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April 18, 2014, 10:41:46 PM
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Author Topic: Thomas McFadden Ballyeasborough Magistrate COFFEY Smugglers of Strangford Lough  (Read 1728 times)
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1841 ISLE OF MAN Census

CASHEN, John M 40 born 1801 Isle of Man
CASHEN, Mary F 30 born 1811 Isle of Man Nee COFFEE/EY

CASHEN, Margaret F 5 born 1836  Isle of Man

CASHEN, Mary F 2 1839 born  Isle of Man
COFFEE, Hugh M 70 1771  Ireland WIFE WAS MARY McFADDEN

RG number: HO107 Piece:1465 Book/Folio: 9/10 Page:14    
Civil Parish: Patrick Municipal Borough:
Address: Balla Cain, Patrick
County: Isle of Man

Mr O'Brien also stated that his own maternal g grandmother was Coffey and her mother was McFadden. There are also Coffey cousins in Australia.  


Residents of a house 1 in Ballyfrench, (Ballyhalbert, Down) almost opposite the Church

Mc Fadden   Hugh   38   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Down   Farmer   Read and write      Married   
FILSON   Robert   81   Male   Uncle    Presbytarian   Down   Boarder   Read and write      Widower   BORN 1820
Mc Fadden   Jane   40   Female   Wife   Presbyterian   Down   Seamstress   Cannot read      Married FOR FILSON
McFadden's were featured in the book The Smugglers of Strangford Lough by W.G. Little
According to the book, set in the late 18th early 19 century, Thomas McFadden, Ballyeasborough Magistrate, of  Oak Ville, was kidnapped by the smugglers in the hope of getting a large ransom.

Letter from Thomas McFadden to Mr. Matthews Esq. Springvale House, Ballywalter Park.
My dear friend,
Pay the bearer on demand £500 for me.
I am in the hands of thieves, who have demanded this sum for my ransom.
They took me by water to an old ruined house somewhere near Killinchey, beneath which a regular labyrinth of of caverns exist.
Having found out the locality, they brought me away again blindfolded, and I am now concealed in a cavern. God knows where.
Clap on all your spies and scouts, and follow the bearer of the money: but pay it.
I implore you, at once.
Look after Martha till I am restored, if ever, to my life and liberty.
My poor girl!
God bless you.
T. McFadden

According to the author the robbers tore it up and wrote the following.
Send me by the bearer £500 at once.
My life depends on it. Act with all dispatch and secrecy.
God Bless you.

the robber said Now you put in as much as ye like about yer dochter. so Martha was his daughter. I'M NOT SURE IF THIS IS FACT OR FICTION.

According to Mrs Maureen McDowell nee McFadden of Belfast, the family below are descendants of the said Thomas.
The family of:
Hugh McFadden born 1831, married 1858, died 1917, age 86 yrs.and his wife Elizabeth nee McKee died 1928 aged 89 yrs.
and their family
Ellen, Essie, John and James.

John McFadden became a Justice of the Peace, and a councillor.
She also states that a Hugh McFadden bought a farm at
Rureagh Road, Granshaw, near Kircubbin and it remained in the family name until 1942.
[Note Hugh and Elizabeth only appear in the 1911 census, he is now retired and living with his son John] See grave below.

McFadden, James, b. 1792, d. 1880        Fleming, Jane, b. 1793, d. 1868   BOTH FROM KIRCUBBIN            IN 1832 THEY WENT TO AMHERST ISLAND  CANADA

1901 census
Residents of a house 15 in Granshaw (Kircubbin, Down)

McFadden    John   30   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Read and write   Irish   Married   -
Flynn   Maggie   22   Female   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Domestic Servant   Read and write   Irish   Not Married   -
Ennis   Andrew   18   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and write   Irish   Unmarried   -
Kearney   John   17   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and write   Irish   Not Married   -
Flynn   Catherine   15   Female   Servant   Roman Catholic   England   Nurse D. Servant   Read and write   Irish and English   Not Married   -
Vance   John   26   Male   Servant   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and write   Irish   Unmarried   -
McFadden   Hugh   1   Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmers Son   Cannot read   -   -   -
McKee   Mary   65   Female   Visitor   Presbyterian   Co Down   Retired Farmer   Read and write   Irish   Widow   -
McFadden    Annie   28   Female   Wife   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmers Wife   Read and write   Irish   Married

