Glastry Presbyterian Church
Married:   17 October 1878   Place:   Millisle Presbyterian Church
Died:      Place:   
Buried:      Place:   
FATHER:   John Palmer, Farmer   MOTHER:   Jane Martin
Ardkeen Parish Church Records at PRONI with thanks to Lindsay Young

James Young born 5th March 1819 son of John and Letitia Young. [John born c 1799]

James Young of St. Andrews born c 1820 married Mary CLINT Ardkeen 2nd August 1845 died 11th January 1894 aged 72 yrs. Buried Cloughey, see grave below.

Miss     Jane     YOUNG  born 1843    Greyabbey     wife of Adam Adair; mother of Sarah b. 1869    


[White limestone in a low railed enclosure]
Erect. by Adam Adair in memory of his son Samuel who died 2nd Oct.1887 aged 23 yrs.
Also his son David who died in infancy May 1th 1887.
Also his beloved wife Jane NEE YOUNG Adair who died 9th July 1894 aged 51 yrs.
Also his father in law James YOUNG who died 11th Jan. 1894 aged 72 yrs.
Also his son John Adair who died 8th May 1898 aged 17 yrs.
Also the above Adam Adair who died 27th September 1900 aged 58 yrs.
Also his grand-daughter Mildred who died 20th June 1928 aged 13 yrs.
Also his grand-daughter Evelyn Adair who died 22nd March 1843 aged 26 yrs.
Also his 2 grand-children who died in infancy.
Also his daughter-in-law Essie Adair  who died 20th August 1963.

Erect. by Elizabeth McGiffert to the memory of her husband Robert McGiffert of Lough Doo who died 14th July 1864 aged 71 yrs.

Erect. by Samuel McGiffert, Lough Doo, in memory of his daughter Eliza Ann, who died 20th June 1866 aged 21 yrs.
The above Samuel died 19th June 1879 aged 65yrs.
His wife Mary died 22nd May 1895 aged 81 yrs.
His daughter Mary Jane alias BAILIE died 23rd Oct.1883 aged 37 yrs.
His sons :-
Robert died 11th Sept. 1905 aged 47.
Samuel died 15th March 1914 aged 62.
William Henry died 2nd July 1894 aged 46.
Thomas died 16th March 1921 aged 67 yrs.
James died 27th July 1923 aged 67 yrs.


Here lieth the body of Mary McGiffert wife to Henry McGiffert of Loughdoe; who died 28th Sept. 1802 aged 51 yrs.
Also her son Thomas McGiffert who died 2th Oct. 1809 aged 25 yrs.
Also her husband Henry McGiffert who died 26th Nov. 1818 aged 72 yrs.

Erect. to the memory of James McGifford of Ratalla, who died 5th Feb. 1843  aged 77 yrs.
Also his son James McGifford who died 11th March 1849 aged 40 yrs.
Also his son Thomas McGifford who died 27th March 1852 aged 40 yrs.
Also his wife Jane McGifford alias WATSON who died 19th May 1852 aged 83 yrs.
Also Mary Jane McGifford alias PRINCE, wife of James McGifford of Tullytrammon, who died 17th Nov. 1864 aged 60 yrs.
Also her daughter Margaret MITCHELL alias McGifford, wife of William Mitchell of Ratalla, who died 22nd Jan. 1869 aged 66 yrs.

Here lieth the body of Francis Thompson, late of Ratalla, who died 29th April 1820 aged 76 yrs.
Also the body of Nancy Thompson alias McCONNELL, his wife, who died 19th June 1831 aged 79 yrs.
Also their son Hugh Thompson who died 8th Nov. 1859 aged 77 yrs.
Also his wife Jane Thompson alias McGIFFORD who died 22nd Jan. 1872 aged 65 yrs.


[Horizontal stone in the rail enclosure of the McCleery family]
Erected by Doctor McGiffert of Portaferry to the memory of his dear wife Jane McGiffert alais McCLEERY who died 16th Nov. 1851 aged 67 yrs.
Also the above Doctor McGiffert who died 20th Nov. 1864 aged 75 yrs.

Erect. by George McKibbin, Killydressy, in memory of his brother Thomas McKibbin who died 24th April 1828 aged 14 yrs.
Also his mother Jane McKibben alias MAXWELL who died 12th March 1832 aged 54 yrs.
Also his father James McKibbin who died 27th June 1842 aged 74 yrs.
Also his sister Rose McGIFFORD alias McKibbin, Ballytrustin, who died 21st Feb. 1861 aged 42 yrs.



