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Author Topic: Vick Family Pedigrees  (Read 8258 times)
Ray Vick
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« on: June 28, 2006, 01:05:31 PM »

We invite you to submit your "Pedigree" for the Vick Family Project Patriarch page. (You don’t have to be a test participant to post your family pedigree.)  

There are two ways to make your pedigree available to the project administrator for posting on the Patriarch Page:
1.  Send the pedigree by email directly to in the simplified form described below  (If you send it this way, your pedigree will only be posted on the Patriarch Page, and will not be included in the Pedigree Forum)
Be sure to include
mail address you wish to be posted with the pedigree
                 Kit number of the project participant whose pedigree this is
ame, birthdate, birthplace, spouse for each generation (direct  male line).

2.  Log-in to post your pedigree on the Pedigree Forum.  By posting your pedigree on the forum, you are making it available for the Project Administrator to post it on the Patriarch Page, along with your contact information, and kit number (or code identity number).

  1. You must be logged in to post on this forum.
    How do I register to post a pedigree?
    I've already registered. How do I log in?

  2.  Please include your Kit number or Code Identity number if you have been tested for the project.

  3. Please read the following instructions, then scroll down to the last posting on this forum and click "reply" in order to post your pedigree.

  4. The pedigree for a Surname Project follows your paternal line.  Please post only the information for each generation:

Full Name of Earliest Known Male Ancestor for this Surname
His birthdate
Spouse’s name

(If you are missing any piece of this information, post another bit of identifying information) 

Suggestions for Posting your Pedigree on this forum:

o        Post four pieces of information for each ancestor

o        Begin with the earliest generation

o        Use standard abbreviations:  m=married, b=born, d=died, c=circa, Co=county, VA=Virginia, GA=Georgia, etc

o        Try to keep to one line per generation

o        Include only generations that have this family surname

o        Provide your name and email address as the pedigree provider

o        Provide the kit number and/or project code identity number if pedigree is for a tested participant

o        Use surname with each generation

o        Don’t use all caps

o        Don’t include anyone whose birthdate is after 1910, for privacy concerns.

o        Don’t number the generations 

Scroll down to the last posting on this forum and click "reply". Post your pedigree in the box provided, and click "Post".    

If you do not see a"reply" tab, it means you have lost your log in and will need to log in again in order to post. Go back to the project home page, log in again, and return to the pedigree forum. Login should hold the second time. 


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« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2006, 11:06:27 AM »

Joseph D. Vick, b. c1640-Gloucestershire, England - m. Lucy (Council) Vick, b. c1648 & d. c1744.
 John Vick, Sr., b. c1687 - Isle of Wright Co, VA & d. c1741, m. Catherine (Howell) Vick, b. c1690.
  John Vick, Jr., b. c1715 -Isle of Wright Co, VA & d. c1789, m. Sarah (Brewer) Vick, b. c1714
   Howell Vick, Sr., b. c1737 , VA, d. 29 Jan 1795, m. Ann (Hobbs) Vick, b. c1740.
    Isaac Vick, b. c1779- VA, d. c1832, m. Charity (Poland) Vick, b. c1781 d. c1850.
     Henry Vick, b. c1812-Rocky Mt., Nash Co.,NC & d. Unk-m. Edith 'Edy' (Batchelor) Vick, b. c1806.
      Benjamin H. Vick, b. 1836-Nash Co., NC m- Mary Elizabeth (Turner) (Vick) Ethridge b 1847
       John Henry Vick, b. 1875-Nash Co., NC m- Della Anna Moore b. c1870 NC
       Daniel Jordan Vick, b. 1878-Nash Co., m- Katie Blackman b. NC
        John 'Johnnie' Benjamin Vick b. 1903 NC m Cornelia M. 'Connie' Thomas b. c1905
         Ralph L. Vick b. 1929 Arizona m (Unknown)
         John C.Vick b. 1931 Arizona m Anita Florence Prichard b. 1934
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Lula Grffin
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2006, 10:09:37 PM »

grandmother-Lula Mae Vick Wallace? Lancaster, SC
Roger Vick
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2006, 11:46:16 AM »

Frederik Vick ? b: Abt. 1780 - Elmelunde Co, Denmark  ? d: October 15, 1849 ? Denmark

Hans Christian Frederiksen ? b: April 18, 1812 - Elmelunde Sogn, Pr?st? Amt Denmark ? d: August 20, 1850 ? Denmark

Hans Peter Hansen ? b: January 21, 1842 - Keldby Sogn, Praesto Amt Denmark ? d: July 21, 1908 - Weyburn, Saskatchewan Canada.  Changed name to Vick when he came to America.