1911 census
Residents of a house 7 in Gransha (Kircubben, Down)

McFadden   John   41   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterian   Co Down   Farmer   Read and write   -   Married   -   -   -   -
McFadden    Annie   39   Female   Wife   Presbyterian   Co Down   -   Read and write   -   Married   -   15   4   4
McFadden   Hugh   11   Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down   Scholar   Read and write   -   Single   -   -   -   -
McFadden   Harold   8   Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down   Scholar   Read and write   -   Single   -   -   -   -
McFadden   Jane C   6   Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down   Scholar   Read and write   -   Single   -   -   -   -
McFadden   John Archibald   2   Male   Son   Presbyterian   Co Down   -   -   -   Single   -   -   -   -
McFadden   Hugh   78   Male   Father   Presbyterian   Co Down   Retired Farmer   Read and write   -   Married   -   -   -   -
McFadden    Eliza   71   Female   Mother   Presbyterian   Co Down   -   Read and write   -   Married   -   52   6   6
McBride   Sarah   23   Female   Servant   Presbyterian   Co Down   Domestic Servant   Read and write   -   Single   -   -   -   -
Murphy   Hugh   23   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and write   -   Single   -   -   -   -
White   Robert   20   Male   Servant   Church of Ireland   Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and write   -   Single   -   -   -   -
Quine   John P   23   Male   Servant   Roman Catholic   Co Down   Farm Servant   Read and write   -   Single

Residents of a house 22 in Market Square (Ards Upper, Down)

McFadden   Sarah W   12   Female   Daughter   Presbyterrian   Down   Scholars   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
McFadden   Ellen E   11   Female   Daughter   Presbyterrian   Down   Scholars   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
McFadden   Robert   41   Male   Head of Family   Presbyterrian   Down   Draper   Read and write   -   Married   -
McCormick   Maggie   17   Female   Servant   R Catholic   Down   General Domestic Servant   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
McFadden   Hugh G   9   Male   Son   Presbyterrian   Down   Scholars   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
McFadden   Annie   37   Female   Wife   Presbyterrian   Down   Postmistress   Read and write   -   Married
Residents of a house 23 in Glastry (Kircubbin, Down)

O'Brien   Martha   22   Female   Daughter   Methodist   Co Down   Assistant Grocer   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
O'Brien   Mary   18   Female   Daughter   Methodist   Co Down   Tailoress   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
O'Brien   Annabella   11   Female   Daughter   Methodist   Co Down   Scholar   Read and write   -   Not Married   -
O'Brien   Agnes   55   Female   Head of Family   Methodist   Co Down   Grocer   Read and write   -   Widow   -
O'Brien   Alfred   17   Male   Son   Methodist   Co Down   Carpenter   Read and write   -   Not Married

John Palmer to Mary Jane Stavely in Glastry Meetinghouse on Nov.1, 1882.

Alfred O'Brien to Rachel Elizabeth Palmer in Presbyterian Church, Regent Street, Newtownards, on Sep.30, 1915.

The late Mr. Stavely O'Brien states that the McFaddens were followed by the COFFEY family who must have married into the McFaddens.
With the death of bachelor John Coffey in 1933 came the end of the line and the farm was sold to the Quinn family.
Mr O'Brien also stated that his own maternal g grandmother was Coffey and her mother was McFadden. There are also Coffey cousins in Australia.
Names of people who rescued Thomas McFadden the Magistrate and business man
from the marauding "Merry Hearts" are as follows:

William Johnston, Ballyeasborough, who ancestors had lived there since the 1700's.
John Taylor Ballyeasborough probably the now Glastry Taylor's. [farm now owned by McKees]
Henry Pyper of Kircubbin who owned a saddlery and leather business, This faded out and the family went to Canada. The large hardware business, Wm. S Pyper, Fort William, [now renamed Thunder Bay] is the outcome of this move.

See this link for the people who signed against the Hearts of Steel; is this the same band as the Merry Hearts??

