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January 31, 2015, 12:14:46 AM
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Author Topic: Atkinson Family Pedigrees  (Read 16623 times)
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« Reply #25 on: September 22, 2008, 07:16:49 PM »

some of the earliest several generations not completely proven. also, there is an Atkinson who married into this line (Mary Jane m. Mark), I don't know their ancestry;

Robert Atkinson m. Mary
  Richard Atkinson chr. 6 Nov 1743 Long Marton, Westmoreland, England
   m. Ann Airey
   Robert Atkinson chr. 4 Dec 1766 Brampton, England m. Mary Aitken
      John Atkinson b. Sep 1801 Kirkby Thore, England m. Julia Wilhelm
         Anna Mary Atkinson b.abt 1826 PA m. Abraham Chambers
         Elizabeth Atkinson b. abt 1829 PA m. 1 Joseph Foulke, 2 J. McDonald
         James Atkinson b. unknown
         John R. Atkinson b. 18 Jan 1833 PA m. Louisa A. Garland
      Ann Atkinson b. __ Jan 1802 Kirkby Thore
      Hannah Atkinson __Jul 1803 Kirkby Thore m. Edward Steacy
      Sarah Atkinson b. abt 1805 Kirkby Thore m. 1 Thomas Hodgson
      Mary Jane Atkinson b. abt 1807 Kirkby Thore m. Mark Atkinson
         Mark Atkinson b. abt 1828 PA m. Eliza Jane Ely
         Jane Atkinson b. unknown
         John Atkinson b. unknown
         Mary E. Atkinson b. abt 1832 OH m. 1 Benjamin Whitson 2 John Craven
         unknown male Atkinson b. unknown
      James Atkinson b. __Oct 1808 Kirkby Thore m. Lydia Ann Watt
         Eliza Atkinson b. abt 1832 OH m. Asa Howard Battin
         Lydia Ann Atkinson b. 5 Nov 1827 OH m. Jesse Wright Harris
      Jane Atkinson b. 2 Nov 1811 Kirkby Thore m. Elias A. Bonine
      Robert Atkinson b. __ Mar 1813 Kirkby Thore m. Mary Taylor
         Elizabeth Atkinson b. __ Nov 1843 PA m. John Hart
         Permelia F. Atkinson b. __ Mar 1845 PA m. William Doxy
         Ellen J. Atkinson b. __ Dec 1847 PA m. Merrill Boyton Anderson
         Robert Atkinson b. unknown
      Richard Atkinson b. __Feb 1814 Kirkby Thore
      Elizabeth Atkinson b. __ Mar 1817 Kirkby Thore m. William H. Cross
      Aitken Atkinson b. __ May 1819 Kirkby Thore removed self from genepool
      Ann Atkinson b. 3 Nov 1822 Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    Richard Atkinson chr. __ Mar 1770 Knock, Westmoreland, England
    Mary Atkinson chr. 19 Dec 1770 Esperlandhill Westmoreland, England
    Ann Atkinson chr. 17 Feb 1774 Esperlandhill Westmoreland England

The Atkinsons came, in groups, to America. there is no record of their immigration as they came into Baltimore in 1822 and records for Baltimore for that period were destroyed. we do have Sarah's immigration record, as she was much later and came into New York.

Robert was a silk weaver. I don't know much of anything about previous generations.

this family is not in my father's ydna line or my mother's mtdna line, it is part of my father's mother's father's ancestry.
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« Reply #26 on: September 23, 2008, 03:16:36 PM »

Hi, nekocat.