Carl Torvel Vick ? b: August 25, 1885 - Mooreton, North Dakota ? d: April 05, 1974 - Warrensburg, Missouri

Kenneth Noraine Vick ? b: July 26, 1917 - In town at Opheim, Montana

Roger Kenneth Vick ? b: December 10, 1941 - Independence, Mo.

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« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2007, 10:04:52 AM »

Frederik Vick ? b: Abt. 1780 - Elmelunde Co, Denmark  ? d: October 15, 1849 ? Denmark
Frederik vick is born in Holsteen, lytkenborg, germany
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« Reply #5 on: March 05, 2007, 06:41:30 PM »

-Joseph Vick, b. c1640Gloucestershire(?), m. Lucy Councill(?)
--Joseph Vick Jr. b. c1695 Isle of Wight County, VA  d. c1770, m. Margaret Mayo
---James Vick b. 1723 Isle of Wight County, VA  d. 1796, m. (1) (?) Miss Gardner (2) 12/19/1774 Sarah "Sally" Nicholson.
----Joseph Vick b. 9/6/1762 Southampton County, VA d. 1825, m (1)  1780 Mary Hasty, (2) 1815 Dorothy (?).
-----Benjamin Vick b. 3/15/1781Southampton County, VA  d. 1820, m. 3/21/1802 Sally Davis
------Jesse Benj. Vick b. 5/9/1813 Southampton County, VA d. 9/22/1882, m (1)10/26/1837 Edna Pond, (2) 11/11/1847 Julia Bess Newton
-------Erasmus Vick b. 7/24/1855 Southampton County, VA d. 2/13/1924, m. 12/14/1876 Marena Frances Davis
--------Joseph Benj. Vick b. 4/2/1883 Southampton County, VA  d. 7/6/1958, m. (1) 8/3/1901 Ella Justice (2) 5/6/1921 Lula Sexton
---------Jack Wesley Vick b. 9/15/1922 Southampton County, VA , m. 5/4/1946 Marilyn Kitchen
----------Joseph Samuel Vick b. 1/6/1966 Southampton County, VA , m. 6/25/1994 Dianne Cameron
Gene Vick
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« Reply #6 on: April 17, 2007, 01:16:04 PM »

(1) Joseph Vick, b. abt. 1640, Kings Stanley, Glouchestershire, England
                  d. March 1701 or 1702, Lower Parish, Isle of Wight, VA
     Married (?) Lucy Council b. abt. 1646, Isle of Wight, VA
                                      d. abt. 1744, Isle of Wight, VA
(2) Richard Vick, b. abt. 1685, Isle of Wight, VA
                        d. before 10 August 1758, Southampton Co., VA
     Married Sarah Whitehead, b. aft. 1742, Southampton Co., VA
                                         d. Unknown
(3) Richard Vick Jr. b. cir. 1717, Southampton Co., VA
                           d. cir. 1800, Nash Co., NC
     Married Ann Davis, b. Unknown
                                d. Unknown
(4) Nathan Vick, b. cir. 1760, Edgecombe Co., NC
                       d. after. 28 October 1834, Nash Co., NC
     Married Mary Fletcher, b. 10 January 1762, Wayne, NC
                                     d. before 1850, Nash Co., NC
(5) William Vick, b. cir. 1790, Nash Co., NC
                        d. 30 October 1868, Oktibbeha Co., MS
     Married Martha Walker, b. cir. 1810, NC
                                      d. 17 February 1879, Lee Co., TX
(6) Joshua Thomas Vick, b. 5 July 1828, Nash Co., NC
                                  d. 24 October 1906, Lee Co., TX
     Married Judith Ann Ball, b. 16 May 1839, AL
                                      d. 7 December 1919, Lee Co., TX
(7) Joseph William (Capt. Billy) Vick, b. 2 December 1855, Oktibbeha Co., MS
                                                   d. 3 February 1944, Roosevelt Co., NM
     Married Margaret Ann Lyles, b. 31 March 1859, Shelby Co., IL
                                            d. 19 November 1932, Roosevelt Co., NM
(8) James Albert Vick, b. 6 June 1879, Lee Co., TX
                               d. 25 October 1965, Portales, NM
     Married Evie Magdeline Purser, b. 3 March 1880, Lee Co., TX
                                                d. 7 February 1946, Hot Springs, NM
(9) Jack Silas Vick, b. 20 April 1916, Richland, NM
                           d. 23 October 1980, Riverside, CA
     Married Garner Vee Alexander, b. 29 November 1918, Hayden, AZ
                                                d. 4 June 2005, Fairfield, CA
(10) Gene W. Vick b. 1 March 1938, Rogers, NM

Note: the descendants of Joseph do not confirm any specific birthplace or spouse for him. (Ray Vick, July 2009)


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Gene W. Vick

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« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2007, 10:29:40 PM »

Personal Pedigree – Kenneth Thomas VICK II [ktvick AT]