Record Type   Civil Marriage
Date of Marriage   3 Jan 1868
Groom Name   James Innis MCFADDEN
Bride Name   Anne VANCE
Church   Ballyphilip Church of Ireland
Parish   Ballyphilip
Civil District   Downpatrick
County   Down

[Large white marble stone] 1883.
Sacred to the memory of James Coffey, Belfast, died 29th Sept. 1851 aged 79 yrs. [BORN 1772]
Also Jane McFADDEN his wife died 22nd Aug. 1822 aged 49 yrs. [BORN 1773]
Also their children Sarah died 12th July 1800 aged 2 yrs.
Also Samuel died 18th Aug. 1822 aged 22 yrs. [NOTE 4 DAYS BETWEEN HIM AND HIS MOTHER]
Also James died 1833 aged 29 yrs.
Also Hugh died 29th March 1840 aged 27 yrs.
Also Robert died 7th Jan. 1847 aged 50 yrs.
Also Elizabeth LOWE died 18th Nov. 1878 aged 60 yrs.
Also Mary died 14th June 1883 aged 72 yrs.
This stone was erected by Jane Coffey, last of this family.
Jane Coffey died 10th Jan. 1889 aged 82 yrs.

[In modern McFadden enclosure]

Here lieth the body  of James Beck of Ballyigy, [Balligan] who died Dcbr. ye 12th 1744/5 aged 74 yrs. [BORN 1670]

[In modern McFadden enclosure]
Here lieth the body of Hugh Beck leat of Balleyesborrow who died decbr. 24th 1764 aged 56 yrs.
Also his wife Jannet HARPOR who died Aug. 8th 1769 aged 58 yrs.
Also Alexander McFADDEN who died June the 16th 1783 aged 6 mths.
Also his daughter Joan Beck alias McFADDEN who died 4th Dec. 1796 aged 53 yrs.

Erect. by Thomas Caldwell of Ballyfrench in memory of his daughter Eleanor who died 16th Aug. 1842 aged 16 yrs.
Also the above named Thomas Caldwell who died 26th Oct. 1859 aged 65 yrs.
Also his son Thomas Caldwell who died 6th May 1862 aged 30 yrs.
Also his wife Jane Caldwell alias McFADDEN who died 15th Jan. 1865 aged 58 yrs.

[with Beck stones]
Here lies the body of John McFadden died 12th June 1801 aged 2yrs. 4 mths.
...e McFadden died ... age 18 wks.
Also James McFadden who died June the 9th 1830...

Erect. in memory of Hugh McFadden late of Ballyeasborough who died 21st Jany. 1821 aged 47 yrs. [BORN 1774]
Also of his daughter Susan McFaddin who died 8th June 1833 aged 16 yrs.
Also his wife Eleanor alias BOYD who died 26th June 1849 aged 68 yrs.
Also Eleanor MOORE, wife to Robert McFadden who died 6th April 1848 aged 42 yrs.
Also their son Moore McFadden who died in infancy.

Erect. in memory of James McFadden, late of Ballyeasborough, died 6th June 1848 aged 72 yrs. [BORN 1776]
Also Mary McFadden,  late of Ballyeasboro, who died 23rd Dec. 1862 aged 75 yrs.
Also Robert McFadden, late of Ballyeasborough, who died Jan. 18th 1863 aged 81 yrs.
Erected by Hugh McFadden Jan. 1864.
Also the above named Hugh McFadden, Granshaw, who died 18th Sept. 1917 aged 86 yrs.
Also Eliza, [nee McKEE] wife of Hugh McFadden who died 15th May 1928 aged 89 yrs.

Erect. by Isabella Hatch in memory of her husband John Hatch of Kirkistown who died 26th Dec. 1866 aged 65 yrs.
also Isabella MCFADDEN wife of above died in Chicago, U.S.A. and was interred in Rosebank Cementry.
Also Elizabeth BOYD daughter of above who died 17th Feb. 1899. Also William Boyd who died 19th Aug. 1901.
Also George husband of Margaret ROSS who died 29th Aug. 1952.
Also the above Margaret Ross died 25th May 1953.

Alas no sign of Thomas the magistrate's grave, however he could be buried somewhere outside of the peninsula.

Researched, Edited, and posted by,
Lena McVea Co. Admin.
With thanks to all the people mentioned.

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