Your pedigree has been posted:

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« Reply #27 on: October 28, 2008, 02:41:27 PM »

William Joseph, b. 12 Dec.1880, VA (possible younger sibling, Edward, b.1890)
    married: Lillian (Lillie) MC GEE, b. 1885, VA., d. 25 Jan. 1951, UT
       *Esther May b. 22 Feb. 1903, VA. d. 7 Apr 1986 N.C. (res FL)na McMAKIN
       *Lattie, b. 30 Sep 1905, VA. d. 17 Jan. 2001, KS, na BALDRIDGE
       *Clyde, b. 1906, VA. d. (?) LA (daughter Mary)
       *Roy (?)
       *Carl Elwood, b. 12 Jul 1914, VA., d. 5 May 1989, UT
             married Geraldine NIELSON, 1933
                    Bernice, b. 15 Jul 1939, UT
                    Carl E., Jr. b. 13 Mar 1944, UT
                    Marcia, b. 7 Oct. 1947, UT
        *Virginia, b. 1 Apr 1917, VA., d. 20 Aug 2004, N.C. na SIMMS
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« Reply #28 on: November 23, 2008, 02:56:33 AM »

John Atkinson b 1759 Whitehouses, Yorkshire m Alice Spence

John Atkinson b 1787 Hartwith, Yorkshire m Hannah Whitfield

John Atkinson b 1816 Darley, Yorkshire m Abigail Bradberry

Rev. Thomas Whitfield Atkinson b 1846 Dacre, Yorkshire m Emily Smith of Otley

Dr Hubert Smith Atkinson b 1879 Twillingate, Nfld m Elsa Snowden of Cowling

Julia Atkinson
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« Reply #29 on: January 13, 2009, 08:53:03 PM »

Thomas, b. c1725, m. Eleanor Roebuck
William, b. 1757, Owston, Yorkshire, England,   m. Mary Shaw
 John, b. Mar 1794, Owston, Yorkshire, England, m. Hannah Athey (Attey)
 George W., b. 19 May 1836, S. Buffalo Twp., Armstrong, PA, m. Nancy Jane Wilson
 Guy Frederick, b. 16 Jan 1875, Freeport, Armstrong Co., PA
                 m. Myrtle Laurella Herring
 George Herring, b. 10 Apr 1905, Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO
                 m. Esther Mildred McKillican
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« Reply #30 on: February 27, 2009, 11:44:00 AM »

Here is my Pedigree...

William, b. 1764 Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng., m. Lucy Gill
  Henry, b. 1798 Methley, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng., m. Mary Addiman
    Benjamin A., b. 1741 Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng., m. Hannah Balmforth
      Albert, b 1874 Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng., m. Mary Emily Holdsworth, 1893
        Albert Walter, b 1895 Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng., m. Mary Ethel French 1918
          William Alvin, b 1929 Louisville, KY, USA, m. Mary Francis Heaney 1954
            Craig David, b 1972 Philadelphia, PA, USA, m. Barbara Gayle Mason 1993

I am 100% verified from Albert to the present.  Benjamin is 90+% verified and the earlier ones are 60-70% complete.
Dale Atkinson
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« Reply #31 on: February 28, 2009, 06:22:17 PM »

My Pedigree is:
Robert Atkinson b.c1746 Yorkshire, Eng spouse Hannah or Ann Brown
Christopher Atkinson b.1780 Canada spouse Nancy or Ann Smith
William Atkinson b.1812 Sackville, W., N Brunswick, Can., Spouse Sarah Ann Tingey
Henry Atkinson b.1864 Bountiful, Davis, Utah Spouse Mary Ann Prescott
James L. Atkinson b. 1892 Woodland, Summit Co., Utah Spouse Martha Ellen Corbett

My e-mail is dma0326(at)
Michael Atkinson
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« Reply #32 on: December 19, 2009, 09:22:27 AM »

Pedigree for Michael Atkinson - Test Kit 169037 (I have not yet submitted the test)

Henry Atkinson   b c 1790 - (believed to be) In England - m c 1845 to Hannah {nee Beal} Norman (Hannah's 2nd marriage) in Maine, USA, d bef 1860

Henry Atkinson   b 1846 Industry, ME,  m1 1867 to Sarah Crockett Rollinsford, NH, m2 1885 to Mary Boyers Dover, NH, d 1924 Rollinsford, NH

Joseph Atkinson  b 1886 South Berwick, ME, m1 1916 to Lillie King Malden, MA, m2 1920 to Mary Haumann Revere, MA, d 1964
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« Reply #33 on: December 26, 2009, 01:26:10 AM »

Hello, I restarted my research again after several years. Dunno if this forum is still active.