-Joseph VICK b c1640 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire, England, m Lucy Councill
--William VICK b c1695 Isle of Wight Co. VA, m Elizabeth NEWITT
---Simon VICK b c1732 Isle of Wight Co. VA, m Patience ?
----John VICK b c1765 Isle of Wight Co. VA, m Sylvia WRAY
-----John VICK b c1787 Southampton Co. VA
------John VICK b c1816 Southampton Co. VA, m Elizabeth A. NEWSOMS
-------Franklin J. VICK b 10 MAY 1856 Southampton Co. VA, m Alice Channings BRYANT
--------Kenneth Thomas VICK b 19 FEB 1879 Southampton Co. VA, m Annie Lawrie ROUNTREE
---------Franklin Leonard VICK b 16 FEB 1924 Portsmouth VA, m Ruby Mae FUQUAY
----------Kenneth Thomas VICK, II b 10 JUN 1961 Portsmouth VA, dp Richard Earl GRIFFIN

Note: the descendants of Joseph do not confirm any specific birthplace or spouse for him. (Ray Vick, July 2009)
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« Reply #8 on: December 10, 2007, 06:05:42 PM »

Richard Vick  abt 1549 in Randwick Gloucestershire, England
James Vick  abt 1575 in Randwick Gloucestershire, England
Richard Vick  abt 1610 in Randwick Gloucestershire, England

note: the descendants of Joseph do not currently recognize any specific ancestry
of his nor confirm any particular birth place (by Ray Vick, July 2009)

Joseph D. Vick abt 1640 in Kings Stanley Gloucestershire, England
William Vick Sr. abt 1695 in Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, VA
Isaac Vick  abt 1725 in Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, VA
Jacob Vick  abt 1755 in Anson County, North Carolina
Isaiah Vick  abt 1785 in Anson County or old Dobbs District, North Carolina
James Thomas Vick  abt 1836 in Mississippi
William Isaiah Vick  abt 1861 in Walker County, Texas
John Thomas Vick abt 1885 in Walker County, Texas
Clifton Eugene Vick abt 1916 in Walker County, Texas
Billy Eugene Vick  abt 1938 in Walker County, Texas
Thomas Eugene Vick abt 1959 in Walker County, Texas
Justin Thomas Vick abt 1982 in Walker County, Texas
Noah Nathaniel Vick abt 2005 in Walker County, Texas
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« Reply #9 on: January 10, 2008, 03:18:00 AM »

Shana Looman Juarez b: 1967, CA
  Carolyn Vick Looman  b: 1947, CA
    William Alfred Vick b:1923, Indiana m: Loyola Petermeier
      Elzie William Vick b:1898, KY m: Rhoda McAlpin
        Leonidas E. Vick b: 1869, KY m: Nannie E.
          David L. Vick b:1841, KY m:Sarah H.
            Arthur Vick b:1788, VA m: Nancy Reese
              Shedrick Vick b: 1745, VA m: Martha Barnes

At this point I need primary source documentation to the parents of Shedrick.
I have a current listing the gives the following, but not documentation.
                 Aurthur Vick b:1718, VA
                    Richard Vick b: 1685, VA m: Martha Woodard
                       Joseph Vick b:1640, England

Any and all help is appreciated!

We were able to get Shana Juarez the correct pedigree info for her line and encourage her and her mom to try and get Carloyn's brother Bill or other brothers to participate in our YDNA project.  Carolyn is my 4th cousin once removed. (Ray Vick, July 2009)

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« Reply #10 on: March 15, 2009, 01:58:23 AM »

1 Joseph Vick 1640 - 1704 b: Abt. 1640 Unknown d: Bef. 1704 , Isle of Wight, VA
........ 2 John Vick 1687 - 1742 b: Abt. 1687 , Isle of Wight, VA d: Bef. 24 May 1742 , Bertie, NC
................. 3 John Vick 1715 - 1789 b: Abt. 1715 , Isle of Wight, VA d: Bef. 24 Dec 1789 , Greensville, VA
...................... 4 Howell Vick 1735 - 1795 b: Abt. 1735 d: 29 Jan 1795 , Geensville, VA
............................... 5 Howell Vick 1773 - 1852 b: 1773 , Brunswick, VA d: Aft. 22 Jun 1852 , Greensville, VA
............................................. 6 John Lewis Vick 1805 - b: 10 Nov 1805- Died 1861 Panola County, MS
 _____________________________7 Samuel Josiah Vick b: 1846 d: 17 June 1909, Panola County, MS
__________________________________8 Willie Graham Vick b: 1879 d 10 June 1959, Panola County, MS
______________________________________9 George William Vick b: 1914 d: 23 Dec 1986, Mobile, AL
_________________________________________10 Douglas William Vick b: 1950 Mobile, AL
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Douglas W. Vick
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