Glastry Presbyterian Graveyard, County Down:
Erected by Nancy Palmer in memory of her husband John Palmer of Portavogie who departed this life 10th November 1850 aged 57 years.  Born 1793
Also the above named Nancy Palmer who departed this life on the 10th April 1871 aged 64 years.   Born 1807
Also her grandson James Palmer, died 1st Feb. 1869 aged 5 years. Born 29/09/1864
Her son Adam Palmer died 27th Oct. 1905 aged 72 years. Born 1833

MIC/IP111 Reel 1   2702   Nancy   John Palmer   Nancy McKibbin   Portavogie   04.11.1840   12.11.1840
MIC/IP111 Reel 1   2851   Sarah   John Palmer   Nancy McKibbin   Portavogie   26.03.1843   11.04.1843
MIC/IP111 Reel 1   3018   John   John Palmer   Nancy McKibbin   Portavogie   01.04.1846   15.04.1846

1901 census

Residents of a house 1 in Loughdoo (Ardkeen, Down)

McGiffert   James   43   Male   Brother   Presbyterian   Co Down   Retired Farmer   Cannot read   -   Not Married   Blind
McGiffert   Samuel   47   Male   Brother   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
McGiffert   Thomas   45   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
Murphy   William   16   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant Domestic   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
Baird   William   38   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant Domestic   Cannot read   -   Not Married   -
Dorien   James   36   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant Domestic   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
Murphy   Path J   22   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant Domestic   Read and write   -   Not Married   

Residents of a house 4 in Loughdoo (Ardkeen, Down)

Mc Giffert   Robert   38   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Cannot write   -   Not Married
Denniver   Robert   24   Male   Servant   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Servant-Domestic   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
Milligan   Mary J   23   Female   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Cook-Domestic Servt   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
Milligan   Hessie   21   Female   Visitor   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Seamstress   Read and write   -   Not Married   -

Residents of a house 3 in Ballycam (Quintin, Down)

Bailie Sarah 6 Female Daughter Presbyterian Co Down - Cannot read - Not Married  
Bailie Berta 3 Female Daughter Presbyterian Co Down - Cannot read - Not Married -
Bailie Minnie 1 Female Daughter Presbyterian Co Down - Cannot read - Not Married -
Bailie William James 36 Male Head of Family Presbyterian Co Down Farmer Read and write - Married -
Johnston Sarah 16 Female Servant R Catholic Co Down General Servant Domestic Read and write - Not Married -
McGifford Sarah Jane 27 Female Sister in Law Presbyterian Co Down - Cannot read Not Married
Bailie Lizzie nee McGifford? 33 Female Wife Presbyterian Co Down - Read and write Married

Residents of a house 3 in Ballytrintan (Quintin, Down)

Mc Giffert   Jane   17   Female   Daughter   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer's Daughter   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
Mc Giffert   William Thomas   43   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Read and write   -   Married   -
Mc Giffert   James   14   Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer's Son   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
Mc Giffert   Jane   50   Female   Wife   Presbyterian   Co Down   -   Read and write   -   Married   -

1911 census

McGifford William Thomas 53 Male Head of Family Presbyterian Co Down Farmer Read and write  Married
McGifford Jane 60 Female Wife Presbyterian Co Down - Read and write  Married  30 2 2
McGifford James 25 Male Son Presbyterian Co Down Farmer's Son Read and write  Single
Young Jane 27 Female Daughter Church of Ireland Epsicopalian Co Down  Read and write  Married  1 1 1
Young William 23 Male Son in Law Church of Ireland Co Down Farmers Son Read and write  Married   (SON OF ROBERT & MARY ANN NEE WATSON YOUNG)
Young James 1 Male Grand Son Church of Ireland Co Down  Cannot read  Single
1909   01 September 1909      YOUNG   WILLIAM   1st Marriage    (parents     Robert Young m Mary Ann Watson   Young)   MCGIFFERT   JANE                  Newtownards 2nd Presbyterian   4   46  

1920   02 April 1920      YOUNG   WILLIAM   widower    ( parents    Robert Young m Mary Ann Watson   Young)   LYONS   ISABELLA W                  Ballywalter 2nd Presbyterian   4   25            

William Young and his 2nd wife Isabella nee Lyons emigrated to USA.      

1911 census

Residents of a house 14 in High Street (Portaferry, Down)

McGiffert   Thomas   32   Male   Head of Family   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Agricultural Labourer   Read and write      Single   
Jordan   Lizzie Anne   27   Female   Sister   Roman Catholic   Co Down      Read and write      Married      1   1   1
Jordan   Mary Jane   1   Female   Niece   Roman Catholic   Co Down   
Cannot read      Single            
Guiney   Elizabeth   49   Female   Aunt   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Seamstress   Read and write      Single            

Residents of a house 1 in Loughdoo (Ardkeen, Down)

McGiffert   Thomas   56   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Read and write      Single            
McGiffert   Samuel   58   Male   Brother   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Cannot read or rite      Single            
McGiffert   James   54   Male   Brother   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Cannot read or rite      Single   Blind      
Thompson   John   22   Male   Servant   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and rite      Single            
McMullan   John   16   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and rite      Single            
Hastings   Harriett   34   Female   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Domestic General Servant   Read and rite      Single            

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