George W. Atkinson b. dec 25, 1848 (Oh.) d. Nov 7, 1934
  married Celestine Heidt. She came over from France or Germany, 2 children,         husband  died on voyage. Remarried George in Chicago. (His 2nd marriage also, 1st wife/children unknown)

-Leon Eugene Atkinson b. Aug 17, 1893 d. June, 1968 (Aurora, Ill.)
  -Jack Eugene Atkinson b.1925 d.1970
    -Leonard L. Atkinson Sr. b. 1948
      -Leonard L.Atkinson Jr. b. 1969
  -Donald Ray Atkinson b.1925 d.1998

-Gertrude Atkinson (Snyder) b. April 22, 1895 d. sept 27, 1927
  -June Snyder
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« Reply #34 on: January 05, 2010, 04:22:07 PM »

The Atkinson patriarch page has been updated:

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« Reply #35 on: September 02, 2010, 03:10:22 PM »

John Onedus Atkinson was my Grandfather, my mothers Father. My Grandmother was Annie Bayless Fleming Atkinson who was John's 2nd wife who he married July 6th 1902.  I own the Tiger Striped Oak china cabinet that was a wedding gift to John and Annie. My mother was Ruby Smith Atkinson the 12th child of that union b 2/22/22 Edgefield, SC, d 10/23/1993 in the Woodlands, TX just north of Houston.  Ruby married my father William Louie Brown July 24, 1943 in Elmira, NY.

My mother's sisters and brothers are as follows:
Hazelle Ellowyn (Atkinson) Racht b. 9/11/1903 Edgefield, SC d. 3/15/1950 Sayre, PA.
Hillie Fleming Atkinson b. 3/27/1904  Edgefield, SC d. 10/26/1907 Edgefield, SC
William Robert Atkinson b. 9/24/1904  Edgefield, SC d. 6/29/1905 Edgefield, SC
Clarence Eugene Atkinson b. 9/2/1907  Edgefield, SC d. 8/30/1931 Colliers, SC
Annie Marie (Atkinson) Johnson b. 4/13/1909 Colliers, SC  d.  ??/??/???
Florence Estelle Atkinson b. 1/29/1911 Edgefield, SC d. 12/18/1911 Edgefield, SC
Gladys Helen Atkinson b. 3/9/1912  Edgefield, SC  d. 9/12/1912 Edgefield, SC
Dewitt Talmadge Atkinson b. 9/20/1913 Edgefield, SC d. 2/3/1998 N. Augusta, SC
Henry Getzen Atkinson b. 3/9/1916 Edgefield, SC d. 4/1/1967 Augusta, GA
Dorothy Pearl (Atkinson) Upham b. 11/24/1918 Edgefield, SC d. 6/8/1994 Neath, PA
Martha Louvenia (Atkinson) Jenkins b. 1/25/20 Edgefield, SC
Ruby Smith (Atkinson) Brown
Mildred Esther (Atkinson) Bennett b. 9/19/1926

John O. Atkinson's father was Dennis Joseph Atkinson (my namesake) b. 1834 d. after 1870. Dennis was married to Martha J. Mariah Whitlock  b. 1834 and d. after 1900. There is an extensive Whitlock trace on, and I have been in contact with one of the Whitlock's.

Dennis Atkinson's father was John Atkinson, his mother was Elizabeth Yeldell or perhaps Seigler, have seen her referencd both ways..

I have two pictures of John O. Atkinson, one in his late teens and one with a big handle bar mustache perhaps in his 60's.

I can confirm the story of his first wife's death, with the fact also the bullet fired at him grazed his mustache as it was fired (at least as the story goes). Not really too sure about about whether blacks actually did the shooting, but that is how the story went. Where would blacks have gotten or afforded a gun?

An interesting side note is that with the union of John O. Atkinson and Annie Flemimg, there is a tie to Thomas Jefferson.  A Robert Fleming married Jane Jefferson, the Presidents Aunt.
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« Reply #36 on: December 28, 2011, 01:13:03 PM »

From an email sent by gwalss AT

Solomon [Webster?] ATKINS, 1820, Upper South Carolina[?], Annie King
   Perry Ganwell ATKINS, 2 Jun 1870, Campobello, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Mary Levinia Paschal
      William George Washington ATKINS, 22 Feb 1913, Rockingham County, North Carolina,  Rosa Lee Merritt
         William Jesse Perry ATKINS, 12 Sep 1934, Henderson, Vance Couny, North Carolina, Lela Sue Perry
            Gary Wayne ATKINS, 3 Jun 1960, Cherry Point, Craven County, North Carolina, Unmarried

Kit 225030
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« Reply #37 on: May 13, 2012, 05:07:18 PM »

Francis "Frank" Atkinson b. about 1830 in Ireland,
Wife - Margaret (nee Cray)

    Andrew Matthew Atkinson b. 1/1855 (Philadelphia, PA), d. 2/1907,
    Wife - Caroline "Carrie" (nee Gruber)

        Andrew Joseph Atkinson b. 1/1891, d. 4/1970 Philadelphia, PA
        Wife - Ann Virginia (nee Gaffney)

             Charles Matthew Atkinson b. 8/1920, d. 9/1985 Philadelphia, PA
             Wife - Mildred Bertha (nee Frazer)

Rose Bayer
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« Reply #38 on: August 26, 2012, 12:49:26 PM »

Cyrus Foss Atkinson b c1808 Maine, m Mehitable Lassell, d Jun 1882 Pierce Co, WI
Cyrus Foss Atkinson b May 1866, Burnham, ME, m Etta Griffin, d Sep 1945 Dewey, WI
Cyrus Foss Atkinson b Jan 1902 Dewey, WI, m Marjorie Walker, d Nov 1975 Shell Lake, WI
Kit #N111932
Linda -
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« Reply #39 on: February 03, 2013, 05:56:27 PM »

Not sure if I can be tested to find my father's grand-father's side of the family since I am a female. 

The earliest person I have is:

John Atkinson (father) and Martha Atkinson? (Mother) of

Jesse Herman Atkinson born July 20, 1887 m Myrtle Vanhorn Rowe
                                 1912 Knox County, Ohio
and died in September 1946. 

Carolyn Martin
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« Reply #40 on: June 27, 2014, 08:59:44 AM »

Pedigree provider: Carolyn Martin
Id: C-77

James Atkinson, b 1690 Surry, VA, d 1739 Isle of Wight, VA,   m Martha Williamson

Thomas S. Atkinson, b 1716 Isle of Wight, VA, d 21 Dec 1762 Southampton Co, VA,  m                 Patience Chapin

Nathan Atkinson, b 01 Jan 1749 Courtland, Southampton, VA, d 06 Jul 1813     Greensboro, Greene County, GA, m Martha (Patsy) Whitehead

James C. Atkinson, b 1781 Greensboro, Greene, GA, d 1864 Greensboro, Greene, GA, m Rebecca Hart

William Maldree Atkinson, b 03 Feb 1817 Greensboro, Greene, GA, d 05 Oct 1864 Fort Morgan, Baldwin, AL, m Ursula Eugenia Griffith

James Oliver (Jasper) Boswell Atkinson, b 21 Nov 1854 Newton, Dale, AL, d 23 Mar 1936 River Junction, Gadsen, FL, m Mazie Helon Daughtry

Joseph Grady Atkinson, b 27 Dec 1888 Newton, Dale, AL, d 12 Aug 1953 Chillicothe, Ross, OH, m Caroline Elizabeth Freeman

James Lewis Atkinson, b 12 Oct 1922 Waycross, Ware, GA, d 15 May 2012 Monticello, Jefferson, FL, m Jacqueline Yvonne Stewart, b 09 Mar 1925 Key West, Monroe, FL, d 18 May 1975 Key West, Monroe, FL  (my parents)


Carey family seeker
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